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C’est la Vie! - Rhône-Alpes

rhone alpes  Cest la Vie!   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceC’est la vie! is Jonathan and Kari’s blog about their lives in Lyon and their travels.

The ups and downs of Kari and Jonathan’s lives are described in posts such as… Worst haircut ever… and 10 reasons why we love France.

Although, in that last post, I’m not sure that Tartiflette is only ranked as No4?

Surely it should take the top spot and second place as well?

Or, is that just my belly talking?

Kari also has a wonderful recipes site at bon appétit where she supplies over 400 recipes (including the one for wonderful tartiflette!)

A beautiful photo essay about Our favourite resto… proves that sometimes you really don’t need words.

It looks like Jonathan and Kari are having a good time in France, as Laissez les bon temps rouler… shows.

They also seem to have a wonderful sense of humour – just take a look at Soup de jour? Yes, please! and la la la, ha ha ha!

Amongst the wealth of good advice in this blog are stand out posts such as… 10 must know French phrases and And it’s not even noon…

There are the essential shopping tips in Tips for French grocery shopping solo… and Got a new bag… – all vital stuff.

I think my favourite post is The boule is in my court…

Although I do have a soft spot for And then they were 2… but that’s probably (as all readers to my blog at www.BretonDiary.com will know), I do have a thing about small cars and parking!

There are a whole host of posts about gardening (such as Garden she dug…), but they look far too energetic for me so I’ll avoid mentioning them. I’ll make a point of not mentioning Type A Garden… because, obviously, that’s all about Gardening and way too energetic for me. For the same reason, I’m not goiong to mention It’s a UGO! or Twisting my arm… ouch!

All that energetic stuff aside, there’s plenty of sensible food type stuff to be found in Grocery Fun… (part onepart two and even part three!) Those frogs legs look scrumptalicious!

So, if you fancy a trip to Lyon, why not take a look at C’est la vie! and follow the lives of two young people who are obviously enjoyed every second of their time there.

And me? Well, don’t tell anyone but… I’m going back for a peek at Kari’s Pink hairbow and all… and then see if I can find any left over Frogs Legs to nibble on!

All the best

rhone alpes  Cest la Vie!   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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