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A Taste of Savoie - Rhône-Alpes

rhone alpes  A Taste of Savoie   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceFood, food, food, glorious food…..

Oops, where was I? Oh yes, I was supposed to be reviewing A Taste of Savoie and well, I sort of got carried away!

So, let me get back to work. A Taste of Savoie is Sarah’s blog about her life in a small village in Savoie, in the French Alps.

The posts on this blog range from the all encompassing…  Rabbit Stew, Fidel Castro and Ice Cream to the intriguingly titled Is that a wallet in your pocket or are you…..

I had to laugh about Sarah’s travails with her goats; Guilty m’lud and The Goat Trial.   You really shouldn’t try to milk a male goat!  And, come to think of it, what a novel use for a prophylactic!

Personally, I think the goats were lucky not to end up in a pot, being cooked to one of Sarah’s tasty recipes.

I also think that Sarah might be going a bit too far in her search for fresh meat with her posts like Shoot the Builders and Shoot the Dog.

Still, perhaps the builders deserve shooting.  I always thought that builders were a bit like Sanglier;  charming enough at a distance but generally more palatable roast on a spit.

If I were a builder in the Savoie though, I’d watch out for Sarah;  would you believe that Annie, get your gun is about cooking aparagus?

There is the obligatory mushroom post…. Trumpets of Death (a blog is not a blog unless it has a post about wild mushrooms!) – In fact, I think I spotted a nice recipe for Morilles somewhere in the undergrowth.  Two wild mushroom posts!   There ought to be some sort of award for that!

As a simple introduction to A Taste of Savoie, try reading… The Rabbit and The Horse (for vegetarians everywhere!), then visit Chimps’ Tea Party and finally, finish off with some Cherries in Booze.

Alternatively, you could do what I did and start from the beginning and work your way through A Taste of Savoie.

All the time muttering to yourself….. Food, food, food, glorious food…..

All the best

rhone alpes  A Taste of Savoie   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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