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rhone alpes  365 things that i love about france   because we all love reading blogs about life in France365 things that i love about France is the blog of Charley Appenzellar who, having lived here for eight years has, for the last three months, been writing lots of nice things about France.

Obviously, she hasn’t been watching the footie (because there really wasn’t anything nice to be said about that, was there?) but, we’ll not mention that sordid and disgraceful affair here!

So, why did she create her blog “365 things that I love about France”?

She answers this as follows….

“One: I wanted to challenge myself to find something positive in my life every single day for one entire year.

Two: I love, love, love living in France. More often than not, I wake up and say to myself, “Self, you are one lucky girl!”

But then again, luck has nothing to do with it. You make your own destiny, you get to decide how you want your life to be.

Eight years ago, I decided to move to France and become a writer. And that’s when my life really started turning around for the better. France has given me and my family so much. I decided it was time to give back.
Every day for one year, I am going to put some positive energy out into the world by sharing my positive personal observations of this beautiful country and its kind and generous people.”

Well, what can we expect to find in here then, I say to myself, tingling with excitement, almost wetting myself with anticipation; like a kid on Christmas morning I find myself jiggling about not sure which post to open first!

So, in the best traditions of this site…. I’ll start with the food!

What can we find to eat here?

Well, let’s start with some Pate en Croute (I love that stuff, especially the posh type that you get from the Boucherie!), before moving on to a decent helping of Escargots!

I love snails, I truly believe that God put snails on this earth just to make me happy!  No other reason!

What shall we follow that up with?  Perhaps some Frogs Legs?

I love Frogs Legs!  I truly believe that God put frogs on this earth just so I could eat their legs, cooked in Garlic!  No other reason!

Whoops, I knew I should have started with a little Apero first!

And I wish I’d been invited to this French River Barbecue!

Or even for a Pain au Chocolat?

I wonder if it’s because I live in rural Brittany that I never get invited anywhere?  Does everyone think that I eat with my mouth open whilst picking my nose and scratching my bum at the same time?

Obviously, like everyone else, I do… just not in public!

Pride of place in the foodie section of this blog from Lyon (which is, of course, the food capital of France – and thus, the world!) must go to the post that is strangely names… Eew!

I’m sure that must be a smelling pistake as the menu sounds divine!

Come salivate with me….

1). Tongue of Beef

2). Double Fat Intestines

3).  Veal’s Head

I think it’s just a shame that they’d run out of Veal Brains – now they are nice on toast!

Any cultural bits in this blog, then?

You don’t have to dive too deep to find a bit of culture here.

There’s a thoughtful article about The Beast of Gévaudan and another one about Les Chateaux des Cathars.

Now, I’ve been reading a bit about the poor, persecuted  Cathars and, if I’d been around in the 13th century, I’d have set that The Beast of Gévaudan on the whole bluddy lot of those Crusaders!

Especially that Arnaud-Amaury, the Abbot of Citeaux!  I’d have dragged his scrawny ass all the way up to Paris and dumped him in the Empire of Death (which, for those of you born and bred in Bognor or Basingstoke, isn’t the name of a cinema!)

Life in Lyon.  How does it compare with, for example, life in Bognor?

Do you really need me to tell you that there’s no comparison?

Would you get these Street Terraces in Bognor?

And this description of A Typical French Saturday in the City doesn’t really remind me of Bradford (well, not very much.  Not at all, in fact, apart from that Window Licking bit – there are some strange lasses in Bradford, let me tell you!)

We also find out that Lyon is posh as Two Rivers Run Through It!

That’s good as it’s always handy to have a spare if one runs out!

Strange things that don’t fit in elsewhere….

It’s funny how some blogs have lots of them and some don’t have any at all.

This blog, I’m pleased to say (or, at least, I think I’m pleased) seems to have quite a few!

There’s the post about the Clown Lady and another about Crazy Trucks!

I’m not sure if Charley is very lucky with her camera when she’s out on her strolls or….. just very good with Photoshop!

I have got to say that I was gob-smacked when I saw that Charley has written a post about Le-Foot!

What on earth could she know about that?

I mean, not only is she a Girlie but she was born in New York and that’s in America – a long, long way from White Hart Lane!

Having said that, I did read the post and it’s not too bad.  Obviously she doesn’t understand the offside rule and hasn’t really got a clue about the finer details of the Beautiful Game but, there’s a lot of people like that these days.

And most of them seem to support the Arsenal or Man U!

And, speaking of horrible smelly things (you can see that I’m getting ready for the start of the season, can’t you?), there is the obligatory posts about Turkish Toilets!

Now… I’ve noticed that fewer and fewer blogs these days are writing about Squatters (as they are know in my family) and I do wonder whether this is due to laziness or for hygienic reasons or, perhaps there are just fewer of them around.  Then again, as many bloggers seem to have iPhones, perhaps they’re all scared of dropping them down the hole?

And it’s that rarity factor (and the danger involved in producing such a post) that makes me take my hat off to Charley (or, I would, if I were wearing one!)

So, Summing up…..

I was surprised to come across 365 things that i love about France.  I was surprised to enjoy it so much.

There’s something here that tickles my fancy and the only thing I’ve got to say is…

Carry on, Charley (and don’t worry about not understanding football – 60,000 Arsenal fans cram in to the Emirates Stadium every week to publicly display their lack of understanding and I’m sure you’re nowhere near as smelly as any of them!) , and please, please, please don’t stop when you get to 365!  Oh, you might want to try and find out a bit more about The Clown Lady and write about her – she sounds interesting!

And me?  Well, I ‘m popping out to Messob.  Best Ethiopian restaurant in town, or so I’ve heard!

I wonder if they do Frogs Legs and Snails (or, preferably, both in the same bowl?)

All the best

rhone alpes  365 things that i love about france   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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