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35-hour work week – The experiences of Americans, Michael and George as we make a new life in Lyon, France.

365 things that i love about France

Reviewed – July 23, 2010

365 things that i love about France is the blog of Charley Appenzellar who, having lived here for eight years has, for the last three months, been writing lots of nice things about France.

Obviously, she hasn’t been watching the footie (because there really wasn’t anything nice to be said about that, was there?) but, we’ll not mention that sordid and disgraceful affair here!

So, why did she create her blog “365 things that I love about France”?

She answers this as follows….

“One: I wanted to challenge myself to find something positive in my life every single day for one entire year.
Two: I love, love, love living in France. More often than not, I wake up and say to myself, “Self, you are one lucky girl!”

A Photo Journey Through France and Europe

A Tale of 2 Countries With A Boy – Life and times of an American girl gone Frenchy…Read on to discover the adventures of motherhood, marriedhood, being a stay at home Mom and my little boy in a land they call France!!!

A Taste of Savoie

Reviewed – February 9, 2010

Food, food, food, glorious food…..

Oops, where was I? Oh yes, I was supposed to be reviewing A Taste of Savoie and well, I sort of got carried away!

So, let me get back to work. A Taste of Savoie is Sarah’s blog about her life in a small village in Savoie, in the French Alps.

The posts on this blog range from the all encompassing… Rabbit Stew, Fidel Castro and Ice Cream to the intriguingly titled Is that a wallet in your pocket or are you…..

I had to laugh about Sarah’s travails with her goats; Guilty m’lud and The Goat Trial. You really shouldn’t try to milk a male goat! And, come to think of it, what a novel use for a prophylactic!

A Year in Grenoble – We are beginning the adventure of our lives. A Year in Grenoble, France! Steve will be studying at the Ecole de Management. We will be soaking up the culture and making new friends. All our dear family and friends are, of course, invited to come and visit and share our experiences.

BurkinaMom in France

Reviewed – June 9, 2010

BurkinaMom in France is Beth’s blog about her life in the Haute-Savoie.

Beth relocated to the Haute Savoie with her four kids, two cats, one husband and all their worldly belongings from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, West Africa.

And that, I believe, shows a load more cool factor than emigrating to France from Bognor or Basingstoke!

I must admit to liking blogs that have a Septic Tank Category!

Perhaps I’m weird but, when a blog has a special category for Septic Tanks, you know that there’s going to be something interesting coming up sooner or later.

Or coming down?

Something interesting like a flood of sewage?

Callaloo Soup – Welcome to my blog Callaloo Soup. Here I share my creative pursuits – photography, scrapbooking, crafting, writing – as well as a glimpse into my day to day life in France. Poke around a little and see what you can find! Francine

Carte de Sejour – After jumping back and forth between Seattle and the Alps for about a year or so I made the leap in May of 2006. Also, I apologize if you did an internet search to learn more about the carte de sejour process and that landed you here. All I can say is make 5 copies of everything, take a deep breath and good luck.

C’est la Vie!

Reviewed – March 31, 2010

C’est la vie! is Jonathan and Kari’s blog about their lives in Lyon and their travels.

The ups and downs of Kari and Jonathan’s lives are described in posts such as… Worst haircut ever… and 10 reasons why we love France.

Although, in that last post, I’m not sure that Tartiflette is only ranked as No4?

Surely it should take the top spot and second place as well?

Or, is that just my belly talking?

Kari also has a wonderful recipes site at bon appétit where she supplies over 400 recipes (including the one for wonderful tartiflette!)

Dix Mois

Flip Flop France

Reviewed – November 18, 2010

Flip-Flop France is Sasha’s blog.

Sasha describes herself as… “A 23 year old gastronome, looking to impart on a journey to be original in a foreign land. Can an American survive in France?”

Let’s take a peek at her blog and see if we can find out.

The blog starts with Sasha arriving in Lyon and finding… “The one thing I noticed first when I began wandering around Lyon, France is the fact no one wears flip-flops. Flip-flops are very comfortable and cheap, but in France they are only worn by those who are:

1. Foreign
2. Dating or sleeping with someone foreign
3. A lazy person”

Sasha reckons that she qualifies on all three counts and that, I feel, is a pretty good introduction to her.

French Windows

Reviewed – March 3, 2010

Still in the Rhône Alpes (electronically rather than physically, you understand), I decided to visit French Windows which, I learned, is Gigi’s blog.

Gigi claims (perhaps unfairly) to be a failed wife and poet, terrible teacher and unworthy mother of three beautiful teenage girls, who has lived in France for twenty years. She says that her blog consists of glimpses of her life with a bit of culture thrown in.

Well, I polished my glasses and took a look around.

No corner went unobserved, no cubbly hole went unchecked.

I checked for dust on the top of the shelves, I had a good look behind the fridge!

The result…. plenty of life and a fair bit of culture too!

I’m not going to mention what I found behind the fridge, though!

From Lyon with Love

Got France in My Pants – Images and Anecdotes of Living in France

hey get a load of this guy

I Heart Lyon

Reviewed – December 16, 2010

I heart Lyon is Carol’s blog and Carol describes herself as… “ex-New Yorker, devout francophile, living in Lyon and loving it, with my two amazing daughters + Daisy and Clementine.”

The blog starts in June 2005 with a post called We made it! Yeah! where Carol meets Eric the Handyman who enjoys a Ricard avec beaucoup d’eau.

Eric must be French then!

You can always tell; it’s either the beret or the Ricard that gives them away!

I really like thin pancakes

I’m an outlaw, not a hero

Reviewed – July 29, 2010

I’m an outlaw, not a hero is Honey Dugan’s blog about life in Thoiry in the Rhone Alpes.

Honey is an American living in France with her husband, Dan, who is a scientist and does something incomprehensible with photons or protons or Higgs Boson Particles or… something like that!

Honey is rather a fan of Baseball which, in it’s own way, is equally incomprehensible to me!

The blog starts in January 2010 with Honey just married to the aforementioned Frenchman and still living in Philadelphia.

From that first post, it is only a few weeks and maybe 6 or 7 posts before the blog really takes off with the post about The Ferney-Voltaire Saturday Market.

She likes her markets, doesn’t she?

Well, she certainly seems to.

Honey thoughtfully gives as a French Word of the Day:Marché where she explains, in photos and words her obsession.

And “Espionage! Espionage! Espionage!” is all about being caught red-handed whilst taking photos as the market. This post does include the obligatory, for a Life in France blog, photo of A Monkfish with a lemon in its mouth!

It’s All Downhill From Here

Reviewed – July 22 2010

It’s All Downhill From Here is the blog of someone called misplacedperson.

I really do wonder about parents who call their kids funny names like that – must be all down to too many drugs in the seventies?

Anyway misplacedperson seems to have survived even if she does describe herself as a (in her own words)….

“waster and a layabout. I have failed to make any sensible use of my expensive university education, neglected to produce grandchildren to delight my parents’ old age and at the same time continue not to set the world on fire in any way which might justify these shortcomings.

On the plus side, I can speak French (sort of), ski and snowboard (ditto), cook (not too badly really) and I have finally more or less got to grips with the art of indulging in social interaction without being called ‘abrasive’. Scraping the barrel here, I know, but it’s the best I can muster.

Jennie en France – The ielanguages.com Blog: Learning & Teaching Languages, with a Focus on French.

John and Val go to France – From San Diego, California to France. Life is thrusting forward. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the tr

Julia in France

Karavan – SYLVIE – LYON, RHÔNE, FRANCE – this blog is a travel where , day after day, I will try to share my discoveries about people, artists, writers and my passion about creativity and everything inspiring beauty and wonder . I apologize for my english: I’m not yet fluent in this langage but I try to do my best…

Le Franco Phoney

Reviewed – December 6, 2009

Le Franco Phoney is April Hollands’ blog about her life in the Rhône Alpes.

April is an Australian who loves (according to her About page), Snow-based activities (skiing, snowboarding, telemarking etc.); writing; learning new stuff every week; photography; music.

She admits to also quite liking Cow-watching; cheese; chocolate; chatting to strangers in English or French (if they can put up with my bad French); swimming and not liking… Glossy magazines (terrible content); gossip; olives; techno music; intolerance (unless related to techno music etc.); double standards (apart from my double standard about intolerance).

Letter from France – A comment on the news and life in France, from an Englishman abroad.

Letters from Lyon – English guy who, like everyone else, just needs a little place to be where he feels ok…..

Living in France, Le blog

Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook

Reviewed – January 24, 2010

Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook is unreservedly, un-apologetically and totally…. all about food!

Sure there’s some day to day stuff about Lucy’s baby but, even then, the posts tend to focus on what the baby is eating!

There is a great introduction to this blog at… Introduction but I’ll try to summarise the best I can.

Lucy Vanel is an American expatriate living in Lyon. She learned to cook in the French style from the books of Julia Child.

She met her French husband in North Carolina, of all places. As she explains… At a local restaurant one night, she noticed he was dining by himself. “I invited him to join our table; I knew what it was like to eat alone in a foreign country.”

Lyon Eats – A frequently updated food resource for Americans living in Lyon, France

Life in Lyon – Rants, raves, and musings from an London girl, relocated to Lyon

Maya Photography


Piglet in France

Reviewed – March 25, 2010

I’ll start my review of Piglet in France with a look at the first post that caught my eye… Scoop the poop!

Almost as funny as the post were the comments.

Then again, I do have to say… once you start counting the poop (how many poos per metre); from there it’s only a short squat to foaming at the mouth, accosting strangers, wearing tatty cardigans and drinking Gold Label straight from the bottle.

I don’t think that Piglet in France has to worry about that (although I haven’t checked her cardigan collection), her blog shows that she’s still a fair way from the funny farm.

And that’s not to say that this isn’t a funny blog!

Postcards from my Blue House

Reviewed – April 1, 2010

Still in Lyon, I decided to pop in and have a look at Postcards from my blue house.

Now, this is rather a strange blog.

Not strange in terms of searching for A Little Sax in Paris (see this post…. Paris through my lens) or strange for talking about mice condoms (that subject is aptly covered by An American Mom in Paris) – no, this blog is just a little bit strange in its layout.

Or, perhaps, unique would be a better word?

Once you get your head round it, it works very well.

Now, postcards from my blue house is pretty much an out and out photo blog.

So, it’s only right that the photos tell the story.

Scenes from France

Soupe de Jour

Reviewed – January 30, 2010

Soupe de Jour is Penny’s blog about her life in Annecy with her husband, two children and a rather old cat.

To call the blog wide ranging is a bit like saying that “Johnny Hallyday can sing a bit!”

Soupe de Jour ranges from articles about A Few of my Favourite Vampire Things to The Purse Snatcher.

Most of the posts, however, are more down to earth and detail the day to day events that Penny wants to talk about.

There is, for example, a very interesting post about La Fête de Caïon which contains the classic sentence… “A birdseye view of the blood sausage makers from our bedroom window.” As one of the comments suggests… Only in France!

Tales from village in the Ardèche – My name is Clare Harrison-Bullett (not because I married and kept my maiden name but because I’ve got two dads who would both no doubt cry themselves to sleep at night if I deleted either of their names) and in France I’ve added an “i” to Clare as the French were calling me “Clar”. So that’s Claire over here. I’m 37, I live in this tiny Oh So Lost And Lonely Village in the Ardèche (the south of France), but I’m not that lost and lonely as I have Tommy, who is two and a half now (born in June 2007) with the energy and general consequences of a tornado, to keep me busy and happy and picking things off the floor. I also have my boyfriend, Tommy’s Daddy, who is far too often often away on tour, leaving me to fend for myself and haul basketloads of logs up to our woodburner. I also have Baloo my faithful labrador. And I also have various theatre/dance projects on the go, not to mention a huge stone house to clean and tidy and too many rose bushes to prune. If anyone fancies hiring me as : a) actress, b) writer, c) tidy-upper, or c) rose-bush pruner, do write to me. I am extremely good at all those activities.

Tales of a rather loopy linguist

The Au Pair Project

Reviewed – September 9, 2010

The Au Pair Project was the sort of blog that was immediately attractive to me.

I think that it might have been the words.. Au Pair that first raised my interest?

The Au Pair Project is Laurens blog and Lauren is… “an Italian girl with a pinch of Cajun, and a love affair with France. She can’t sing but she refuses to give up car karaoke. She believe being able to make a good pasta sauce is a gift, enjoys cooking but can appreciate a frozen yogurt lunch! She plans to live with endless passion, wild dedication, and boundless love!”

Lauren is an Au Pair living in Lyon!

Well, that’s all very nice but… what about the important stuff – the bits about Au Pairs!

The fun you can have with string and a stick – TIGERLILYB – LYON, RHÔNE-ALPES, FRANCE – I live in France (moved from the south of England in July ’09) with my lovely Nicolas, our houseplants and fish. My french is terrible but I’m learning slowly. We spend our evenings glued to TV screens or books, loving music together, drinking too much tea and acting like extremely silly people. We don’t really get out much, but we like it that way and I’d say we’re extremely happy. I have ME, so I’m sleepy, forgetful, clumsy, generally weak and wobbly and I rarely leave the house.

The Mammoth and Me – My life in France, teaching in the French school system, dealing with my Anglo-French ID.

The Red Bicycle – Rambling about this and that. (from Lyon.)

This Moment in France – Chronicles of Cultivating Mindfulness in the Midst of Cultural Confusion.

The mountain dweller – Undercover in the French Alps

Video Diary of an American in France

Reviewed – March 2, 2010

Video Diary of an American in France is Cynthia’s blog about her life in France.

Unlike many Americans, Cynthia never dreamed about living in France.

But as fate would have it, she fell in love with a Frenchman in 2005 who she met during a train ride in Provence and, after 2.5 years of a long distance relationship between Los Angeles and Chambery, she sold her house, ended her thriving and successful consulting business, and dragged her poor cats to Chambery in the Rhône Alpes.

Yours Sincerely : The French Chapter – This is the blog for all my beloveds after I ran away from Australia — I hope you enjoy the stories from my sabbatical! Much Love – CW x

If you know of any other blogs from English speaking expats living in the Rhône-Alpes, please let me know and I’ll add them to this page.

And if you decide to visit any of the blogs shown on this page, why not leave a comment and say hello? It can sometimes be a lonely business (or, rather, hobby) being a blogger and an unexpected comment or email can really put a sparkle on the day!

All the best

 Rhône Alpes   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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