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You had me at bonjour… - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  You had me at bonjour…   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceYou had me at bonjour… is still a fairly young blog but one, I feel, with great promise!

The owner/author of this blog is an Australian girl called Kirsty.

Now, I like reviewing blogs by Australian girlies living in France (and ones by Kiwi girlies too!)

Perhaps this is because they seem to have a different perspective to Life in France.

Or, perhaps it’s because (although it is never good to generalise) they tend to be slightly mad (in the nicest possible way, you understand!)

I mean, just look at Mary at L’antipodeuse or  April at Le Franco Phoney (as a hatter…) or Gabrielle at Diary of an Adult Runaway.

See what I mean?

And I’m certainly not going to draw your attention to Becs at Throw Your Arms Around Me or  Poulette (possible the worst of the lot – it’s hard to tell, really!)

Because there are some things that you just don’t do in polite company!

And whilst Vicki Archer at French Essence seems quite normal at the moment, you can never tell what is lurking beneath the surface?

And I’m sure I’ve forgotten  many, many Antipodean bloggers in France but I’m equally sure that they’ll mail me to let me know!

Anyway, let’s get on with what I really should be doing, and that’s reviewing You had me at bonjour…

Sorry, Kirsty, I got sort of sidetracked there – you know how it is; one pint too many of Castlemaine XXXX and your brain tends to dissolve into a slushy mush.

Well, mine does, anyway!

Let’s start with some places to see in Provence…

Places to see in Provence….

We should start with Aix en Provence because the birthplace of Cézanne and the Virgin Mary hangs out on street corners!

What was I saying, earlier on?

From there we could always travel onto Lac de St. Croix which, as everyone knows has a bit of a sad story…..

As Kirsty says… “Les Salles sur Verdon has a bit of a sad story. The original village now lies at the bottom of Lac de St Croix, sacrificed to give the good people of France reliable electricity.

As you’d expect, the locals were not happy about the forced move to their new village in January, 1974. Apparently the last two inhabitants had to be removed by the gendarmerie. All the history, the memories, the church (which was dynamited before flooded) and valuable truffle producing land were lost.”

Te Gads!  They destroyed all that valuable truffle producing land and we didn’t even have a revolution about it?

What’s the world coming to?

And I really hate to mention it but, has anyone else spotted that lovely 2CV in Lourmarin?

For the bespectacled amongst you, it’s the fifth photo down and… It’s a blue one!

Everyone knows the blue ones go faster!

A holiday in the Pyrénées……

For her holidays Kirsty wisely chooses the French Pyrénées rather than Bognor (for those of you who have never been to Bognor and, thus, have no idea what I am talking about… I really wouldn’t advise you going there to find out!)

No 2CVs in St Savin, it would appear, but it’s still a lovely town where… “the summer greenery of the Pyrenees makes a stunning backdrop for the quaint buildings.”

And I do always say that it’s not a Summer Holiday unless you’ve spent 9 hours wearing lycra and riding 180km of the Tour de France course!

And what can you say,  other than Oh my Lourdes,  if you go on a mini pilgrimage to that holy place to find that it is raining and full of shops selling tourist tat to tourists?

Well, I know what I’d say.  It’s be something along the lines of… “just like Bognor!”

Or a trip to Languedoc-Roussillon….

A weekend visit to Jouques in the Luberon gives Kirsty the opportunity to tramp up a big hill in the afternoon heat wearing flip-lops!

She must have survived as she also got to take some friends to Rousillon where she managed to take loads of fantastic photographs.

The quilting bits…..

When not tramping up hills in flip-flops, Kirsty enjoys quilting.

Now I know nothing about this subject (although I am sure that it is fascinating) but I can appreciate the quality of these Cushions.

And I do like the Blue Baby Done thing (whatever it is?) and was especially pleased to note that Kirsty’s sister… “requested darker colours on the back, for those not-so-clean baby days.”

Speaking of which, I’ll be getting to the Poo bits pretty soon.

There’s only one mention and I was trying to save it up in order to develop a sense of suspense!

But, as you’ve asked… In What Floats my boat… Kirsty describes… “tried getting a 4 year old girl to use a squat toilet at Gordes? Take lots of wipes.”

But then apologises that… “there will be no photos of trying to get a 4 year old girl to use a squat toilet in Gordes. I couldn’t give up a hand to hold the camera.”

Better luck next time, Kirsty?

So, summing up…..

You had me at bonjour… is a fun, funny, enjoyable blog with lots of interesting photos (although none of anyone trying to use the squatters toilet at Gordes, apparently?) which will give you a new perspective on Provence.

I’d strongly encourage you to pay a visit to You had me at bonjour…,  even if it’s only so Kirsty can let know know What we’re up to…

And me?  Well, I’m going to take a look at Australian Votes (did you know that there was an Australian Sex Party?  What was I saying about Antipodeans and different perspectives?) and then I’m going to investigate that weird Caterpillar that Kirsty talks about in More Bugs.

I wonder if it’s edible?

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  You had me at bonjour…   because we all love reading blogs about life in France


  • By Kirsty, October 6, 2010 @ 8:45 am

    Hi Keith. Yes, we Aussie are all mad as cut snakes, although you Brits do have your own special brand of the crazies too!

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and for the kind review. I started the blog for myself, really, but I love that others might find it interesting. Connecting with readers/other bloggers has been a huge side benefit – even loopy Poms! (although you have left the UK for France, so I think your sanity is a sure thing.)


  • By Leeann, October 6, 2010 @ 1:17 pm

    Thanks for the mention, us kiwis need all the publicity that we can get 🙂

    It must be an English thing re thinking that kiwis and aussies are mad as my English partner is convinced that we all are mad and thinks that it is something to do with too much sun.

    I think that you have too be a little mad to be in this world and maybe this is why we love living in France so much…….

    A tres bientot,

    Leeann x

  • By Keith Eckstein, October 6, 2010 @ 2:05 pm

    Leeann – I used to know a lot of Kiwi and Aussie girlies in London before I moved over here.

    Did you know that 92% of all Aussies and Kiwis between the ages of 18 and 25 do, in fact, live in Earls Court? It’s true!

    Totally agree that you have to be a little bit mad to cope with this wicked world. Perhaps that’s why all the best people move to the maddest of all countries – France (and you don;t really get anything madder than France – apart from, that is, ten minutes to closing time at The Church, Earls Court – that was always rather mad!)

    All the best


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