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Tongue in Cheek - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  Tongue in Cheek   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI’ve been meaning to review Tongue in Cheek for a long time.

The thing that put it to the top of the list was this post about Provence to Paris.  Isn’t that a stunning Citroen 2CV? Doesn’t wanting that car show that the Tongue in Cheek’s author, Corey, has incredible taste?

Mind you, if only I’d know about his post about French Lingerie I’d have been here far sooner!

And buggggggger meeee… but there’s even a post about Wild Mushrooms! And another!

I was just recovering from all that excitement (with a glass of Ricard) when I discovered A Revolution of Pleasure…. Living in France – a post that has not one BUT TWO pictures of Citroen 2CVs!  And they’re blue!  Everyone knows that the blue ones go faster!

So who is the author of this lovely blog?

Is she married?

Does she want to be?

What are my chances of surviving if the Girlie decides to read this review?

Well, Tongue in Cheek (with its Lingerie, 2CV and mushrooming posts) is Corey Amaro’s site.

Corey is (to use her own words)… “an  American who has lived in France for nearly 20 years. My husband is French, and when we met, at I-BEAM, (a dance club,) in San Francisco, he spoke several words in English and I spoke three words in French; moi, beaucoup-bucks and oh-la-la. L’Amour followed!

When I arrived in France, French husband had a tiny apartment. Without any “feather-fluff!” That is how my flea market passion started, transforming our tiny apartment into a nest.”

Bugger it – she is married!

Still, I’ll carry on with the review anyway…

Tongue in Cheek is full of gorgeous posts; what about this….. Fresh Beauty at the Open Market or Colours of Provence or Painting Paris.

And what about lovely posts such as And what says French to you? or Welcome to Provence? Don’t they just sum it up?

Seriously, there are some stunning photos on this blog; take a look at Cafe de Flores and Some of the things that make my heart sing in the south of France.

And there are plenty of everyday posts; each reeking with the perfume of Provence; try Sitting around the Breakfast Table, French Breakfast or French Husband is up to something good.

Or you could join Corey for A day in the Small Fishing Village of Cassis or you could just start at the beginning (in November 2005) and work you way forward from there.  I promise that you;ll enjoy the trip.

So, why don’t you visit Tongue in Cheek?  Can you really resist a blog that has posts about 2CVs, Mushrooms and Lingerie?  How could you stay away from a blog that has posts like Pig’s Feet French Cheese leads to Kissing Toes?

Go on, treat yourself – pay a visit to Tongue in Cheek!

And me?  Well, I’ve heard that Garlic Breath is the Way to Go, so perhaps I’m in with a chance with Corey after all!

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  Tongue in Cheek   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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