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Throw Your Arms Around Me - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  Throw Your Arms Around Me   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThrow Your Arms Around Me is Bec’s blog about her life in the South of France. As she describes herself, on her about page, better that I ever could (mainly because I’ve never met her!), I’ll use her own words…

“I’m an Australian lass living in the South of France with my crazy, but lovable marathon running husband. I write about the various things I’m learning about French culture, my traveling experiences and a lot about food and books. Basically I talk crap, tell stories that I think are hilarious and post things that amuse or delight me. Consider yourself forewarned!”

Well, after an entry like that all I can say is.. “Lead on McDuff, Lead on!”

And damn’d be him that first cries, ‘Hold, enough!’

So what can we expect from a self confessed crazy Aussie lass living in the South of France?

Well, If Butterboobies is anything to go by we’re probably in for quite laugh!

Then again, in Afternoon Delight we don’t get any boobies but we do get some lovely photos to drool over instead.

I don’t think that I’d want to get on the wrong side of Bec though.  When she explains Why the French transport system makes me want to slit my wrists I do believe that she can get a trifle agitated every now and again.

Oh, those rude words… wash your potty mouth out with carbolic soap and water, young lady!

Moving swiftly on….

Any touristy bits on this blog, per chance?

Well, Bec visits the Château de Versailles and takes some rather tasty photos.  And… if you’re that Italian who Bec ranted at (just for bumping into her!), I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise!

In preparation for a trip to Bali, Bec realises that she needs to polish up her French.

In particular she wants to know how to say… “You are f**king useless and a Monkey could do this job better than you and would probably have better customer service skills!!!!!”

Funny but they don’t seem to have that phrase in my Teach Yourself book?

And then she jets off to Bali where, as far as I can ascertain, there aren’t any Italians to rant at.

Or even any French fonctionaires!

I wonder if a Kiwi (or even a Pom) wouldn’t do instead?

Back home and the ranting starts again.  Why don’t people like Mrs Bush? Is is because she drinks the blood of virgins or, is there another reason?

Perhaps that’s enough of the touristy stuff.  What about Bec’s crazy, but lovable marathon running husband?

Ah, onto the serious stuff now!

Bec’s husband seems to have a wicked sense of humour (and why do I wonder if that’s a pre-requisite for the job of being Bec’s husband?)

Read this and see if you agree:  A duck joke……

A duck walks into a bar and asks: “Got any Bread?”
Barman says: “No.”
Duck says: “Got any bread?”
Barman says: “No.”
Duck says: “Got any bread?”
Barman says: “No, we have no bread.”
Duck says: “Got any bread?”
Barman says: “No, we haven’t got any f**king bread.”
Duck says: “Got any bread?”
Barman says: “No, are you deaf?! We haven’t got any f**king bread, ask me again and I’ll nail your f**king beak to the bar you irritating bast**d of a f**king bird!”
Duck says: “Got any nails?”
Barman says: “No”
Duck says: “Got any bread?”

Well, I though it was funny – perhaps it’s a man thing?

Right, that’s enough of that.  Back to Bec.  What else has she got to say?

Well, she tells us that Paris is a Moveable Feast.  You know, that’s quite a catchy phrase; she really ought to write a book of short stories about Paris and use that for the title?

Now I almost gave up on this blog but…….

Even though there is a distinct lack of posts about Lingerie, Johnny Hallyday, Mushrooming, Dog Poop and Citroen 2CVs on this blog, there was something that kept me reading.  It was like there was a voice telling me to persevere (yes, it’s true – I do hear voices…. and they’re all laughing at me!)

Then I found it…… THE REWARD!

When Kim and Rachael came to play Bec was lucky (or skilled) enough to take a lovely photograph (just one of many lovely photographs) of a Red 2CV (the blue ones do go a little bit faster than the red ones but on a twisty road there’s probably not much in it) trying to avoid crashing into the gorge.

Actually, if you look very carefully, in the next photo, the same 2CV is just about managing to get round a hair-pin brain.  I bet the driver was wearing brown Y fronts!

Or, if they weren’t brown before……

Enough of the 2CV stuff, is there anything else interesting here?

Well, in the nicest possible way… um, how do I say this?  Bec seems to be enjoying her time in France.  In fact, I’d go as far as saying that she seems to be luvving it to bluddy death!

And why not?  Mind you, when she gets onto the tricky subject of the French Alps and Hiking (a question that has been asked by philosophers since the dawn of time but never answered quite a succinctly as we are about to see….), she has this to say…

“Hiking is a little like sex and childbirth.  Your husband/boyfriend/significant other/agent of Satan implores you to “try it, you’ll like it, it won’t be too bad, we’ll just do it once”.  Then a significant time later you find yourself in enormous amounts of pain wondering why the fuck you agreed to this in the first place.

There’s a cautionary tale here people – use condoms and don’t agree to hiking. At least with childbirth you get a baby!”

So, now you know!

So, summing up…..

Well, please believe me that I’ve only just started to delve into Bec’s wonderful blog,  Throw Your Arms Around Me!

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure that I’m man enough to report any more!

So, you’re just going to have to dive in, fully clothed, yourself and discover the wonders of the life of… “an Australian lass living in the South of France with her crazy, but lovable marathon running husband.”

And, you know, I think you’ll enjoy yourself!

Go on, I know you want to…

Be brave…

Dive right into Throw Your Arms Around Me and have a wonderful time!

And me?  Well, I’m going to have myself a bit of Afternoon Delight!  I think I deserve it!  What do you think?

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  Throw Your Arms Around Me   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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  • By MissBrodie, June 13, 2010 @ 10:38 pm

    You’re right it’s great .. it even sounds/reads Australian!

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