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Three Years in Provence - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  Three Years in Provence   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThree Years in Provence is Sarah’s blog about life in the Provence whilst Phil (her husband) is assigned to the French Navy’s Helicopter Squadron 35F at the Base AeroNavale Hyères where he specialises in Search and Rescue (SAR) as well as being kind of the gopher for the French Navy’s Mediterranean Fleet.

Now, did you know that on French helicopters is that the main rotor turns the opposite way as American helicopters. Apparently, this actually makes a difference while flying – certain control inputs are opposite of what they would be in an American helicopter!

Not a lot of people know that!

You can read more about Life in 35F where you can find out many more differences and peculiar things that happen to Phil at work.

And… although I wasn’t going to mention this (on grounds of common decency) I had a change of heart (when I realised that I’m not that decent after all) and just thought I’d let you know that Phil does, on occasion, wear Spandex (in public, as well!)

Enough of the Spandex, please! What about the fashion angle?

In a thoughtful and incisive post about What not to wear: The Playground Edition, Sarah admits to wearing a cardigan to the playground and, as if that weren’t enough, she doesn’t even wear black boots!

Now that makes her stand out as much as if she was wearing nothing at all!

Moving swiftly along….

In First Impressions of French Fashion: Les Enfants we discover that Sarah doesn’t even have a pair of knee high boots!  How on earth is she going to cope in France then?

The trials and tribulations of learning…

One does have to be so Careful with your Cognates, doesn’t one? And one should remember that French food doesn’t, on the whole, contain many preservatifs!

And, Condom Cake aside, there are Teachable Moments when you realise just how attached Zachary is to his blue comfort blanket.

Let’s go shopping!

I sometimes think that I moved to France to go shopping.  Not only is it far more of a social event over here than it was in London, the food looks and tastes much better.

In Grocery Shopping 101 I discovered that Zachary is a bit like me… when I get impatient and start to cry, a torn off piece of baguette will keep me quiet for a couple more minutes as well!

Phil does his bit for international trade by driving all the way to Ramstein in Germany to stock up on American food!

And Sarah discovers Almost Spiritual Bread at the boulangerie of the holy baguette!  Where else?

I suppose you could try the market? As long as you follow the example of this woman in her seventies who is wearing a fur, leopard print coat, and short skirt on a rainy day. And who wouldn’t wear heels to grocery shop?

Of course, if you are feeling peckish, you could always try a Mc DOO?

And talking of Doo Doo (were we?  It’s funny how the conversation always comes round to that, isn’t it?) – that’s precisely what Zachary fills his Diapers with after his breakfast of champions!

And, on the subject of Poop….

Just take a look at this extract and tell me that I knew what I was doing when I decided NOT to become a parent?

“Zachary went along in the stroller this morning. He had his beloved blanket with him (of course). And without me realizing it, it started dragging along the sidewalk. This happens a lot and I didn’t think much about it, except for today because it dragged right through a huge pile of French dog poop…which is EVERYWHERE on the sidewalks. He screamed for nearly an hour while it went through the washing machine.”

And there are not one but two photos of doggy doings to rejoice in (if you are that way inclined, that is!)

Quickly drawing this review to a close….

Before it really goes downhill!

In Let’s give them something to talk about, Sarah learns all about the French passion for striking and then becomes a little bit French herself when she starts obsessing about making the perfect broth!

Three Years in Provence is a lovely blog written by the wife of a man who flies helicopters with rotors than spin the wrong way!

She is also the wife of a man who wears Spandex in public but….

Please don’t let that put you off!

Spandex aside, it is funny and interesting and well worth a visit.

And me?  Well, I’m going to be Airing out the family laundry.  I’m just not sure that I’ll pass THE SMELL TEST!

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  Three Years in Provence   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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