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This Provençal Life - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  This Provençal Life   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThis Provençal Life is Rachel Pommier’s blog and details snippets of her life running a bed & breakfast with her French winemaker husband and their daughters in the south of France.

So, what’s on the menu?

Well, if it’s Goats Cheese that you’re after, you could far worse than try some Goats Cheese that ‘Piques’.

Not only does that post explain, in detail, the production of this spicy goats cheese but, there’s also a recipe for Spinach and Cheese tart – well worth taking a look at.

And, talking of recipes, how about one for Stinging Nettle Soup?

Actually, it sounds better by its proper name… soupe d’ortie!

To see how seriously the French take their food, you need go no further than Fin Gras.

And doesn’t the description of all that lovely meat make you want to dribble all over you bib?

Well, it does me!  But then, dribbling all down my bib is a regular occurrence for me!

On the subject of dribbling; how does a Wild Vine Leaks foraging trip sound to you?   Sound bloomin’ delicious to me!

Now that it is Cherry Season, what could be better than a recipe for Cherry clafoutis?  Not much, in my book, not much!

And, for a final delicacy, how about Rino the hamster…

Moving swiftly on to find out more about the family…..

As Rachel has three girls already and another child any day now…. it’s a good thing that she has a Potager to help feed the growing family.

And don’t the children look happily entertained in Pieces of Spring?

Just as they do on Sunny Dandelion Days!

Now, I can’t believe that it ever gets cold in the Provence but…

If it should, what do you think of this antique copper coal bed warmer used by Rachel’s husband’s family 100 years ago?

Then again, if we take a look Into The Ardeche, we can see that… yes, there is snow on the ground.

Any Provençal ponderings?

Can you imagine meeting these Poppy Princesses anywhere other than in Provence?

And whilst this Carnival could be taking place somewhere other than in the Provence; the sun is shining and it’s not raining so… it’s unlikely to be happening in Brittany (or Bognor, for that matter!)

Certainly, if you want to go Picnicking with Nymphs then Provence is probably the place to head for.

And what was that about Pagan Worship Ceremonies?

So, summing up…..

This Provençal Life is a wonderfully happy family blog.

There are no pretences in this blog, just some lovely photographs and some well thought out words.

I’d advise you to rush over and visit it.

And Bookmark it as well, in case you want to return.

And as for me?  Well, I’m off to do some Detoxing on Cheese and Wine.

Now that sounds like the sort of diet I could live with!

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  This Provençal Life   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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