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The Walls in France - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  The Walls in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThe Walls in France is a blog that has nothing to do with the sort of walls you find around French Prisons and French Mental Institutions!

It doesn’t even have anything to do with those walls that are built in public places, throughout French towns and cities, just for Frenchmen to pee against!

No, this blog has more to do with the Walls (yes, Jean and Bucky from South Carolina, those Walls) who came to France (first to Lyon and then Provence) in August of 2009 and have, so far, successfully avoided suffering the indignity of  having any Frenchmen peeing on them!

Or have they?

Well to find that out, you’ll have to either read this little review or visit their blog.

Google gets it wrong….

Now before starting to review this site I did a thorough Google search to see what I might uncover…

According to Google, there are no Citroen 2CV posts but I know that Google sometimes gets it wrong.

I know this because in SOS fete I saw this lovely picture of a Green Citroen Dyane.

Now, I know and you know (just as all right thinking people know) that a Citroen Dyane is just a development of the 2CV with inline headlamps and an amazing top speed of 68mph!

It seems such a shame that Google doesn’t know that!

I may just have to email Sergey Brin and tell him to buck his ideas up!

Tip of the day…

If you want to search Google for something on a specific website (or blog) you need to use the following code… site:websitename.com searchterm

provence alpes cote dazur  The Walls in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThus, I did this search to see if it would be likely that I might find any Doggie Poop posts….

I should have known better as The Walls went to Lyon before moving to the Provence and went nowhere near Paris, the Dog Poop capital of the world.

They seem to do a lot of dancing don’t they?

Now,  I can’t dance.

I know that lots of people think they can’t dance but all that you have to do is let the music take over and just follow your instincts.  That there’s no need to be shy.

But, for me it’s impossible; for medical reasons!

It’s all because of an accident I had when I was younger.

You see… when I was eighteen, I was involved in a bad car crash.

My best friend, David, had just passed his driving test and he had this old wreck of a car.  We were going too fast, without seatbelts and, well, the brakes didn’t work so well.  We went through a crossroads, miraculously missed all the other trafic and ended up going through a shop window on the other side or the road.

We were rushed to hospital and operated on and everything was fine.  I spent six months at Stoke Madeville, learning to walk again.  That was painful but, as you can see, a success.

It wasn’t until two years later I found out about the dancing.  I went for my regular six month check up and told the doctor that I was having some problems with my balance.  He hummed and ha-add for a bit and then told me the truth.

You see, apparently it was very busy in casualty the night Dave and I were brought in.  And all the doctors had been working for about one hundred hours, non-stop.  So mistakes were made.  They did their best but somehow, in all the confusion, they mixed up our feet and, as a result, I got two left ones.  And that’s why I can’t dance.

But don’t worry.  Dave got both right feet and, from what I hear, he dances like Fred Astaire!

Anyway, I really must try to remember that I’m supposed to be reviewing Jean and Bucky’s blog rather than talking about my injuries (made up or otherwise!)

There’s Dancing in La Ciotat! There’s Dancing in Arles! There’s even Dancing in Aix.

Am I jealous?

You bet!

Moving swiftly on…

So, what else can we expect to find here?

Well, there’s a Day at the Beach or we could take a trip to The Market in Neuville sur Saone.  Take your pick.

You may even prefer to visit Le Circle!

Personally I like to work up an appetite for a nice big lunch by going to the beach for A Little Taste of Aloha.

Cheers Bucky; Santé!

And while we’re on the subject (even though we weren’t), congratulations on the pony tail!

Eating, drinking and being merry….

I hope there’s some food on the table?

After all, what’s life if there’s no Eating, Drinking and being Merry?

Well, I think the medical term for life without all those good things is… A Diet!

And why diet when you’re living?  I ask myself.  Plenty of time for all that when I’m dead!

Because Life is a basket full of cherries and there’s nothing better to do than tuck in and east as much as you can!

Washed down, of course, with a little glass of Vin?

After all, it’s the Simple Pleasures that matter.

Cars, Trains and Fiestas….

The standout post for me here is A Home for our friend which details how Jean and Bucky buy a car.

Jean was very keen that she didn’t want a White Car (and quite right too.  How you seen how white cars handle?) but I do have to admit to being very surprised that not only did they buy a white car (take my advice – watch out for it on the corners and sharp bends!) but instead of choosing a nice, sensible, good looking, chic, sexy, attractive, practical, jaunty, classic and reliable one (and picking a suitable car totally at random,  say, for example…. perhaps a Citröen 2CV?), they ended up with a 1993 Ford Fiesta!

And the real shock is that when it gets towed away, Bucky pays good money to get it back!

Bucky, take my advice; next time don’t listen to Jean, get a blue car (they go FASTER and DO go round corners!) and make sure that it has only got two air-cooled cylinders (preferably no larger than 301cc each) – in other words, a nice little 2CV!

And Sergy Brin, if you’re reading this…. Google must really be broken as I’ve just found another Citroen 2CV!  This one is in Makes me want to buy an old car and it’s been around the world!

So, summing up….

Great family blog (the car purchase stuff aside) about a family who really seem to be enjoying their time in France.

For a taster of Quintessentiual Provence, you could do far worse than trundle down to visit The Walls in France

And me?  Well, I was going to go to Le Spectacle but it appears that there’s even more dancing in that!

And what with my childhood injury…..

So, instead I’m just going to get up to some Horse Play, or maybe I’ll just have a lazy, lazy, lazy day?

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  The Walls in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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