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provence alpes cote dazur  Provo2Provence   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI’ve been following Provo2Provence for quite a while now and I’ve been waiting patiently to be able to review them.

The only problem was that I had to wait for them to move to France first!

Provo2Provence is the blog of Mike and Toni who are Americans who have lived in the Turks and Caicos Islands for 13 years. They have two daughters, Savannah (10) and Lindsey (6) are are making plans to live in Aix en Provence, France for a while.  Lets take a look and see what they get up to….

It all begins with a post cleverly entitled… The Journey Begins.

This shows Mike and Toni thinking about the possibility of moving to France.

They must have made their minds up as, before you know it, they are at The Check in at JFK (All apart from Chico the dog who… “will ride underneath with the unwashed masses of other canines.”)

I assume that they mean the dog gets to ride in the hold rather than strapped to the underside of one of the wings?

I’ve been thinking a lot about that but I really don’t like to ask!

Anyway, soon they are all in France (dog as well!) and the adventure begins.

And, as the best adventures begin with a hearty meal so lets see if we can find some…..

Food and Drink….

I’m very happy to report that, when visiting Dijon, the Islanders going Provencal (as I shall call them from now on) not only sampled the local wine (it would be so rude not to!) but also had dinner at a restaurant called L’Escargot – and guess what they ate!

Yes, snails!  That’s what I like to see!

Actually, that’s what I like to eat but that’s another story!

I also like a Pizza every now and again (although I’ve yet to find a Snail Pizza but I do live in hope!)

Thus, I was very grateful for the advice as to where to find The Best Pizza in Aix.

I’ve zoomed in on that photo as much a s I can but, as I can’t see any wriggly tentacles, I guess they don’t serve snail pizza there either?

The funny and interesting stuff…..

Even though it was viewed in Barcelona, I’m going to mention No Shit here.

Partly because I would love to see this sign…

Partly because I know that this would be totally ignored in rural France (and maybe the not so rural parts as well?)….

But mainly because I’m intrigued how the fines vary (180 euros to 1,125 euros.)

Do they measure the output or is it determined by smell?

On a more sanitary note I’d just like to tell you all that You can’t beat a good tree-house!

Now, most boys would already know that but I do have to say that I’ve know a few girls who’ve also been able to appreciate the finer points of climbing trees.

Most of them were called George, it has to be said but… that’s another story entirely!

And Don’t even ask what this is all about!

I’m sure the French have a word for a rat in a wheelbarrow but, just at the moment, I can’t think what it is!

Places to see in Provence….

For a little diversion you could always go to Baume les Messieurs which, as the Islanders going Provencal rightly say is… “kind of like France’s version of the Grand Canyon, on a much smaller scale.”

Or, how about St Remy de Provence?

Apparently it’s… “dripping with history, most notably where Van Gough went nuts!”

Maybe a little Day trip to Beaune?

If I never get tot see the heart of the Burgundy wine region, I think I’d go nuts too!

It might help if you’re inspired, like Matisse, with a visit to Collioure.

And from there, where better to explore than The Coast between France and Spain?

The stuff that doesn’t really fit in anywhere else….

This is still a fairly new blog (or, at least, the French bits of it are) but there are plenty of posts that I can’t really categorise but would like to mention anyway…

Vaguely piano related posts –  There are two vaguely piano related posts.

One, in which Savannah plays piano with a French guy has a video and the other…

Where A piano might be about to fall on Mike’s head, doesn’t.

I do think that the blog would be greatly improved if it had a video to accompany the second of those posts?

School related posts – I could only find one school related post (about The first day of School) and it didn’t have a video of a piano about to fall on anyone’s head (thank goodness) but it does have a strangely sensible comment from Sara Louise (from Sara in Le Petite Village) with a restaurant recommendation.

I remember my first day of school and no pianos fell on anyone’s heads either.

Probably for the best as Video Cameras hadn’t even been thought of back then, let alone invented!

Sort of hotel posts –  I found one post about Going Five Star every now and again which, although it has nothing to do with videos or pianos (probably for safety’s sake?) does have rather a lot in it about weeing on the Rose Garden and bacon cheeseburgers and chicken wings!

You’ll have to read that one for yourself because I’m totally confused!

So, Summing up….

A great blog from a family who saw the light and left the drudgery of the Turks and Caicos islands behind for the good weather and easy living of Provence.

I’d heartily recommend a visit to Provo2Provence to see how they’re getting on.

They might even let you have a play in that tree-house!

And me?  Well, I’m going to a Birthday fete at a winery!

Actually, it’s not my birthday but if you don’t tell anyone I should be OK!

Anyway, if I drink enough, no one will ever know!

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  Provo2Provence   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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