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Parfum de Lavande - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  Parfum de Lavande   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceParfum de Lavande is Airelle’s bi-lingual blog about her life in beautiful Provence.

Now, I was going to do another Brittany blog to day but it is far too cold for that!

Bluddy Freezing would be too kind a phrase for the freezing weather that we’re experiencing in my little part of rural Brittany!

Airelle says of herself… “I live with my dog, Nina, between a few villages of Provence , looking for my own little piece of secret garden. I love countryside, peace and quiet, colours of flowers, scents of wet wood and grass. I am passionate about herbs, reading, writing, photography, old lace and vieilles pierres.”

Airelle starts her blog in December 2008 with the words… “Bonjour à tous! Hello everyone!”

Now, isn’t that nice?

Far better than all those Brittany blogs that dive straight in with… “It’s bluddy freezing, the pig’s fallen into the septic tank and I’ve just spent 3 hours dragging him out and those lingerie wearing nuns are driving me mad driving up and down the lane in their 2CV!”

So what does Airelle get up to in Provence?

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside…

Airelle seems to enjoy going to the beach.

So let’s join her.. À La Mer

And perhaps keep her company for the First Seabath of the Year.

And I would just like to take this opportunity to say that those are’t my pink plastic sandals!  It is true that I have a pair just like them but, those ones don’t belong to me!

And if you’d like to visit a nautical flea market, you’ll have to come along to A Lovely Sunday Evening at Etang de Berre.

Now, I’ve had most kinds of fleas in my time but the nautical kind have, for some reason, always given me a miss.

Finally, we really should be take a look at Airelle’s favorite beach, Plage de Piémanson near Arles and think about Saying Farewell.

If, as Airelle says… “it is officially the first day of Autumn and I believe that the weather is accordingly becoming cooler” I hate to think what it’s goig to be like up here, in the frozen North!

Postcards from Paris….

Airelle makes the occasional trip to Paris and very kindly sends us some postcards from that town.

Ones like this one, showing the Eiffel Tower or this one, which doesn’t!

Obviously, postcards from Paris that don’t show the Eiffel Tower are far rarer and more sought after by collectors.

For the fashion conscious postcard collector there’s obligatory Macaroon Postcard from Laduree and the Yves St. Laurent Postcard as well.

And no visit to Paris would be complete without the PARIS BY NIGHT : Pyramide du Louvre Postcard, would it?

The Weather forecast…

Of course, it is a commonly held fallacy that the weather is always perfect in Provence.

It starts with a sprinkle  On a rainy day and then, before you know it, it’s Winter and there’s snow everywhere!

As Airelle says… “The only thing to do is of course to sit by the fire and wait for it to go away.”

Still, it’s worth wondering what it must have been like for Airelle to come back from a trip to her native Finland to find Provence carpeted with Neige!

You wouldn’t believe it, even if you heard it on the Meteo!

The Real Provence….

But, I suppose that most people don’t really want to read about snow and cold and all those sorts of things?

They all want the real Provence; the Provence of Jean de Florette (although I’d quite fancy a bit of the Provence of Manon des Sources – especially that Emmanuelle Béart bit!  I quite fancy a bit of that!)

So, let’s take a look at the traditional image of Provence – one might even call it Paradise (or Paradis, in French?)

And isn’t that lovely?

A deckchair, some flowers.. and not a drop of rain!

You could never mistake that for rural Brittany!

Perhaps, just to make sure, we ought to take a Morning Promenade?

What a beautiful town!

I can understand why Van Gogh went there!

And, if your camera still works after you dropped in in the toilet, we could also take A Snapshot from the Vines.

And, who knew that about roses?

At the end of the day, I suppose that most of us are just interested in the Red Wine.

But can’t you just taste it though?

So, summing up….

Parfum de Lavande is a beautiful bi-lingual blog that is well worth a visit.

Take the time to pay a visit and have a good sniff of that lavender scented air.

And me?  Well, you know what they say?  When in Arles, do as the Romans do!

So, I’m going to grab my spear and shield and prance around in my short skirt.  If you see me, give me a wave and say hello!

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  Parfum de Lavande   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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