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Ooh La La English Demoiselle - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  Ooh La La English Demoiselle   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceOoh La La English Demoiselle is Claire’s blog.

Claire says that she is.. “an English lady who moved to the South of France with her man to embark on new improved way of life. My boyfriend and I met in England in 2008, we danced together and then fell in love and now we are living in the South of France (Dan’s home town). I am currently learning French at language school and am enjoying getting to know people, the culture; every day brings new experiences..So far I am enjoying being une femme au foyer (mais sans enfants) xx”

I like the two kisses at the end – you see, she even bises her blog!

That shows class!

And you shouldn’t be surprised at that because this is a classy blog!

The Classy Bits of the Blog….

It starts, in time honoured tradition, with an opening post that announces…  It’s finally here the Launch of my blog – 5,4,3,2,1……

And the lift off post explains how Claire came to be in the South of France and how the journey has  been, so far…

And you know what?  Apart from Bobby (the horse) not speaking English, I think she’s doing well after only 10 weeks!

The Early Bits of the Blog….

In The beginning…. Bonne chance Claire talks about choosing a property, going to a couple of car boot sales, buying a Louis Vuitton Red purse and ends up with Claire and Dan in the South of France with Claire saying… “The next day we awoke to a beautiful sunny day, pure blue skies and the Cigale singing, it was summer here in France and I knew then that we were going to really enjoy our new life.”

From there we get a review of The first couple of weeks… en Francaise which goes from Claire suffering from a bad neck to Claire getting ready to as start her new job as… “une femme au foyer mais sans les enfants.”

She then goes on to talk about La Carmargue and explains that… “the Camargue is western Europe’s largest river delta, with exceptional biological diversity, and home to unique breeds of horses and bulls, and to more than 400 species of birds including pink flamingos.”

Obviously, if you live in France it does help if you speak the language and Claire tells us that J’apprends le Francaise.

Although why anyone in their right mind would attempt to say anything like…  “Tout chasseur sachant chasser doit savoir chasser sans son chien car s’il ne sait pas chasser, il chassera avec un chien” in any language, let alone French, is totally beyond me!

It’s certainly not on the list of Things I want to do whilst in the South of France.

And did you notice which of those tasks has already been attempted?

The Dancey Bits of the Blog….

Now, as Mrs A Taste of Garlic knows, I don’t dance.

In fact, I can’t dance!

I have mentioned this before but, for you newcomers, this is the reason why…

I know that lots of people think they can’t dance but all that you have to do is let the music take over and just follow your instincts.  That there’s no need to be shy.

But, for me it’s impossible; for medical reasons!

It’s all because of an accident I had when I was younger.

You see… when I was eighteen, I was involved in a bad car crash.

My best friend, David, had just passed his driving test and he had this old wreck of a car.  We were going too fast, without seatbelts and, well, the brakes didn’t work so well.  We went through a crossroads, miraculously missed all the other trafic and ended up going through a shop window on the other side or the road.

We were rushed to hospital and operated on and everything was fine.  I spent six months at Stoke Madeville, learning to walk again.  That was painful but, as you can see, a success.

It wasn’t until two years later I found out about the dancing.  I went for my regular six month check up and told the doctor that I was having some problems with my balance.  He hummed and ha-add for a bit and then told me the truth.

You see, apparently it was very busy in casualty the night Dave and I were brought in.  And all the doctors had been working for about one hundred hours, non-stop.  So mistakes were made.  They did their best but somehow, in all the confusion, they mixed up our feet and, as a result, I got two left ones.  And that’s why I can’t dance.

But don’t worry.  Dave got both right feet and, from what I hear, he dances like Fred Astaire!

I admire the skill in others though and there’s certainly plenty to admire in the video that you can see at Brentwood 2010.

Or, indeed, in More Dancing….

The Cooking, and Drinking Blood, Bits of the Blog….

Claire very kindly gives us another list in Cuisine française et une petite explication where she details the delicacies that anyone living in (or even just visiting) France should certainly try.

Heaven, for me, would be a restaurant where that list was the menu!

And, to wash it all down, how about some blood?

In What’s happened to Halloween? Claire and Dan dress up as vampires.

It’s all something to do  with a Television program called True Blood, apparently.

The Profound Bits of the Blog….

In a way I find it sad that, even with all the advances of modern technology, most of us (the religious ones, anyway) are still following the lead of people who died many years ago (2000 years for my guy, not too sure about Buddha, Confucius and Mohammed?)

Have no great leaders arisen to take their places?

In a way, it’s the same with out great philosophers.

Take Tommy Copper for example (or rather, Bring Tommy Copper back!)

Can anyone beat this…. “Two blondes walk into a building……….you’d  think at least one of them would have seen it.”

Now, my feeling is (and I may be totally alone in this but, bear with me…) if the Bible and the Koran had been written by Tommy Cooper, there would probably be a whole load more laughter in the world and a whole lot less war!

And if Confucius had had these Zen teachings then we’d all be wearing yellow robes and sat around contemplating our navels.

I’m not sure which one is my favourite – you see I like…

No one is listening until you fart


Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

The Other Bits of the Blog….

In A day in the life of a ‘real’ Au Pair Claire interviews Naomi (a friend from the language school) and, if you look closely at Naomi’s List of   things I want to do whilst in France… you might notice that the eight on starts… “Drink lots of wine…”

Do we notice a pattern forming here?

And What happened to being polite? would certainly have won the Rant of the Week Award if only I’d got there in time!

Sorry Claire, but I will keep my eyes open just in case you should ever get on a train full of backpackers, crying babies, rude women and lots of conductors again.

So, Summing up….

A great new blog, Ooh La La English Demoiselle is certainly worth following.

Funny and honest, its sure to grow into something special.

I suggest that you pack your overnight bag and pop down to  La Carmargue for a good read.

And me?  Well, I’m going to have One of those weekends! and, who know, I may even treat myself with a trip to Pinkabelle Ongles.

I could do with a nice manicure!

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  Ooh La La English Demoiselle   because we all love reading blogs about life in France


  • By Sara Louise, December 19, 2010 @ 8:00 am

    Sweet girl, sweet blog 🙂

  • By Claire, December 19, 2010 @ 3:47 pm

    Hi Keith,

    WOW… thank yo so uch for taking the time to review my blog and write such a detailed report. It is lovely and I am so happy you enjoy reading it.
    This is the first time I have created a blog and too be honest at first was wondering if people would be interested but once you start it is addictive and then you start receiving comments from people, like this and it makes it extra special. And now my very own review. Thank you again.

    Merci beaucoup, c’est gentil.

    xx (just can’t help but put the xx it feels strange without, perhaps that is the english in me)

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