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Du Jour - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  Du Jour   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceDu Jour is Delana’s blog and it tells the story (to use her own words)….. of an over 50 mother of 2, former television advertising executive, florist and trail cook and just about everything in between. In January 2009, after selling everything and quitting my job, I moved to the south of France. I don’t really know why…seemed like a good idea at the time. And it still does. I don’t know how long I’ll stay but I’m damned well not going to leave until I learn this crazy language. And at the rate I’m going, this could take years.

So what causes a, presumably, sensible person to sell their home, their car and most of their ‘stuff’, quit their job and hop on a plane to begin a new life in Provence, France?

I’m actually quite interested in the answer to that question as I did something rather similar some seven years ago.

I must have caught the wrong plane as I ended up in Brittany rather than Provence!

I think that to get a teeny-weenie clue as to why all that jacking in perfectly good job/selling everything that won’t fit into the handbag stuff all went on, you might want to take a peek at…..Kick Him to the Curb.  I’m not being nosy but, between ourselves (and don’t let on that I told you), there might have been a slight martial disagreement?

And, whilst we’re on the subject of divorce (yes, I know I was trying to avoid that subject but there’s no point in tiptoeing around it – anyway, if you don’t tell anyone, I’ll try not to either), Delana gets back on the dating ladder with… And while we’re on the subject of dating

Personally, I’m not surprised that Delana sells everything and catches the first plane to France if the only offer she got was from someone who started his dating site profile as… hi iam country boy but kid at heart. iam a farmer with alot of extra likeings such as feastivals, hunt, fish, tractor pull, travel, and like meeting new people.

I mean, that just shouts… Portsmouth FC supporter, doesn’t it?

Delana promises us that Du Jour isn’t a food blog but then goes on to give us the recipe for Whore’s Pasta (or Puttanesca) which is nice of her as Puttanesca is my favourite food of all time, ever!

There’s the obligatory Lingerie post, that no Life in France blog should be without, over at It’s a Girl Thing.

Delana asks some Earth Shattering, Mind Blowing, World Changing Questions about France but, the only advice for her, if she really wants to understand France and the French, would be for her to learn the language and immerse herself in the culture.

And, the best way for her to do that would be for her to go out and get herself a nice French man to help her.

Someone lithe and fit, like a dancer, perhaps?

Which, lo and behold, she goes out and does!  And all the messy sticky details can be digested here at The Date.

We then get treated to the tricky subject of French Face Farts.  I don’t know if that had anything to do with the date (we do, alas, hear no more of poor Gérald) but the next thing we see is Delana Dumpster Diving (or Skip Scavenging – for my non-American readers!) in One Person’s Trash….

Is this the beginning of the end or is it a new beginning for this former television advertising executive?

Will we hear any more about Gérald?

Are you, like me,  sat on the edge of your chair tingling with excitement?

If so, you should really rush down and visit Delena in Aix en Provence at Du Jour.

And me, well… I doubt if I ever end up down in Provence.  Which is a shame as I’d like to meet Delana.

After all…. i enjoy alot of differt activities depending on the ocasion everything from playing under the covers on cold or rainy days to going on road trips or vactions. i dont mind shoping as long as it aint every day. i like going fishing or to the beach.

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  Du Jour   because we all love reading blogs about life in France


  • By Jody Smith, April 3, 2010 @ 12:30 am

    Thank you for this, as Delana is a very dear, old friend of mine. I’m glad she is getting some well deserved praise!

  • By aneyefordetail, April 3, 2010 @ 2:44 am

    Oh yes, Du Jour…..What a really wonderful blog you have found for us! Thanks Keith!

  • By Delana, April 3, 2010 @ 2:21 pm

    Oh Keith, thank you for the review. It was not an execution after all! Stay tuned…more to come…including a true lingerie post and nude modeling (this story brings Gerald back). Thank you for reading and reviewing my site. I feel like….I’ve arrived!

  • By Keith Eckstein, April 3, 2010 @ 6:24 pm


    I’m so glad you didn’t think it was an execution; I don’t actually try to execute anyone. I only review sites that I like (for every site that I review, the are at least 5 sites that I choose not to review.) Why would I spend my time asking you to spend your time reading about sites and blogs that just don’t do it for me?

    I’ve got a funny feeling that people are going to be attracted to your honesty, your particular circumstances and, of course, the Gerald thing!

    I think you’re going to pick up loads of followers!

    I’m dying to find out all about the true lingerie post and the nude modeling – you couldn’t mix in a mushrooming trip as well (preferably in a 2CV), could you?

    That would make it a truly perfect post!

    By the way – I loved today’s post about the fish market! You’re right, the uglier the fish, the better it tastes (although that does work the opposite way as well – I mean, think of mackerel and trout!)

    Anyway, just between you and me (I think we’re alone here – I won’t tell, if you don’t!)… keep us updated with the dating thing and, even if he picks his nose and doesn’t wash his undies please remember, it could be worse…

    As long as he doesn’t say….l

    “… my faverite foods are pizza, prime rib, lobster and are homemade brats.my faverite color is black for trucks, blue for others, love rock music (80-90s)”

    All the best


    P.S. Black for trucks and blue for others sounds like quite a workable philosophy to me? Someone should start a religion based upon that!

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