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C’est Christine - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

provence alpes cote dazur  Cest Christine   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceC’est Christine is a fairly new blog and, normally, I would wait a bit until the blog is more established before reviewing it.

However, there is a sort of energy about this blog – a sort of enthusiasm that encourages you to enjoy the pleasure that the author of the blog is obviously experiencing.

And it is exactly that energy and enthusiasm that convinced me to review C’est Christine so soon.

So, who is Christine and what does she get up to?

Let’s start in the kitchen….

Where else could I start, other than Ratatouille: not just a Disney movie where Christine starts off by saying… “One thing you must know about me: I love garlic.”

Me too, Christine. Me too (and I am patiently waiting the day when they invent Garlic Ice Cream – it’ll happen; you know it’s the sensible thing to do!)

I also liked Christine’s take on Quiche: the fancy name for Bacon and Eggs pie which, I suppose sums it up perfectly and stakes away all the stigma about real men eating (or not eating) quiche.

Personally, I’ve never let stigma get in the way of a good nosh-up but, perhaps that’s just me?

So, where does Christine hang out?

Well, if you take a look at The view from my window,  you can immediately see that Christine is based in Nice (well, it’s certainly not Bognor or Blackpool – it’s not raining!)

And Nice is probably a rather good place to live if you fancy going to a Cafe and ordering a Cappuccino and a view of the Mediterranean, s’il vous plaît (you try doing that in Bognor or Blackpool – they’ll think you’re mad!)

And, what motivated Christine to move from California to Nice (rather than Bognor or Blackpool – who would have been quite welcoming, I’m sure!) – well, to find out, you should read Dare to live the life you’ve dreamed.

Creeps in London?  Whatever next?

C’est Christine is obviously rather a posh blog as it has already had a guest blogger on it (I dream of the day when I can afford a guest blogger for A Taste of Garlic!  But then, I dream of the day that I can afford toilet paper – it’s a case of getting your priorities right, isn’t it?)

The guest blogger (I really am jealous, you know) is Stephanie Yoder and she provided a very funny post all about How not to meet creeps in London.

I wish I’d read that years ago!  When I lived in London I was a nutter magnet!  If anyone ever escaped form the local loony bin, the police had no trouble catching them.  Al they had to do was ask… “What bar’s Keith drinking in tonight?” and, sure enough, the nutter would be there as well, boring me with his (or occasionally her) theories on whether Elvis is really alive and living in a cow shed in Mornihan, whether Ricard has the edge over Pernod and whether Que Je t’aime should be the new French national anthem?  Important stuff like that!

I sometimes think that might have been the real reason I moved to France?

But, I digress….

The rocky road to ruin!

Christine has obviously begun that slow and sometimes painful, sometime hilarious process of turning from American to French.  She’s already Mastering the art of French waiting (it’ll be French Kissing next and that, as we all know, is the start of the rocky road to ruin!)

If you’re ever in Nice, queuing up the in the Post Office, you’ll be able to say hello to Christine.  She’ll be the one who is doing yoga breathing exercises!

Trying to be serious for a moment….

Trying to be serious for a moment, I should mention that Christine offers lots of good advice on her blog.  Examples are to Pack lightly and carry a credit card (wise advice indeed but I’ve always found it cheaper to pack lightly and carry someone else’s credit card!) and not to worry (unless it’s your credit card I’ve just made off with), as Worrying is like a Ferris wheel: you go around without getting anywhere!

Christine also advises us that Quitting is for winners.  All good stuff although, I did notice that, so far, Christine hasn’t come up with an answer for getting that nasty stain out of the nether regions of my Winter Long-Johns (soon be time to change into my summer ones – I can hardly wait!)

Give her time, though, and I expect she’ll get round to it?

A lifelong love affair….

Christine is obviously passionate about France (or otherwise she would have ended up in Bognor or Blackpool, wouldn’t she?)  as she admits to A lifelong love affair with  France and says that Nice makes me smile with my heart.

And… that last statement perfectly sums up why someone would pack in a perfectly good job and travel halfway round the world just to be able to eat a decent croissant and have a nice view of the Mediterranean!

So, if you think that France makes you smile with all your heart, you should pop over and pay Christine a visit at C’est Christine

You’ll not find any 2CV or Lingerie posts here yet – it’s still rather a young blog (I’m sure that Christine will get round to these vitally important subjects before too long!)

You will, however,  find well posed photos and well tempered prose.  And someone whose enthusiasm and energy just bubbles off the screen.

And me?  Well, I’m going to Live every day like a tourist because You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

All the best

provence alpes cote dazur  Cest Christine   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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