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poitou charentes  Prunings from the Vines   because we all love reading blogs about life in FrancePrunings from the Vines is Andy’s blog about his life in the Cognac area of the Charente.

I say that you can always tell the man from photos taken of him in the 70’s.

In Wish you were here we get to learn a bit more about Andy.

Groovy sandals, Man! Groovy beard!

He’s a bit of an old Rocker, isn’t he?

It’s obvious that Andy used to (and probably still does) like a bit of music.

Now, whilst I’m firmly an Elgar, Mozart and The Nolan Sisters man, I do like to wave my bald spot in time to some more modern music!

Bands like… Early Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath (did you know that Ozzy Osbourne worked in an abattoir in Digbeth, Birmingham, prior to starting his full time career with the band.  Just like me!  I just try to resist the biting head of chickens bit, in public, at least!)  and records like Led Zeppelin 2.

It could be due to a mid-life crisis or it might be a result of a mis-spent youth.  Personally I believe that it’s because of a sincere lack of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll !

Not sure if I’ll ever boogie to Dread Zeppelin though?

Any food, per chance?

There is but I’m not sure that you’ll like it?  In A No Brainer, Really,  Andy goes out to celebrate his birthday and, as he is always keen to try new things, says

“What’s that starter on the board Stuart, something different? I don’t recognise it”.

It was different with a light delicate flavour and smooth soft texture that melted in your mouth.

Also for me, the first time I have ever had Pigs brains on toast.

Good on you, Andy,  That’ll do you some good!

It must have done because in a visit to La Courtine, Andy goes on to eat Andouillette; and even enjoys it even though he has to sit on a separate table on his own because of the smell!

Light the fire, will you?

Andy does talk a lot about his Bois de Chauffage.  I suppose that it must be nice to keep warm in the winter?

But this mad obsession with keeping warm (why do you think God invented LongJohns?) was bound to end up in tears!

In “I am the god of hell fire and I bring you…” we discover that it does!

In “The Chimneys on fire!” we discover why!

Mind you, I’m not surprised.  Andy is a Wolves supporter, after all!

And, when he’s not burning the house down?

Well, there’s a spot of fishing followed by a spot of drinking in Perch over the Moon and then there’s some Pike fishing and more at Boismorand.

All working up a good appetite for Breakfast at Le Chai washed down, we hope, with a glass or two of Vin Extraordinaire?

Hang on, I can’t see the 2CV posts?

Well, I’m sorry to say that this blog doesn’t contain any posts about that icon of French chic, the Citroen 2CV!

Amazing, isn’t it?  I know, I couldn’t believe it when I heard!  Who’d have thought…..

In place, though, there are some car related posts.

In Air Cooled we learn about Andy’s old Porsche 911 (which is really just a 2CV with another couple of cylinders) and in  Oh no, not the Alvis… Andy  tells the sad and sorry tale of Douglas Bader crashing his car.

So, summing up….

There are plenty of honest laughs in this blog (you only have to look at Pogo Recall to see that anyone who wears a wig like that has got to have a sense of humour!) and, when he’s not busy burning the house down, there are some interesting and thoughtful posts as well.

You have to watch out for the occasional post like Greek Odyssey – if big beards and long hair are the sort of things that might disturb you but,  it’s obvious that Andy loves living in the Charente and, should you be interested in meeting an retired Pulverised Fuel Ash salesman who still knows how to Pogo, you should hike on down to Cognac and browse around in the Prunings from the Vines.

And me?  Well, I’ve got me some Fat Boy Blues and so I’m going to try my hand at some Beachcasting for Bass!

After all, they say Rust Never Sleeps!

All the best

poitou charentes  Prunings from the Vines   because we all love reading blogs about life in France


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    This is a great blog, thanks for the introduction.Diane

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