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poitou charentes  My Life in the Charente   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceMy Life in the Charente is Diane’s blog.

Diane says that At the moment I live in France for the summer and in the UK for winter. As soon as my husband retires then France will become our permanent residence. Meanwhile he takes as many holidays as possible to join me during the summer. Before this I lived for many years in what was Rhodesia and then South Africa.”

My Life in the Charente is a blog that was bound to come to my attention with posts like Old Vehicles, Two and Four Wheels.

I counted 17 2CVs – there may have been more but, by the time I got in to double figures, I was so excited that I may have missed a few!

Let’s start at the beginning and work forward (or is that being too logical?)

I decided to be sensible and attack (in the nicest possible way) this blog in a logical manner and start at the beginning.

But please don’t worry, I don’t think that logic and common sense are going to be frequent visitors to A Taste of Garlic!

The blog starts in 2005 with the aptly named In the beginning.

From there, 2006 is spent largely spending money and decorating.

I must admit to being quite envious of the purple fosse septique that was installed in Easter 2006!

I really didn’t know that they made them that colour but I do have to ask, as the thing is going to be buried anyway….. why?

As well as the purple fosse septique, the newly installed fence gets painted green!

2007 = Bankrupt builder and wet and windy weather?

Am I giving the game away?

I’m sure that there was much more to 2007 than that (there was a fair bit of cycling as well!), but you’ll have to read the smallprint for the details.

July see some better weather and a visit from friends from England, the Tour de France and some mixing tourism with all the renovation.

And why not?

September sees comments like… “27 Sep 2007 Very cold again. I picked the peppers that were almost ready as I was worried about them getting wiped out in the cold. I took some over to Florence who was walking around with a fleece on in the house she was so cold.”

Christmas is celebrated with a meal of oysters and duck’s breast – yum, yum!

2008 = Parking in Paris, more visitors and more DIY.

After a quick trip to Paris to review parking habits in that great town, the rest of 2008  seems to be spent with visits from family and friends, eating out and generally having a good time.

I’m sure that there was far more to 2008 than that as I do believe a roof was replaced somewhere along the line.

2009 = Hail storm, flooded kitchen and half a dozen oysters for lunch.

So, what would 2009 bring?

Well, in May there was a hail storm which resulted in a flooded kitchen.  Don’t worry too much though; it all got sorted out and Diane managed to buy half a dozen oysters for lunch!

More visits from friends and the Tour de France livened up the year.  The only strange thing for me was that, when Diane caught a baby rabbit, she let it go rather than fatten it up for the pot.

Perhaps the rabbit didn’t think it was so strange but, to a greedy carnivore like me, it seemed a bit of a shame!

The year draws to a close with a bout of pneumonia and a Sanglier (wild boar) casserole.

I fancy the latter but the pneumonia I can take or leave!

Warning, Blog Explosion!

In 2010 things really start to take off, blog wise!

The New Year is seen in with friends and then, still on the subject of rabbits (were we on the subject of rabbits?  I thought we let the little hot-pot go?), Diane says Bye Bye Rabbits!

And whilst the rabbits went elsewhere to eat their vegetables, Diane and her neighbours went to a Concours de Pêche where she suspected that…. “the bar had been quite busy during the course of the morning.”

Well, why not?  They were probably talking about the one who got away!  Told you that Diane shouldn’t have let that rabbit go!

I suspect that Diane tries to make up for that slight lack of judgement when she writes a post about Bugs!

Unfortunately she doesn’t provide any recipes but….

Personally, I’m interested in the wine pairing possibilities – claret with cockroach?  Anjou with ant?

Summing up….

My Life in the Charente is a delightful blog.

It details the renovation of their house (including a purple fosse septique! Now, that’s posh!) and the start of a new life in the Charente.

Apart from the letting that rabbit go bit (I still can get my head around throwing away a perfectly good meal!) this is a very sensible and well thought out blog.

But don’t just take my word for it, point your browser at the Charentes and pop in to visit Diane and let her tell you all about My Life in the Charente.

And me?  Well, I’m going for a walk on the wild side which, I hope, will involve some Aperitifs and maybe a small glass (or two) of Pineau des Charentes!

Wish me luck!

All the best

poitou charentes  My Life in the Charente   because we all love reading blogs about life in France


  • By Diane, May 26, 2010 @ 8:32 am

    Thanks for the review, great excitement – I will have a look for some more old cars but they seem to be few and far between other than the odd one. Diane

  • By Anji, May 26, 2010 @ 1:59 pm

    I wonder if the purple fosse septique is to match the bottles of product you need to use to unblock drains.

  • By Keith Eckstein, May 28, 2010 @ 10:26 am

    Personally, I think it is more of a fashion statement?

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