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picardie  Emmygration   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceEmmygration details the life of Emma who (to use her own words), came to the North East of France in September 2005 to teach English for 7 months, and well, never left. It is where she vents her thoughts about living as an anglophone in France; she thinks of it as therapy.

Therapy for her, maybe, but also very interesting for us.  Emma takes us through her daily adventures, From the Dark Side all the way through to The Comedy Sketch Show that is My Life.

Along the way we discover Emma’s thoughts on My Good Manners are Wasted in France and La Poste, pain in the poste-iria, together with a little rant about My Frenchie Works for Free!

But, over all, Emmygration is an enjoyable read; especially the bits about teaching – teachers should get special medals – Emma talks about the nightmare school where all hell breaks loose on a regular basis and where a boy bled everywhere on trying to prove that a compass point being poked into one’s arm didn’t hurt, and we readers get to learn a lot about what it like to be young and work for a living in a foreign country (and I though I had it bad working in an abattoir when I first came over.  That was a tea-party compared to being a primary school teacher, it seems!)

But, enough of the gory stuff.  Why not head over to Emmygration and find out exactly what sort of person copes with living in France and putting up with teaching a class of monsters (Emma’s words, not mine – I wouldn’t be anywhere near so kind!)

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picardie  Emmygration   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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