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pays de la loire  Thyme for Cooking   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThyme for Cooking is the blog where Kate Zeller details recipes, food, insights about life in France and the trials and tribulations of restoring a French farmhouse.

There’s a lot in this blog (and Kate runs two websites as well), and it’s very easy to get lost in the archives (and I mean lost in a nice “oh, where has time gone” way.)

The blog does exactly what it says on the tin.  Kate will start off talking about tiling the kitchen and then dive straight into braised pigs bottoms (or something similar.)

Good examples would be… Grilled Scallops with Lemon Ginger Sauce; the Update or Osso Bucco; the Stairs, Part deux

There is just the right amount of controlled anger in some of her posts – it doesn’t really matter because you know it’s all going to end up with a delicious meal.  This article made me laugh…

“I would like to meet the man, and it has to have been a man, who designed the supermarket parking lots in this area.  It’s obvious that said person has never pushed a trolley full of food from the store to a car. He probably was thinking himself quite smart when he made the parking lots slope away from the stores.” From Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Lasagne; Errant trolleys – some man’s fault!

I suppose that I ought to do the decent thing and warn everyone – this blog is the sort of place that you pop into for a quick snack and exit, 8 hours later, realising that you have eaten 18 courses and were just about to go back for more.  But don’t take it from me, take a look for yourself…. Thyme for Cooking

All the best

pays de la loire  Thyme for Cooking   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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  • By katie, January 2, 2010 @ 4:33 pm

    Thanks for the kind words – and, especially, all the great French blogs I haven’t found yet!!!!

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