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paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceTransition Kitchen is Oliviadog’s blog.

Oliviadog says of herself that she is a… “Lover of nature, dance, honesty, soul-funk-tribal-house-blues-music, good shower pressure, old trees, strong coffee, Mother Earth, being a wife & mother and human liberation.”

Surprisingly enough, according to Oliviadog… “This blog was started originally to be a bridge between my former life in Durham, NC and my new life in Spain. Well, we didn’t move to Spain because they just smoke too damn much (seriously) and instead came to Paris, France. This worked out fine for hubster since he is French and returned to his native land of popped collars, blank stares and cheap wine. Then we had a baby. So, the Transition Kitchen continues to evolve. What was going to be all about us living it up in Spain is now about us living with baby in France.”

Which works out well as….

I tend not to cover Living in Spain type blogs here but have been known to have some fun with Living with baby in France type blogs!

So, without further ado…

Let’s dive in and see what we can find!

The before Paris bits….

paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceNow, the blog sprung into life (do blogs actually spring into life? I always imagine that they just sort of click into life when someone is mad enough, or drunk enough, to press that Publish button on Blogger or WordPress?), on December 29th 2007 with a post called Hicham is home and what is home anyway? Way before the move…. which, upon inspection….

Really has nothing to do with life in France and so I’m not going to say anything else about it apart from mentioning that Hicham is Oliviadog’s husband and Durham is the one in American and not the one in England!

Speaking of Durham, there is a post called One Day in Durham in which Oliviadog describes what she gets up to on MLK Day.

And, for any of you not of American persuasion, MLK Day is Martin Luther King Day and very important to Americans and has absolutely nothing to do with the English MLK Day which, as most people know, refers to…Maurice Lionel Kingsbottom Day.

Maurice L. Kingsbottom was, of course, also a peace and civil rights activist but being based in Basingstoke he is rather less well know than the American one.

And, whilst you are pondering the unfairness of a world where fame as a civil rights activist depends (to a certain extend) upon which continent you were born in (although, it has been said that, as an orator, the English MLK did lack something?), I shall fast-forward to February 2008 where, in Three Days, we find OliviaDog fretting a bit but saying…

“Of top priority is to find natural places (there are many in Madrid btw), good dance clubs and vegetarian restaurants! Woo hoo!”

And, lo and behold….

Next thing we know….

Oliviadog is in Madrid!

But decides it’s too smokey and decided to move to Paris, instead!

The Paris bits…

paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceWhere we find her talking about The Moment – or shall I say, my awakening where, if I am to understand her properly (which would be a first – me understanding a girlie!), she seems quite chuffed to be there!

In fact, she is so carried away by a musical extravaganza in the street (spotted on the way to the supermarket) that she says…

“I stood there, bopping, grinning, shining and crying at seeing French women in a new way and in seeing myself living in Paris in a new way too! “

Which makes it all the stranger that we don’t hear anything more from her until April 2011 when she returns with the words…

I am back (plus one) in which she almost apologises for her absence, totally fails to explain the reasons for it (no mentions of alien abduction or being kidnapped by white slave traders only to end up in some sheik’s harem) and calmly says… “I even have a 15 month old child now – and really want to blog about being a mama in Paris to an absolutely dynamo daughter and my life in general!”

Which brings me nicely onto…

The Sabine bits…

paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceAnd we’ll start off with a nice rant (because it does us good to have a good little rant every now and again!) with… Save the NO for when it matters! My parenting rant. which appears largely to be about the tricky issues of parental control when faced with a toxic wasteland of 20 year old cleaners beneath the sink!

And, incidentally, it was in this post that I learned that Durham (the one in America that Oliviadog comes from and not the one in the north of England that’s got that cathedral and unemployment) is in North Carolina – you see, you learn something new every day!

Moving on to the subject in hand, which is…

Sabine and, how better to do that than by taking a look at Sabine in Doorway?

Or perhaps the May Day 2011 Photo Slide Show?

In one of the rare foodie posts on this blog (bearing in mind that it has the word Kitchen in the title – don’t worry, I’m going to rant about that later on!), we see Sabine eating in a post called Been a bit dull around here anyway, so we eat:)

And I do have to say… “Oliviadog, of course Sabine eats raisins one at a time; what other way is there to eat them?”

Mind you, I think Sabine is going to be a bit of an intellectual…

Because, only moments after The Rage of Sabine

We find that she is… “Back on the ground, she looks at me with indignation and gets on with her life… by reading a book.”

There’s a lovely post about Biking (with) baby in Paris which features a bike called “Giselle”

Which, in my humble opinion, is a Pretty Damn Good name for a bike.

And, in a post called… I want to dance with my baby, we are warned… “Only watch it if you like to watch little kids dancing. Otherwise, spare yourself the agony because it is over 8 minutes long.”

But it’s a lovely video so I’d watch it if I were you!

And Oliviadog, that’s really something you want to archive and save to be shown….

The Kitchen bits…..

paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceOK – now I know that for a blog that has the word Kitchen in the title you might expect to find a few recipes and foodie bits, non?

And, really, two foodie posts in four years is not a lot of posts….

But if you’re ever really hungry and you’r in the market for some Extra Good Oatmeal, you’ve come to the right place!

And if it’s Farting in Surprise you’re after, you’d better take a look at Before and After: The Fava!

And that’s it, I’m afraid…

I did think there might be more…

Perhaps Oliviadog doesn’t eat much?

The Other bits that don’t fit in anywhere else…

paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceWhich might, in fact, explain some of the stranger things to be found in this section?

Like What is the Point? in which Olivia goes on about starting (or re-starting a blog.)

paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceTo be honest, you won’t be able to read any of it because…

You won’t be able to stop staring at this…

Picture of Oliviadog taken when she was 15 years old!

And who am I to say anything (I employed people to search out and destroy any evidence that I was ever 15!)?

Except that I’m sure that there’s a website somewhere that specialises in photos like this!

And if you’re looking for a spectacular entrance….

You’ll certainly find it at My favourite building in all of Paris.

Now, that’s a doorway and a half, isn’t it?

The medically obsessed among you may wish to take your mind off that haircut by taking a look at My French Dental Journey.. 5 Dentists in two years (riveting reading here folks!) and riveting it certainly is!

I even learned that you can’t say, on a web forum…. “I went to the most amazing gyno!”

Which is something that I am going to have to remember…

Just in case I ever have occasion to say the self same thing!

So, Summing up…

paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceA blog that starts off by going to Spain, ends up in Paris, takes a couple of years off and then bursts back into life with a 15 month old girl in Sabine as a guest star…

That blog profile has got to be a first here (and we have reviewed some pretty strange blogs (you all know who I’m talking about!)

But I like it!

And I think you’ll like it too!

So why not poodle down to paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceTransition Kitchen and have a good look round.

And me? Well, just to prove that this blog isn’t perhaps as wacky as I have made it out to be (I do have a tendency to exaggerate, miss out the normal stuff and concentrate on photos of weird hairstyles that we wore when we were 15 years old – stuff like that), I’m going to have a quick look at Cuteness and Grandeur.

Just two couples (and little Sabine) having a nice day out….

And what could be more normal than that?

All the best

paris  Transition Kitchen   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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