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The Five of Us - Paris

paris  The Five of Us   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceIn both French and English, The Five of Us is a photoblog extraordinaire!

I like photoblogs anyway and this one stands out because it doesn’t try to be too arty and I appreciate the time taken to do the translation.

From wonderfully cheeky and well observed beauties such as My Neighbours are Resourceful, or Nuts!

To the thought provoking A Little Bit of Sky which sort of echoes through my mind asking questions such as “and what will you be doing when you’re sixty?”

Looking at Dissuasive or Attack Weapon I know what I’d have liked to be doing in the snow.  It’s a shame that we have to grow up, isn’t it?

Mind you, the photos in Alignment – Row took me right back to my youth.

Holidays in Cancale; hauling the dingy up the beach after a good day’s fishing.  Mackerel on the barbeque!

I desperately looked for a post about 2CVs and although I didn’t find one, I was more than happy with this one about Unusual Cars and even this one… Hail a Taxi?

You know that you’re in Paris with posts like Open Bookshop, although Il est l’heure could be set in any large city.

The posts about painters, I found very interesting.   Two Spanish Painters, Quote #2 and Eccentric Painter. I also found it interesting that Catherine concentrates on two Spanish painters.

I’ll leave the rest of The Five of Us for you to discover for yourself.

But, please take a look at Monochrome Monday 21 which, for me seems to sum up one aspect of France.  And, what’s more, my cats agree!

All the best

paris  The Five of Us   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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