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paris  Postcards from Paris   because we all love reading blogs about life in FrancePostcards from Paris is Miss K’s blog.

Miss K has this to say of herself… “I’m Canadian (from Toronto), spent nine years living in the UK (London) and then decided to move to Paris to finally write my novel. Where better to be a starving writer? Anyway, I had been thinking of doing a blog for some time and thought that my new life in Paris might be of some interest.”

Well, it’s certainly of interest to me!

And you too, I hope!

Some totally crap outfits….

I loved the mini series of posts where Miss K spots and photographs some terrible fashion accidients…

Such as this would be lederhosen lover or this woman who seems to be wearing a Bolivian tablecloth covered in technicolour clown vomit.

This is Paris, you know.

You’d think that people would know better?

Or, at least have laws to protect us against fashion statements such as this flowery thing (I can think of no better way to describe it!) or this coat, correctly identified as something… “that this lady’s poor blind grandma started knitting a version of the Guyanese flag but got drunk and somehow ended up making this coat and this lady is only wearing it so as not to offend her poor blind drunk grandma.”

My favourite is this one though.

I have absolutely no idea at all what it is but I do know that the wearer is destined to a life of solitude, ridicule and celibacy!

Moving swiftly on…

Things you might see on the street….

No, it may come as a surprise to some of you but, there is only one appearance of that famous Paris Pavement Garninsh in this entire blog!

Although I’m sure you’ll be glad to read in Street Talk that Miss K does, in fact, step in  it!

Way to go, girl!

And in researching that little tidbit of information I discovered that Miss K is surprisingly cultured for a young lady living in Paris!

She doesn’t mention the sh*t word or the f*ck word once in this entire blog!

Not at all – they’re right posh, you know,  those Canadians!

I reckon that I’d say a few naughty words if one of the Things you might see on the street turned out to be one of these!

Isn’t she beautiful?


Magnifique est tros petit un mot!

I am, as you may have gathered, in love!

And, if you Look down at the feet you might notice that, in Paris, some of the Gendarmes wear roller-skates!

How weird is that?

Not quite as weird as this.  Is it just me or was actually someone paid to do that, do you think?

And Something you don’t see everyday is someone carrying their own seat to sit on in the metro!

But, once seen, never forgotten!

I’m not going to mention the thousands of Condom machines that seemed to be popping up everywhere in Paris because Miss K does that so well in Paris: City of Love,  Really?

The OK, that was embarrassing bits….

What blog about life in Paris would be complete without a few embarrassing bits?

And in this respect Miss K doesn’t disappoint us.

Starting with the Parking in Paris before taking a peek at the Okay, That was embarrassing post which ends up with Miss K getting ready to… “strap my bitch on and reallllllllly have a go at someone’s hideous fashion sense…”

Yes, why not?

If it makes you feel better, my dear?

Which is not what she’s feeling if Oww, my head… and liver… is to be believed!

No sympathy at all!

If you do drink out of wet glasses, what do you expect?

And I’m not going to ask whether Miss K was embarrassed or excited about the Things you find behind the wardrobe.

Some things, you seem are definitely best left to the imagination!

So, summing up….

I could spend all day on this blog, you know!

Those Totally Crap Outfits of the Week would be enough to keep me entertained for hours!

If you’re interested in that strange place called Paris (and one of its strange inhabitants), you could do far, far worse than to pop in and visit Postcards from Paris

Remember, though; this is Paris so… watch where you step!

And me?  Well, I’m hungry (what else is new?) and so I’m going To Market (and don’t those roasted pig’s trotters look to die for?)

And then perhaps a Picnic, Paris Style?

Care to join me?

All the best

paris  Postcards from Paris   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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  • By olga kotova, November 24, 2010 @ 4:54 pm

    Hi Keith!
    Thank you for this post. You always find such awesome new blogs.

  • By Miss K, November 28, 2010 @ 11:24 pm

    Hi Keith, thanks so much for the kind words – very much appreciated! I’ll be linking to your site on my blog and I’m very much looking forward to checking out your other reviews. Merci beaucoup,

    Miss K

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