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Polly vous Francais - Paris

paris  Polly vous Francais   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI know that I’ve been spending far too much time away from home (electronically, that is – I won’t be able to physically leave Brittany until the mud dries out – anticipated for sometime in July.)

But, there is a method in my madness (although there may well be madness in my method!)

You see, I am looking for that perfect Life in France blog; one that contains those essential elements… posts about 2CVs, mushrooms and Lingerie!

And that’s why I’m in Paris today, checking out Polly vous Francais.

And, what did I find but… not one but two Citroen 2CV posts.

This is a great start; a bit like being 3-0 up against Man U. at half time!

And then, I discovered not two but three posts about lingerie – this is getting serious; like being 3-0 up against Man U. at half time and then Crouch coming on and scoring a hat-trick!  Check out… French Men Talk About Lingerie (I bet they do, dirty little rascals!), Linger in an Online Lingerie Lounge (I bet they do, dirty little rascals!) and finally, From the “What Next” department – Wonderbra Nipple – Well, I never!  Ooh, la la!

But surely, I hear you ask, there must be more to Life in France than 2CVs and Lingerie?  Even in Paris?

Of course there is.  There’s food and wine and the art of civilised conversation.

So, if you’re hungry, there’s always Comfort Food in Paris and how about a visit to La Criée du Phare, a seafood emporium which apparently boasts the largest retail selection of fish in Paris.

Or, perhaps a bit of the Best Baguette in Paris?  A bowl of Breton moules (my favourite food of all time!)

You could always celebrate a Life Long Love Affair with French Mustard or just have a bit of Salade Nicoise.

Or just salivate over this Traffic Stopper (yum, yum, piggies!  Also my favourite food of all time!)

Once you’ve eaten, you could always take a look at the Real Paris, Undressed and then go worship a French Goddess ( a bit like a 2cv but with an awful lot more to go wrong!)

Sadly, not one post about mushrooms but, I guess you don’t get many wild mushrooms growing in the heart of Paris.

Perhaps that’s why I’m not as fond of Paris as I am of my wet and windy Brittany?  Who knows?

Mushrooms or not, I suggest that you take a wander round Paris with Polly vous Francais. I don’t think you’ll find it time wasted; Start at the beginning (16th May, 2006) with this brilliantly funny glimpse of Le Look Parisien.

All the best

paris  Polly vous Francais   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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  • By Polly-Vous Francais, August 8, 2010 @ 1:42 am

    Thanks, Keith, and I’m blushing deep crimson that I didn’t take notice sooner. I can plead moving and leave it at that! Look forward to reading more of your blog!


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