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paris  Peters Paris   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceBack to Paris for a look at Peter’s Paris.  Now, I’m not sure if Paris actually belongs to Peter but he certainly does seem enamoured by the place.

Rather than hunt for the obligatory Citroen 2CV, mushroom and Lingerie posts that seem to be popping up everywhere on Life in France blogs these days, I took a look at the categories listing and picked a few articles out at random.

The first one I came across that tickled my fancy was Hemingway in Paris – “A moveable feast.” This is not a small post (but that’s understandable, bearing in mind the subject matter.)

I have a thing about Hemingway in Paris and have always regretted not being born (preferably to an American/Irish family) in the late 1890s and spending a well misspent youth in Paris in the twenties with Hem, F.Scott Fitzgerald and Joyce.

I think I would have enjoyed myself;.

I think that I would have died young!

Well, perhaps in the next lifetime (unless I get reborn as a flea – I have been rather naughty, this time round!)

If you are at all interested in Hemingway’s Paris years, you should read Hemingway’s Paris Years by Michael S. Reynolds.

Easily the best of the many books about that vibrant time in that exciting city.

paris  Peters Paris   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceMore information

Still regretting the misspent youth that I was born to late to have, I took a stroll round Montmarte and relished in the lovely photos that really do make this blog.  I implore you to click on some of them to see them full size!

Then I headed off to visit Villa Seurat where Henry Miller lived (and started to write Tropic of Cancer.)  I would loved to have met and I would have cut off my ear for a chance to meet Anaïs Nin!

Talking of which… Vincent Van Gogh spent some time in the Carmague and Peter pops off down there for a quick holiday (Heading South for a While.)  He’s already been there in an earlier incarnation of this blog; take a look at… Arles in 2007 and then again Arles in 2009.

There is the obligatory (for a Paris blog) post about Shakespeare and Company – far better for your mind than all those posts about Lingerie!

Peter asks the question… The Montmartre Museum – to be closed? And then, with a series of lovely photographs, explains why it shouldn’t be.

From that posts I learned about Francisque Poulbot (1879-1946) in a post called Tiles. He was a well-known illustrator of especially the “Kids of Paris” as he saw them around Montmartre.

I’d never heard of him before and was glad that Peter introduced me to him!

Isn’t that the beauty of blogs like this one.  Not only do you enjoy visiting somewhere from the comfort of your armchair but, you also learn new things and meet new people along the way!

After a quick trip to Tuscany, I popped back to see some More from Montmartre.

There, I started to read about Tolouse Lautrec and then that led to….

Well, lets just say I spent a lot of time wandering round Paris with Peter as my guide.

Why don’t you do the same and visit Peter’s Paris.  You’ll love every history and culture filled step!

And the photos are to die for!

All the best

paris  Peters Paris   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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