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paris  Paris (im)perfect   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI find myself still in Paris today (electronically, you understand.  Physically, I’m stuck in Brittany until it stops raining – probably sometime in June! This year or next year – we’re not altogether sure!)

And the reason for two Paris visits in two days is an email that I received from Sion, who suggested that I come and visit her new(ish) blog.

Now I have been accused of not knowing how to spell etiquette, far less knowing what it means but…. I did think that it would be a little bit rude if I didn’t pop in and take a look!

And, what a surprise I had!  paris (im)perfect is a real delight!

I think that Sion shares the same sense of humour with me – perhaps she was dropped on her head when she was a baby as well?

In her email, Sion apologises for the slight lack of Mushrooming, Citroen 2CV and Lingerie posts that are, in my opinion, pretty much essential content for any self-respecting Life in France blog but, she does offer some alternatives….

“I’m afraid I do not yet have posts on mushrooms or CV2s (I will work on that!), but for the lingerie category I have posts such as “You Want to Stick Your What Where” or “Music, Massage, and Men with Guitars.”

I recently started what will become a regular feature – “Faux Pas Fridays.”

My first one details some mistaken pronunciation that turns something seemingly innocent to something you probably don’t want to say in public.”

Well, I was willing to ignore the lack of 2CV posts (although I shall be checking back regularly and will expect to see a dramatic improvement!) and started sniffing around.

I loved the post about The Happiness Police! It was so lovely to read a post that started… “I’ve had a tip-top day in Paris and I thought I should share.”

I almost wet myself when I read Prescriptions and Pick-up Lines – I thought that sort of thing only happened to me!

I actually did wet myself when I read Scooby Doo in the Latin Quarter (I blame it on Farty Owls/John Cleese and Siberian Hamsters!)

And I came over all gooey when I learned how Sion met her (now ) husband – Say What? (Say Anything.)

In a way, it’s a bit of an honour reviewing this blog because Sion, in her own way, is famous (having been interviewed by Expat Focus.)  Also, she has met the lovely Kristin Espinasse (of French Word a Day fame), who I interviewed here in one of my world famous, famous people interview thingies.

And she very cleverly met her at Shakespeare and Company, thus getting in the obligatory reference to that shop, without which any Life in Paris blog is sadly lacking.

So, is paris (im)perfect worth paying a visit to?  Well, if you share the same warped sense of humour with Sion and me and if you have your own “Faux Pas Fridays” (any day of the week),Yes, certainly!

Would I recommend it?  Then, I must say (and I am so sorry James)…. “with heart going like mad and yes I say yes I will Yes. “

If you’re looking for 2CV posts or Lingerie posts – well, you won’t find many here.

But then, that does make such a refreshing change, doesn’t it?

All the best

paris  Paris (im)perfect   because we all love reading blogs about life in France


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