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Magic Lantern Show - Paris

paris  Magic Lantern Show   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThe Magic Lantern Show (also known as Mr Toad’s Travel Diary) is, if it can be categorised in any way, primarily a photo blog.

Owen, the blog’s author says this of the blog and himself…

“Why ? Answer : Why not ? Originally from a foreign country, now French and living in France for the past 17 years. Am still adapting to culture shock. Frequently go out scouring the countryside, with a camera in hand, looking for my dream house, for my dreamtime, for my dreams.”

Yup, you know, that sort of sums it up really well.

Owen’s photographs are excellent and he doesn’t seem scared to display them in black and white.  He seems to have a different type of eye to the rest of us; picking out normal things in everyday life and then making them seem supernormal (not sure if that’s a word or not but, if it isn’t, it damn well ought to be!) and surprising:  surprising us by showing us things that were always there.

Take this post, for example… Can’t See The Forest… or this one… The Joy of Artichoke Throwing! You know, I’ve lived in Brittany for 7 years now and I never knew that there was an Annual World Championship of Artichoke Throwing, held (every year, one assumes) in the tiny Brittany village of Henvic,  just to the south of Saint Pol de Leon.

Well, you live and learn and… with a blog like this you will learn.

You will learn to look differently at things, to appreciate the bizarre and to take joy when you find that the bizzare is often hidden in the normalness (now, I know that can’t be a real word but I don’t care!) of everyday life.

There are some poems on the blog, as well.  That’s OK with me, I like poems as long as they’re not by Kipling.

Well, I’ve looked and I’ve looked and whilst there’s a bit of Bob Dylan and some Jim Morrison (and altogether more Jerry Garcia than is really polite!) scattered around, I can quite categorically state that there is no Rudolph Kipling poetry on The Magic Lantern Show.  So, it should be safe for you to pop in and have a good look round – enjoy!

All the best

paris  Magic Lantern Show   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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