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paris  La Mom   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceLa Mom is a glimpse into La Mom’s life in the most beautiful city on earth.  Strangely enough, it doesn’t take place in Birmingham (the guy who once tried to convince me that Birmingham was the most beautiful city on earth was much bigger than me, and rather drunk!) but… Paris.

I suppose there’s no accounting for taste?

As La Mom says… “If you think Paris equals great food/wine/cheese/fashion/shopping…..well yes…and non! La Mom’s Paris is all about bitchy mommy dinner clubs, even bitchier wine clubs, pricey mommy maintenance, and playdate protocol. All that with a bit of complaining about the French and dog doo mixed in!”

Actually, there are quite a few references to dog poo in this blog.

From Dodging our way to school (all about crap camouflage) to Clean up the Crap – Local Ad Campaign, there are hundreds of posts about Dog Poo on this blog. Well, perhaps I exaggerate slightly; there are, in fact, six articles that directly address Dog Poo (if you include the one about a Flying Crap Attack) but that’s still rather a lot of Dog Crap posts.

One might almost think that this was a blog about Birmingham!

La Mom describes herself as… an American mom living in Paris (16th arrondissement) for a très long time. I have a French husband (Big Cheese) and two French Fries (Big Fry & Small Fry)

and explains that….

You may reach for the Dorito chips when your kids stress you out, but I keep things under control with a constant flow of champagne, croissants, and café au lait!

But don’t let the smelly start put you off.  There’s so much more in this blog than Dog Poo!

There are plenty of rather bitchy (in a very nice sort of way) Mommy Profiles where La Mom identifies the other sorts of Mums in Paris.  You know, the how to spot them, important type stuff!

She also has some rather funny quotes on her blog.  I’ll re-publish two here to whet your appetites…

Why would I want to visit the Louvre? Isn’t it just a bunch of art and sh*t? – Dan, a mid-west friend of La Mom’s ex-boyfriend. Circa 2001.

Adam: Why are all the fish poisonous?
Beth: Why do you think all of the fish are poisonous?
Adam: Because it says so….
Beth: ‘Ummm…honey…that says ‘Poisson’…it’s the French word for ‘fish.

– A conversation Beth had at the Paris aquarium with her husband.

My eyes went straight to the Cheesy Porn post (once I’d finished doing all the doggy plop stuff) and I love the You know you’re in France posts, of which this is my favourite.

Of course, there is the obligatory French Customer Service is la Merde post.  No self respecting Life in France blog could show its face unless it included one of those!

Sadly, there’s no post about Leather Suspenders (see yesterday’s article to understand all that smutty stuff!), for which the blog is somewhat poorer, I feel.

However, La Mom does make up for the omission with Naughty but Nice, an article about naughty Paris and another about being Love Bombed which refers to a doctor called Dr Hot!

So… If you fancy a fun filled visit to Paris, be careful where you step (or what you step in) and make your way to La Mom.

It’s not a blog about Birmingham (or Basingstoke, even), it’s just a rather funny, very clever, and occasionally just a little bit bitchy (but, in the nicest possible way), blog about the most beautiful city on earth.

Why would I want to visit the Louvre? Isn’t it just a bunch of art and sh*t?

-Dan, a mid-west friend of La Mom’s ex-boyfriend. Circa 2001.

All the best

paris  La Mom   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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