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Karin’s Kamera - Paris

paris  Karin’s Kamera   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI discovered Karis’s Kamera hiding away in the Links Section of another Karin’s blog… an (alien) parisienne.

Now,  Karis’s Kamera is interesting because it’s not just bi-lingual – it’s actually the first tri-lingual blog that I’ve reviewed!

English, French and Swedish – what a mix – what an interesting read this was going to be!

Now, in order to be objective, I’m going to ignore everything on this blog that isn’t France related or doesn’t contain photos of pretty girls!

Tough, I know….  But it’s my football and I’ll make the rules!

So, what’s a nice Swedish girl doing in Paris?

Well, when she’s not working, she’s hard at work taking lovely photos.

Take a look at Do you take this photo? and see if you disagree!

Karin says of herself… “I’m a Swede living in Paris and this blog is about my passion for photography. Shows I love, my own projects and what’s going on in the different networks.”

Karin was interviewed in French here and, from there, I’ve learned that… “Children are Karin’s preferred subjects. This is because they have a true honesty in their expressions.”

Photos, lots of photos and more photos….

Take a look, as an example of her work, at Lumières de Dieppe.

Personally, I think that the two black and white images… Handshake and Inkfish fishermen are the best.

But hey, you may disagree!

In the Summer in Paris collection, Trinita is by far the one that sticks in my mind for the longest.

Karin took two photos and the man said “Women always asks for another one”

Lucky fellow – What a man!

Museums, galleries and shows….

I’d never heard of the annual, international festival for photojournalism in Perpignan, in the south of France until I read this blog.

It looks similar to the photo exhibition that we have in La Gacilly (in deepest rural Brittany) except I suppose that it doesn’t rain so much?

Photos of pretty girls……

For some photos of pretty girls you really don’t have to look any further than the Improvised Photo Shoot.  Lovely, lovely, lovely – that’s all I can say!

And, just as lovely… Pretty girl no 1!

Or Pretty Girl no 2 – Cecilia?

Pretty Girl no 3?

And Two Pretty Girls for the price of one!

Paris photos….

Three on a Photowalk describes Karin meeting up with two Flickr friends and wandering round Paris searching for that perfect photo.

They didn’t really find the right inspiration but it must be out there because, as we can see in And the Winner is… Karin wins herself a very posh new camera with the amazing photo Wings and Wheels!

And in So, what’s new? we get to see some photos that Karin has taken with a new lens during her lunchbreak.

A Magical Place displays some lovely photos of Le Musée des Arts Forains at Pavillons de Bercy, in the 12th arrondissement- all taken in low light.

From the Nos amis, les Parisiennes Flickr album I’ve chosen this photo. As Karin says of it… “Sometimes if you’re lucky enough, you run into one of these people who gives a meaning to your day. He was like that. He asked me to take his portrait, and he sure was born to be in front of the camera! “I’ll tell people, that for five minutes I was the supermodel being photographed by this Swedish artist”, he said to me.”

Mind you, The Fisherman is a pretty damn good photo as well!

It is Johnny Halliday isn’t it?

So, summing up……

If you’re not interested in photography then Karis’s Kamera probably won’t hold much attraction for you.

However, if you ever point your camera (whether it be professional or point and click) and sometimes wonder what makes photography art; well, then you ought to come straight over to Karis’s Kamera and take a good look at the pictures it produces.

And me?  Well, I’m going to take a good look at Karin’s photos of Brittany.

My favourite is this one

Oh, and this one

And this one

And this one too!

All the best

paris  Karin’s Kamera   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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paris  Karin’s Kamera   because we all love reading blogs about life in France Brittany Today

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  • By Karin (an alien parisienne), September 22, 2010 @ 7:21 am

    I’m so glad you highlighted Karin’s blog. I found her on Flickr in a photo group for the XIXth arrondissement, and recognized photos she had taken of places very near me. Turns out that she and I not only have the same name, live in the same area, but also are the same age, too. She’s traveling at the moment, but when Karin is back in Paris, we are going to meet for a drink at a local watering hole. I’m most excited to say a “hello” in person to her.

    She does take the most wonderful photos… I hope she sees that she has been reviewed here! She deserves the recognition!

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