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paris  French Marilyns Blog   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThere are a lot of mad female bloggers in Paris (as we well know here, at the International Headquarters of A Taste of Garlic) but I have the feeling that French Marilyn is not one of them (although she is certainly female and a blogger!)

She does have a rather close and suspect relationship with a serial killer but, I’m going to leave the investigation of that until a little bit later on.

French Marilyn’s Blog is the blog of Marilyn Z. Tomlins who lives and writes in Paris.

I have a feeling that a review of this blog is going to be a long and tiring process so, as I always say, best fill the belly first!

The food and drink bits….

Why not start with the French’s Favourite Food?  This, apparently, is snails, oysters and onion soup although Marilyn does admit that her favourite food is moules frites which, I reckon, is pretty French as well!  Marilyn gives us her recipe for Moules Frites and very nice it looks too!

She also explains, in Please, no Turkey this Christmas… We’re French! what the French eat for Christmas dinner.

I rather fancy the idea of Suckling Pig this Christmas;  I wonder if I’ll be allowed?

There’s a nice recipe for Espadon (swordfish) which is in a post that also details fish fed on the urine of pregnant women!

I wonder how the recipe for that one goes?

First find a pregnant woman, take you fish in one hand and then tickle the pregnant woman until she pees?

Moving swiftly along….

On safer ground; Marilyn also talks about France’s Favourite Food (again???) – Cheese & Wine!

Here, she recounts General Charles de Gaulle’s wise words…. “On ne peut rassembler les français que sous le coup de la peur. On ne peut pas rassembler à froid un pays que compte 265 spécialités de fromages.”

How true!

On the subject of the Demon Drink Marilyn also has much to say in posts like….  The Demon Drink, More about Drinking, There’s Gold in them  thar bottles and, rather disturbingly (to my liver, at least!),  Can one drink the water in Paris?

What, with all that wine about!

Don’t mention the war (I did but I think I got away with it!)

Of course, if you’ve never watched Fawlty Towels, you won’t have a clue about that phrase, will you?

Don’t worry, it’s got nothing to do with Siberian Hamsters!

Marilyn advices us that Whatever you do in France, don’t mention the war and she talks about “les annèes noires” (the dark years) to explain why.

She also mentions the liberation of Paris; A day the French remember not to forget.

Most horrific of all though, is the War of the Pigeon – I think Hemingway started that one!

People being generally naughty….

Marilyn gives us a tour of Pigalle where we can learn all about sex and death.

And there is a detailed essay on The Kiss… in France.

None of which is too naughty really, so….

Let’s take a look at Another Priest behaving badly… Very badly!

I’ll certainly have to say my prayers for him!

And then there’s Tony Musulin – I suppose he is naughty but he’s also my hero!

What about Manuela Cano – just how many DID she kill?

There are Another two naughty French priests to learn about before we can get to the really naughty guy; the serial killer that Marilyn seems so interested in!

The Serial Killer bits…….

Marilyn has written a book about the French WW2 serial killer, Dr. Marcel Petiot   The book’s title is DIE IN PARIS.

paris  French Marilyns Blog   because we all love reading blogs about life in France A spring night in Paris. The most beautiful city in the world is dark and silent. Uncertainty devils the air. As does normality: War time normality. The Nazi flag flutters from the Eiffel Tower. The Parisians are huddled indoors.
Suddenly the night’s stillness is shattered by sirens and excited voices. For days foul smoke has been pouring from the chimney of an uninhabited house close to the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. Police and fire fighters are racing to the house to break down the bolted door. They make a spine-chilling discovery. The remains of countless human beings are being incinerated in a furnace in the basement. In a pit in an outhouse quicklime consumes still more bodies.
Neighbors say they hear banging, pleading, sobbing and cries for help come from inside the house deep at night. They say a shabbily-dressed man on a green bike pulling a cart behind him comes to the house, always at dawn, or dusk.

The house belongs to Dr. Marcel Petiot – a good-looking, charming, caring, family physician who lives elsewhere in the city with his wife and teenage son.
Is he the shabbily-dressed man on the green bike?

If so, what has he to say about the bodies?

paris  French Marilyns Blog   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceFor more information, or if you wish to purchase…

In Losing one’s head.. But love has got nothing to do with it! Marilyn explains all about the Guillotine that did for Petiot.  She says… “Rumour has it that Dr. Petiot had continued to smile and flutter his eyelids for at least twenty or thirty seconds after his head had been severed from his body.”

Proof positive, in my book, that the lad were a bad ‘un!

So, summing up…..

Amongst the 156 posts on this blog there are topics to interest every taste.

Most of them seem to be about People (none as weird as folks)!

But, as Marilyn says… “I usually write about death and destruction, but I do also write about pleasant things.” And the proof is this post about the lovely Brigitte Bardot.

I would suggest that if you have any interest at all in the other side of Paris, you should wander down to French Marilyn’s Blog and have a good look around.

You might even want to buy her book, Die in Paris.

And me? Well, I’m going to A Sunny Place for Shady People where I’m going to study up on French Women and Cows and The Kiss in France.

So far I’ve learned that the latter is best practiced on one of the former – I’m just not sure which one works best!

All the best

paris  French Marilyns Blog   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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  • By Marilyn Tomlins, September 20, 2010 @ 7:42 am

    Hello Keith,

    Thanks for this! Much appreciated. I will add your blop to my favourites.

    Enjoy France.

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