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paris  An American Mum in Paris   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceSo, there I was… casually doing some research for a little project when I did a Google search on the phrase…. “bookless zombie mama” (don’t ask – you really don’t want to know and even if you did want to know I’d be too embarrassed to tell you and even if you plied me with vast quantities of Ricard, I probably wouldn’t tell you either – but it may be worth your while trying!) and what popped up, top of the list?

Yes, it was An American Mum in Paris!

I had another go and typed in the phrase….”mice condoms” (believe me, it’s a very specialist little research project that I’m working on.  You are probably better off not knowing the details!) and guess what?

An American Mum in Paris pops up top of the list again!

This, I thought to myself, has to be fate!

Thus, I had no choice but to down tools and head off back to Paris to take a detailed look at this blog!

When I got there I realised that there’s more  to this blog than mice condoms or undead bookless mothers!

Post such as…  I Love the Smell of Dog Poo in the Morning remind you that you are, in fact, in Paris (and yes, I did a quick Google and the phrase… “dog poo in the morning” is one that this blog doesn’t come top of the list for!) and warn you against wearing floor length capes when going out for a quick walk.

Actually, I’m sorry but I do have to interrupt this review for an Odd Random Fact!

Odd Random Fact -001

Found on the Independant’s website… did you know that Paris has, proportionally, more dogs – 300,000, or one for every seven humans – than any other city in the world?

Or that dogs leave 20 tons of mess on the streets of Paris daily (who has weighed it, you ask?) and an average of 650 people a year are hurt so badly after slipping on dog-poo in Paris that they have to be taken to hospital?

I wet myself when I read… Finally, a trough of piss which is a coincidence as the post is all about….. well, probably better if you read it for yourself – especially the bit at the end which details what is allowed in a French Park and what is not!

I was just mopping up when I discovered French kids say the darndest things and had to mop up all over again!  I loved the postitive view of global warning but I do pity the unemployed who live by the sea!

American Mom gets bitter in Playground = Hell but, it’s kind of good fun to read, anyway!  And then, she gets all bitter again in The customer is always stupid!

You really do need to read right to the end of To pull or not to pull; that is the question – very, very funny!

In fact, most of An American Mum in Paris is funny, in a nicely self-depreciating way.

Find out why American Mom spends a glorious bank holiday Monday visiting dead people!

Find out why Tartiflette is American Mom’s lover!

Yes folks, you can do all this and much, much more over at An American Mum in Paris so why not make a visit?

I may see you there – I’ve got to get back to that research project and I think that Going to get laid and devil dogs might be just the article I need!

All the best

paris  An American Mum in Paris   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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