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Paris H to O

Hemingway’s Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Ernest Hemingway in Paris in the 1920s. An expatriate learning to be an author while living with other members of the “lost generation.”

Hip Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

How to marry a Frenchman

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – July 28, 2010

Whilst it has never been all that high on my list of priorities, I do have to admit, I am fairly open minded and am prepared to try most things once (apart, of course, from Morris Dancing and Incest!)

It was with this open attitude that I approached How to marry a Frenchman.

How to marry a Frenchman is Madame Bouron’s blog about her life (with her husband, of course) in Paris.

Now, to some of you it might seem a little bit unfair that I am reviewing 2 girls from Seattle, now living in Paris, in the same week.

Well, I have to let you into a little secret (and don’t tell anyone!), I’m on commission!

The Seattle Board of International Affairs has asked me to keep an eye on it’s favourite daughters, the news of which is doubtless going to cause sleepless nights for any other bloggers from Seattle currently living in Paris!

Moving swiftly on….

Hungry Amateurs – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

I Heart Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I heart Paris is written by Kim, an import from London who has lived in Paris for 7 years and counting.

I Prefer Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – ….. Doesn’t everyone?

I still shoot film – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

I wonder as I wander – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I am a frequent expat who has lived in various international cities including Toronto, Montreal, Paris, Tokyo and Miami, amongst others. Adventurous by nature, I am a spontaneous person and always have my passport ready to go. Large international cities are my destination of choice, where I hope to feed my appetite for more knowledge about design and architecture, while experiencing the beauty of urbanization.

I’ll Always Have Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Posts describing my life in Paris and travels abroad. Enjoy!

In an old house in Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Madeline – Salut tout le monde! My name’s Madeline, just graduated from college, and I’m headed off to France to teach English as an Assistant de Langue. Thought I’d share with you all my adventures- hope you enjoy!

International Mama – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Invisible Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – A celebration of the parts of Paris that would be refused entry to the ville musée if they tried to get in today.

Irene Nam – blog – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Irish Parisienne – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – My name is Julie.  I qualified as a lawyer in Dublin just as the economy turned.  I took this as my chance to break for the border… or in my case Paris. As with all spontaneous decisions I didn’t really think this one through. I had no plan and very little money. This meant it took me about a year to start finding my feet. Throw a broken foot and a broken heart into the mix and the result was a very hard first year in Gay Paree.  I had all but decided to pack my bags and move on to the next big city when things miraculously turned around and I found work that I wanted to do.  I’m still not there yet in terms of settling in but I have started to settle now….. its been 18 months.  Now I am making the transition from just keeping my head afloat and trying not to drown, to actually establishing myself in Paris and making a real life and home for myself here. This blog will document my attempts to integrate more with the very closed Parisians and just basically try to bloody work them out!

Je ne sais quoi…

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – June 18, 2010

Je ne sais quoi is Shannon’s blog about discovering the truth about Parisians… one humiliating story at a time.

Sounds like my sort of blog!

Being a Paris blog I felt sure that there would be at least one article about Paris Pavement Garnish (in other words… Dog Crap!), and I wasn’t disappointed.

In Mr Hanky moved to Paris and had ten thousand children we learn that Shannon lives at 3 Avenue de Merde Par Tout and that sooner or later, you’re going to be knee-deep in dog excrement.

Well, I think we knew that already but it is nice to be reminded.

Jennyphoria – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – ‘m a New York-based writer hoping to become a Parisienne expat. I’m moving to continue my ventures in screenwriting and film production and for so many, many other reasons. My sweet puppy Moxie will be joining me.

John Talbott’s Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Just another American in Paris

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – April 9, 2010

Just Another American in Paris is Anne’s blog about how a typical Washington, DC family (with two policy-oriented jobs, two kids, and two cars) came to Paris for a three-year, which eventually became a four-year tour.

Being a blog about Paris it does, of course, offer many insights into the vexing question of Dog Poop! So, let’s get started with Here’s the Poop and then move on to Parisians and Their Dogs.

I’m not sure that Dog Poop is such an issues in rural Brittany (where I live), perhaps it rains too much for the dogs to go out and thus, all the poop remains indoors?

Of course, there’s more to Paris than Dog Poop. There are dead people as well! You can find some if you spend An Afternoon at Père-Lachaise.

Karin’s Kamera

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – September 22, 2010

I discovered Karis’s Kamera hiding away in the Links Section of another Karin’s blog… an (alien) parisienne.

Now, Karis’s Kamera is interesting because it’s not just bi-lingual – it’s actually the first tri-lingual blog that I’ve reviewed!

English, French and Swedish – what a mix – what an interesting read this was going to be!

Now, in order to be objective, I’m going to ignore everything on this blog that isn’t France related or doesn’t contain photos of pretty girls!

Tough, I know…. But it’s my football and I’ll make the rules!

Katia and Kyliemac Podcast – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Kissing at the Eiffel Tower – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Kung Fu Dana – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – American Musician in Paris

L’Anglais à Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Real or imaginery, ce n’est pas important, l’Anglais follows the travels and incidents of un homme à Paris. From St Pancras to the Gard du Nord, and beyond, listen to the echo of his brogues upon the cobblestones of ‘The City of Lights’ and share in some of the dark humour and revolutionary zeal the writer thinks he possesses…

L’Étrangère Americaine – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – An American 30 something packs up her bags and moves to France. Join me on my misadventures as I struggle to understand a foreign culture, take on a new job, learn a new language and learn more about myself in the process.

La Belle France – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I’m a 25-year-old Indianapolis native who just now found a way to put her French major to good use. I’m currently living in Paris’ banlieue, teaching French literacy skills to immigrants coming in from North Africa and parts of Asia. I am very interested in finding a way to get myself to Ireland, in taking a Jane Austen tour, and in traveling to Russia to follow the steps of the Romanovs (this would include seeing their palaces; this would not include their violent deaths).

La Coquette – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Don’t hate me because I live in Paris.

LaFleur de Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – The daily musings of an American in Paris.  I moved to Paris in October, 2004 thanks to a Reynold’s Grant from Dartmouth College to study contemporary French cinema. I interviewed some directors, saw millions of films and wrote a thesis. Then, after working for Le Film Français in International Publicity and Editorial, I am now the France Correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter.

La Rose à côte de La Vigne – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – My experieneces in Paris and the sorts…

La Mom

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – February 24, 2010

La Mom is a glimpse into La Mom’s life in the most beautiful city on earth. Strangely enough, it doesn’t take place in Birmingham (the guy who once tried to convince me that Birmingham was the most beautiful city on earth was much bigger than me, and rather drunk!) but… Paris.

I suppose there’s no accounting for taste?

As La Mom says… “If you think Paris equals great food/wine/cheese/fashion/shopping…..well yes…and non! La Mom’s Paris is all about bitchy mommy dinner clubs, even bitchier wine clubs, pricey mommy maintenance, and playdate protocol. All that with a bit of complaining about the French and dog doo mixed in!”

Actually, there are quite a few references to dog poo in this blog.

Laura’s Paris Cooking Notebook – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Growing up in Uruguay and the US with a French grandmother who taught me the basics of cooking, gave my style an international flavor from the very beginning. Later on, my French husband, children and I had the incredible opportunity to live and travel in faraway lands. From the fragrant Indian spices, to the rich flavorsome French gourmet dishes, and the hot colorful South American treats, nowadays I regularly teach classes that take my pupils on a sensory culinary adventure across the oceans and seas so they can take a little piece of my travels into their own pots and pans.

Laurel Zuckerman’s Paris Weblog – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Le Best of Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Your guide to finding the best restaurants, stores and sites.

Le Fail Francais – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Millenial takes her failtrain to Paris, makes a number of questionable wardrobe/nutrition/vocabulary choices. Lather, rinse, repeat. Follow along as France defeats me or I convince it to surrender. Get ready for this, France!

Le Mot Juste – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I’ve lived in Paris officially since September of 2001, unofficially since August of 1999, when I first stepped onto French soil and immediately knew that I had found my home. This blog is intended to share my written and photographic observations on life.

Le Rêve Français – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Let’s Have It! – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I’m Simon White, an English thirtysomething living near Paris, France. This is my personal blog – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10. I love the Internet, work in user experience, and can often be found online posting under the nick (pseudonym) fruey – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10.

Life in Kurtistan – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Life in Paris

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – May 29, 2010

As the sun is shining here in Brittany (yes, sad as it might seem, I’m actually starting to miss the rain!) I thought I’d take a little trip (electronically, of course), to Paris and catch up on some of the blogs there.

Logical? You really shouldn’t expect logic on this site!

I decided to start off with Life in Paris – a blog by a 32 year old English guy called Gavin who, to use his own words, describes the blog as… “The life and adventures of a 32 year old Englishman (the proverbial ’starving artist’) who has come to find himself in Paris without plan or intention of ever setting out to live in a city, let alone a French one.”

Now, I have to say that this isn’t one of the more frequently updated blogs around (and I have emailed the author to complain!!!!) but the quality of the prose and the standard of the photography make it, in my book, a must-review site!

Life in Paris

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – October 15, 2010

And today we find that we’re still in Paris!

Don’t worry, tomorrow and the next day we’ll be off somewhere where it rains all the time and they have cow-pats the size of Sherman Tanks – (and no clues as to where that might be…)

And the reason that we’re still here in Paris is because of a young but really rather pretty blog called Life in Paris.

Life in Paris is Jody Smith’s blog and started on the first Sunday in May (in a post appropriately titled It begins today) when her husband gets posted to Paris.

Quite rightly, Jody has lots of questions!

Life, Laughter and Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Born in Montréal, Canada, Susan Ross Donohue works primarily in printmaking (monotype & collage), and oil pastel. The Paris images, inspired by her frequent trips to the city she considers her second home, remain a favourite theme.

Little Brown Pen

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – September 3, 2010

Little Brown Pen is Nichole Robertson’s blog.

Nichole describes herself as a… “Girl of many words and few exclamation points, married to a fantastic man named Evan, and we have two young sons, Alexander and Liam. I rarely shop, travel often, and would choose a night in a new town over a new pair of jeans any day.”

Now, looking at all the comments on the About Page and noticing the 1176 followers on Google Friend Connect, I realise that I am the last person in the world to discover this blog!

And, I’m guessing that, being the last one to the party, everyone knows each other and all about Little Brown Pen and this will be an easy review for me.

However, just in case any of you have been stuck up the Orinoco river for the last three years (and thus out of WiFi range), detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure or otherwise unable to connect to the internet, I’ll give you a little run down on this blog so that you can catch up and will know what everyone else is talking about at parties these days.

Living cheap in France – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – JOHN-PAUL FORTNEY – Born and raised in Webster Groves, Missouri, attended university at Colorado College, graduate school at Washington University in St. Louis, lived for a few months in San Diego and also Lake Tahoe, California. Been living in Paris, France since February 2008 and loving it!

Living in Paris/France/Europe – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I moved to Paris in November 2007 from Portland, OR. I came without knowing the language or really wanting to live in a big city. Since, I have fallen in love with both. This blog recounts what it is like for me living here on a daily basis.

Lost In Cheeseland

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – February 1, 2010

Lindsey is a Paris based Marketing and Communication professional and Lost in Cheeseland is her collection of musings about her life in Paris, where she lives with her husband and cat.

Although Lost in Cheeseland has only been going since July 2009, already it contains plenty of thoughtful articles ranging from Celebrating Expat Life, where Lindsey listens to celebrity blogers Kristin Espinasse and Catherine Sanderson (both interviewed by A Taste of Garlic) talk about their experiences, to My Baby’s A Rock Star!, which details her husband’s obsession with climbing up rather large boulders.

Love in the City of Lights – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – memoirs and musings of a hopeful romantic.

Lunch in Paris

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – March 20, 2010

Lunch in Paris is an out and out foodie blog set in Paris.

The blog’s author, Elizabeth Bard, is an American journalist and author whose first book Lunch in Paris: A Love Story with Recipes has just been published.

Where to start, where to start?

I don’t suppose I could do any better than start with This Little Piggie Went to Facebook! A post mainly about Facebook, it does have to be said, but it is enlivened by a lovely photo of, to use Elizabeth’s own words… “whole piglets. Yes, piglets. Piglets roasting, piglets dangling. Piglets, piglets everywhere.”

And what could be nicer than that?

Ma vie À Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Welcome to my blog about my year living and working in Paris, France!

Ma Nouvelle Vie en France – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – One young Australian woman documents her French learning, French-related adventures in Sydney, French films, language acquisition… She is moving to France soon. Occasionally she writes in French (with probably some silly mistakes)… Click “About me” for more…

Magic Lantern Show

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – December 17, 2009

The Magic Lantern Show (also known as Mr Toad’s Travel Diary) is, if it can be categorised in any way, primarily a photo blog.

Owen, the blog’s author says this of the blog and himself…

“Why ? Answer : Why not ? Originally from a foreign country, now French and living in France for the past 17 years. Am still adapting to culture shock. Frequently go out scouring the countryside, with a camera in hand, looking for my dream house, for my dreamtime, for my dreams.”

Yup, you know, that sort of sums it up really well.

Maitresse – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Essays and observations on books, culture, and life in the city of light.

Man-shopping in Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I’m a twenty-something American woman who is trying to make sense of dating and romance in Paris — or the lack thereof. It’s the social experiment of a lifetime: the Frenchmen are merely products on the shelf, and I’m a shopaholic!

Maria Nachawi – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Jewelry Designer, Studied clinical psychology at the Lebanese University in Beirut at the same time did private lessons in jewelry designing as a 2nd major with different teachers. I was discovered by the Chief Designer of Scintilla Monaco in 2004 and worked for them as a designer until 2010 during this period ,i studied ,Diamond and precious stones grading at the IGI ,international gemological institute ,and did technical design course along with 3d creation. Currently i am a freelancer ,in art and Jewelry designing.

Matthew Rose Studio – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

MEG ZIMBECK – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Meg in Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Mes Enfants Terribles – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Michele’s life en franglais – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – An American starting her life in two languages in Paris and talking about all the trials, tribulations and successes along the way.

Misplaced Texan – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

Moppety Blog – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Moppety has enjoyed glorious exile in Paris since 2005, blogging about language, life, and cultural mismatch, sometimes with photographic evidence.

Mrs B in Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Midwesterner transplanted to the middle of nowhere East Coast Academia via Paris with a professor hubby, two beautiful daughters, a wonderful dog and not enough time to do all the things I want and love to do. Taking a break from life as a school Band director to raise my kids–and I love every minute of it. (OK, most of them.) (Keith Eckstein – Now back in the States.)

Multi Tongue Kids – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Clo – Paris, France – An Italian native who spent 10 years in the USA, working in the realm of multicultural marketing. She returned to Europe to meet the Belgianite of her dreams, and they are raising together their (almost!) quadrilingual children in Paris, France.

My Days and Nights in the City of Lights

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – May 12, 2010

My Days and Nights in the City of Light is Nicole’s blog.

Nicole describes herself as a kept woman who …”lives in Paris and is the stay-at-home mother to daughters called Ella and Georgia.”

Now, perhaps I’m a trifle twisted but, for me, the highlight of this entire blog was this gorgeous post on finding that your baby has swallowed a crayon (by sifting through the diaper!)

I’m sure that this is why I’m not a father; I could cope with the disturbed nights, the school fees and the adolescent angst – it’s the sifting through nappies looking for swallowed things that I can’t face! Waaay too forensic for me!

My life as an expat in Paris

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – October 25, 2010

A fairly new blog, My life as an expat in Paris looks like it’s going to be a good ‘un!

Mdsport, the owner of the blog (do blogs have owners or do they grow to own their blogger – I’ve often wondered that?) says… “I have accepted an assignment in Paris and will leave in ~30 days? For a number of reasons my wife and I decided I should go first. My wife will come over after Christmas. Before she comes I need to get the apartment ready, bank accounts set and determine the lay of the land. Not to mention I have to work. The job will be primarily in Paris, but my job will have me/us spending considerable time around the Mediterranean Sea countries.”

You can read the rest of Mdsport’s Opening Comments for more details.

So what does this blog have that makes it rise to the top of the list of blogs to review (you can check The List of Blogs Awaiting Review here) and cause me to highlight it this Monday?

Well, quality writing, perhaps?

My Life in France – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

My Paris Life – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

My Vegan Parisian Adventure – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – AURELIA – Francophile. Vegan. Midlife crisis case. Throwing caution out the window to live a life of adventure (hopefully!) in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

New York in Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I’m a New Yorker who moved to Paris in 2008 for (what else?) love. I’ve given up my Manhattan apartment, left behind friends and family, and had to rethink my music and writing careers. I’ve written for Glamour, Cosmopolitan, People, Marie Claire, In Touch, InStyle, MSN—usually about love, dating, fashion or celebrities. And I’ve recently released my third solo record (first full-length album.) A couple years in Paris have definitely not been long enough to figure out much, but I’m trying. And much as I miss New York, Paris is starting to become home, especially now that I’m negotiating a married… with children existence (what?!) Yep, I’m also a new mommy, which is a whole ‘nother experience, especially in a foreign country. It’s not exactly La Vie en Rose… but it is life, French-American-Korean style. Can you believe I’m an immigrant, twice-over??!! Bienvenue to my blog. New York is in Paris!

New Yorkaise-Parisienne – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

NikBlog – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Welcome to my world! My name’s Nik, and I’m a British expatriate who has been living in Paris, France for the last five years. Even though I never planned to stay in Paris for very long, now I’m here I’ve no plans to leave soon – the beauty of Paris has never worn off, and so far it’s been a five year long vacation! Enjoy my ramblings…

Nimble-wit – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

No, I’m not a Francophile, but I live in Paris… – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

No Place Like It – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Arguably with more taste than sense.

Not quite down & out in Paris, but almost…

Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Reviewed – October 14, 2010

Not Quite Down & Out in Paris, but almost…. is the blog of Mec about Paris who moved to Paris at the end of July 2009, having been a victim of the credit crunch in London and not having been able to find a decent job for six months or so.

Mec about Paris starts off by living in the 10th arrondissement in a little studio flat on the fifth floor that a friend of mine was originally renting before moving in with a friend of his.

You can read all about the early days of Mec about Paris’ adventures in France at the appropriately titled… The first couple of Weeks.

Apartment Living…

Apartment living in Paris can be difficult, it seems.

Not so Zen Quilts in Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I’m Will V, living in Paris with my husband in a tiny appartment in the heart of Montmartre.2 daughters, one granddaughter.I grew up in the eastern part of the Netherlands I’m a quilter, sewer, thrifter, much interrested in Balkan History and a few other things.Feel free to write in Dutch, English, French or German.

Notes from Noëlle – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – A 47 year old Jersey girl, temporarily living in Paris who loves everything French. I started this blog as a journal of my time in Paris. Also, I was tired of being known as “the blogless one”.

Nouvelles Aventures – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Heather – “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.” Dr. Seuss

Oh my word!  Did I sat that? – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – I am a writer, comic, voice/film actor and professor of strange and wonderful things. Most of my career I spent having the blood sucked out of me by corporate America. I learned quite a bit in the process, so I’m (somewhat) grateful. The experience gave me lots of material for stand-up comedy (which includes teaching MBA and university students). Now I am independently unwealthy and living in Paris.

Our Paris – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10 – Keith Eckstein – Not updated since August 2007.

Our Work Here is Done – Keith Eckstein 15/12/10

If you know of any other blogs from English speaking expats living in Paris, please let me know and I’ll add them to this page.

And if you decide to visit any of the blogs shown on this page, why not leave a comment and say hello? It can sometimes be a lonely business (or, rather, hobby) being a blogger and an unexpected comment or email can really put a sparkle on the day!

All the best

 Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

 Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France
BretonDiary MushroomDiary A Taste of Garlic kmeckstein.com The Friday Blog Roadside Tales
 Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France
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 Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France
Books about France Find a Gite! Prestige French Lettings Best French Holiday! Pet Friendly Gites! Best Gites in Brittany
 Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France  Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France
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 Paris H to O   because we all love reading blogs about life in France
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