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Snippets from our smallholding in France - Midi-Pyrénées

midi pyrenees  Snippets from our smallholding in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceSnippets from our smallholding in France is Vera’s often funny story of a couple’s smallholding in the Hautes-Pyrénées.

Vera describes herself as psychically well endowed, fledgling writer, apprentice smallholder, novice at French language, skilled at caravan life, seriously earnest about living life in SW France.

As Vera explains, the blog describes her adventures and experiences (with her husband) as she copes with: learning to be self sufficient, trying to speak at least two French words in a row with the local people, remaining patient with the process of trying to rescue their ruin of a home, and generally adapting to a completely different lifestyle to the one she had in the UK.

This new life includes (to start with), having no shower, no loo (porta-potties being great stand-ins, or should it be ‘sit-ons’!), water from a hosepipe, and loads of extension leads rolling round the place for our electrical supplies to her caravan. It’s a great life! And well worth the effort of relocating.

On this great site you can follow Vera and Lester’s  adventures as they settle into French country life.  Fun of fun and, at no time does Vera ever seem to let anything get her down.

I can’t think of any other blog that I’ve ever read where something as simple as Hair Wash Day could be so interesting.  It starts off with the words….  “And so it came to pass that it became the time of the Great Hair Wash.”

So, if you are interested in Vera’s hair wash or any of a host of other details of her life as she quite happily puts up with, pop over to Snippets from our smallholding in France.

You know that you are going to like a blog by someone whose attitude to a 1 metre long snake (yes, that’s 3 bloody feet long!!!), that she discovered in her garden is… “If it wiggles and its long, head somewhere else tout suite is what I do.”

All the best

midi pyrenees  Snippets from our smallholding in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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