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Notre Vie Juteuse - Midi-Pyrénées

midi pyrenees  Notre Vie Juteuse   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceNotre Vie Juteuse is a blog that I came across a while back and enjoyed reading.

I didn’t review it because, at the time, it appeared that Alisa and her husband, Bruce had moved back to the States.

They had but….

They’ve now returned to France!

The Year in France bits…..

I’m going to start off by looking at the first stay in France.

The blog starts (the French part of it, anyway) with An Epic Voyage and soon Alisa say that she and Bruce are enjoying Our first ride.

Now I’m not particularly keen on cycling (I had a bike as my only form of transport for my first 3 years in France – and still have a sore bottom!), I’m more of a sit at the bar with a nice glass of Ricard man but, it take all sorts and I understand that Alisa and Bruce are very keen cyclists.

So it would seem because soon they are enjoying a 60 mile ride,  but totally worth it.

And before you know it, they are able to say … “It’s been 4 months in France!”

And we learn that….

“We have rode our bikes a total of 1,098 miles (so far!)

We have road our bikes in 30 degree weather!”

Mad, totally mad, these cyclists.

Give me a comfy bar stool and a a nice glass of Ricard any day!

Mind you, those rock climbers are even madder!

The whole reason for being in France is, I think, best expressed by Life at Los Costes.

The cycle rides. the market, the naps every day.

We even learn that they meet up with Kim-bear-lay from Non, je ne regrette rien.

I do hope Kim-bear-lay wasn’t still suffering from The Mung that she had mentioned only the month before!

Drawing the French Life…..

Bruce is an artist and you can see from his Paris Drawings that he is a good one.

Although I do have to say that his drawing of a gargoyle did give me a little shock!

You see, I once went out with a girl who looked just like that!

Unless it wasn’t a gargoyle after all and good old Betty Snodgrass has turned to being an Artist’s Model in her old age?

And, speaking of artist’s models, in An Evening of Drawing the Figure Alisa and Bruce go and visit Catherine at Le Tramizal Diary (reviewed here on January 3rd 2010)and guess what, whilst Bruce draws, Alisa gets to model!

I’d love to be an artist’s model but I think my figure is probably too interesting for most (except perhaps Dali?  I’m imagine that Salvador Dali might have had a good shot at painting me – with a suitably large canvas, of course!)

It helps that Bruce feels Inspired in France.

Isn’t Le Chat wonderful!

And what about The barn down the road?

Strange Houses…. In House of Fear Alisa and Bruce find that they are living in the local bandits’ house! I wonder if the estate agent mentioned that? I wonder if they paid extra for the added notoriety? Imagine having to assure your neighbours… “that even though there were bandits living here 100 years ago, we were trés gentil!” There are some more strange houses to be found on Our best new year’s day. I liked the little one, of course but I also was rather taken by the house with the river running through the bottom of it. Perhaps the strangest house of all is the Musée de I’insolite! I do like the roof decoration! I may just have to do something similar myself! I also like this strange man. He look a bit like the father of a girl I once went out with. With a face like that was it any wonder that his daughter looked like a gargoyle? I wonder what happened to her?

The Chicken bits….

I’ve had chickens for about 6 months now and, apart from a great supply of lovely eggs I do have to say that, with chickens in the back garden, you just don’t a television!  They’re such great fun!

Obviously Alisa enjoys her chickies.  You can tell that from a notre maison, the chicken came first.

Even if Rhoda pooped in Alisa’s pocket!

And what about the joy when you find Our First Egg!

Thats a very special moment, believe me!

Even if Alisa does have to say that I feel like a bad mom when one of her chickies decides to lay her eggs at a neighbour’s house!

Unfortunately we learn in Mes Poulets that a fox has away with Rhoda and Lefty leaving poor Fanny behind.

But Fanny gets moved to a new family and seems happy enough in the end.

Poor Rhoda, though; poor Lefty.

The Return to France bits….

The blog restarts in October 2010 with Alisa’s return to France.

Mind you, with a title like Our Friday Fiasco! you’d expect an interesting tale.

You certainly wouldn’t be disappointed; unless, of course, you were just about to buy a new car in Belgium and drive it to your new home in France!

But it’s OK because everything seems peachy in the next post, A day just for us!

The day in question is spent climbing a cliff which is not something that I’d ever find myself doing; I’m more of a sit at the bar with a nice glass of Ricard sort of person but… it takes all sorts!

And after a month back in France we get a post title 1 Month which shows them settling in nicely and Bruce doing some drawing.

The final post (so far) is Back in the Studio which shows Bruce doing more painting (now that his studio is set up) and also gives a link to  his website Bruce Anderson Art where you can browse (and even purchase) some of his wonderful art!

And very nice it looks too!

So, summing up….

I love that Alisa and Bruce have returned to France.

It’s obviously where they belong!

I love that this blog has been resurrected!

If you’ve not come across Notre Vie Juteuse before you really owe it to yourself to pop down and take a look.

Hey, you might even want to take a look Bruce’s website Bruce Anderson Art and have a browse around there.

And me?  Well, I’m going to A day of wine tasting at Gaillac.

I hear that there’s 18 vins à gôuter!

Luvverly, jubberly!

Squire, I’ll have a pint of each!

Care to join me?

All the best

midi pyrenees  Notre Vie Juteuse   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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