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lorraine  Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceYou know, I was having a closer look at Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna today (after all, Brenna did win the X Ray of the Week Award on Tuesday) and I suddenly realised that I hadn’t yet reviewed any blogs from Lorraine (where Brenna is based.)

“I’d better do something about that!” I said to myself.

Actually (and this will come as no surprise to any of you who know me better), what I actually said was… “B*gger, Sh*t, Damn,  Flippin’ Heck, Fiddlesticks (and other assorted words staring with F!)”

So, before the militant wing of the Lorraine Bloggers Association decides to pay me a visit I thought I’d better review one of their blogs pretty quick.

In a way, Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna is  rather an easy blog to review.

This is because Brenna seems to answer the questions that we are dying to ask.

Like, for example… Why I am fleeing the country?

It turns out it has something more to do with cheese (and Pennsylvania State Liquor Laws)  than anything to do with bank robbery or anything like that.

Another question every would be expat has to ask is…. to pack or not to pack?

Although I can’t answer that question myself I do feel that it show a bit of class to be asking that question just a few hours before your plane leaves!

Way to go, girl!

So where do we dive into this excellent blog?

How about….

The Essential Essentially French Bits……

Which start with the most important advice of all… avoiding social suicide – how to perfect la bise.

Brenna walks us through the whole process and there should be no excuse for any sloppy slathering (providing you pay attention!)

All that I can add is that I found (from my own experience), that Practice Makes  Perfect!

Equally essential is Adapting to the French Diet.

Now, although I never really had a problem adapting there is some excellent advice in this post and in the comments.

Girlies – read this unless you want to become porkers!

Obviously, there’s one thing that you do have to understand if you want to be able to cope in France…

La grève!

Now, as most people will already understand, in France la grève is a religious festival that occurs at random intervals during the year.

We tend not to have grèves when we are holiday (which is quite a lot) or on days that are jours feries (again – what would the point of that be?)

As Brenna says… “It is normal to take to the streets and skip work.”

C’est la vie et, la vie est belle.

And so it is, what with all those holidays and the 35 hour week!

Brenna asks… “Do you find pleasure in small things?”

Well I like to think that I do;  Mrs A Taste of Garlic often says that she does, as well (although occasionally with a grimace on her face.)

The Vital Tourist Information Bits….

Brenna furnishes the vitally important tourist information with posts like… Verdun and champs de bataille, verdun.

And there’s a trip to Strasbourg too!

Of  course, the obligatory visits to Paris are perfectly covered by post like… I’m dreaming of Paris

Brenna is wise enough, I should say,  to know that Paris really is just a dream –  she recounts her first visit there… “Soon enough, I was being yelled at in a café, stepping in dog poo on the street, or nearly getting mugged in Montmartre.”

Do you know, that happens to me all the time!

Although it seems that Brenna had a good time this time round; as detailed in What you must do in Paris (part 1 & part 2.)

The Absolutely Crucial Food and Drink Bits….

There’s absolutely no point in even contemplating the merest possibility of considering cooking unless one had been au marché first!

Brenna admits that… “I love the hustle and bustle of people, couples and babies and dogs, all socializing and doing the bise.”

Told you, practice makes perfect!

And I certainly fancy practicing the recipe that Brenna reveals in paella party.

That looks yummy!

But then… everything looks yummy to me?

Even Brenna’s epic kitchen fails would probably have me drooling!

Especially if it’s beaujolais day!

So, summing up.

A delicious little blog by someone who has a great sense of humour and who writes really well.

The first blog I’ve reviewed from Lorraine and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

If you’ve got a hankering to see what life is like in Lorraine, please pay a visit to Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna

You’ll be glad you did!

And me?  Well, I’m going to read confessions of an expat, part 1.

I’ve got a feeling that Brenna will admit that she keeps a bottle opener in her bag, attracts smelly old men when on the train and that she has a super-small-wheely suitcase!

Exactly, I’m glad and honoured to say, the same as me!

All the best

lorraine  Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna   because we all love reading blogs about life in France


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