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lorraine  Floating in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceHaving recently done (in the totally non-biblical sense of the word!) one blogger from Lorraine (Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna – reviewed 17/12/2010) I thought it might be a nice a idea to do another (once again, in the totally non-biblical sense…)

Lo and behold, what should pop up on the radar but… Floating in France.

Floating in France is the blog of Master T (once again, I’ll never cease to be amazed at some of the names that parents give their children; and to think that I used to be ashamed of being christened Keith Val Doonican Des O’ Conner Enrique Iglesias Eckstein? I bet I would have been teased far worse at school if I’d been christened Master T!)

Floating in France is described (by its author) thus… “This is the life of an American expat who has been living in Metz, France for over 10 years. Now at a crossroads in his life he ponders whether to stay, go back to his hometown or go on to somewhere else. Indeed, perhaps it’s time to change everything!”

The blog starts in March 2010 with the cautiously optimistic Here Goes!

In this post Master T explains a bit about himself and mentions that he’s friends with another Metz blogger, a certain Madame K (perhaps all these people with strange names stick together?  Perhaps all their parents were part of the same cult? Who knows?  Who dares to find out?) who will certainly be up for review in the very near future (maybe next week or otherwise all that Paris lot will complain that I’m ignoring them and then the Provence mob will complain that I don’t love them any more and only have eyes for Lorraine and it’ll all end in tears, you’ll see,  so you may have to wait a week or so for the review Madame K!)

Actually, I’ve just had a peek and to my amazement there are millions of Blogs by expats living in Lorraine (well, perhaps not millions but quite a lot, you know!)

But, this won’t do – all this nattering.

It’s time to review Master T’s blog.

Starting with the churchy stuff….

Master T spends much of Ascension talking about French Public Holidays (for a full list of the ten million or do public holidays we have each year, take a look at www.FrenchPublicHolidays.com) and ends up discussing Camus.

So French!

On Easter Sunday 2010 a phone call to his parents prompts musings about family and the past and, perhaps most difficult of all, that time that comes in every persons life when they have to stop being their parents’ child and be their parent instead.

Heavy stuff and something that is often on my own mind.

Master T reveals some religious leanings in his regular visits to Chapelle de François Villon.

I agree with Rontay (Master T’s real name, I believe) that sometimes it’s more important to believe in something (even if you’re not too sure what it is) than nothing at all.

No matter what your friends might say!

On to the language bits…..

Master T teaches English.

In New Job he explains that although he is serious about his work, his job won’t own him.

Quite right too!

He continues in A ticket to France by recounting that although he spent… “10 years to become qualified for a tenured post at a university” he still doesn’t have the piston.

The complete failure of language teaching in France is discussed in ESL in France, j’accuse and Master T concludes by saying that the system is fundamentally at fault.

The strangeness of the American stranger in France….

Pondering about The American stranger that he sees on a bus, Master T, in a beautifully written post, goes into great detail trying to identify the stranger’s character and history.

This is something that I love to do with the English that I see round and abouts.

What brought them here?

What have they left behind?

How can I tell that they are English, even before they utter a word?

It seems (to me at least, reading lots and lots of blogs by Americans in France( that there is some kind of fascination with the phrase Oh là là!

Master T goes to great length to detail the usage of this phrase and finds that he can even predict its usage these days!

I wonder if he would be interested to find out that, here in rural Brittany, it tends to be pronounced Oh lo, lo?

So, summing up…

A wonderfully well written blog tat I have no hesitation to recommending to anyone living in France; especially if language teaching is what you do for a living.

I do wish that Master T would post more frequently – gems like this blog really are a rare find.

So, why don’t you pour yourself a nice glass of wine and settle down to enjoy Floating in France.

And me?  well, I’m going to satisfy my World cup obsession.

I know we lost (and I’m talking here about the crap excuse for national teams that both France and England managed to come up with – I was rooting for both countries and both countries let me down!) but, Master T’s explanation (as an American who, not being born knowing the offside rule) was charmingly accurate about the abortion that was the final!

All the best

lorraine  Floating in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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  • By Master T, December 26, 2010 @ 7:52 pm

    Hi Keith. I just found your review of my blog, floating in France. Thanks so much for taking the time to read it and write about it! Glad you enjoyed it. I am really amazed. I thought it was never visited actually. To my knowledge you are number 1:-). Now I get to discover A Taste of Garlic. Take care, and have a wonderful snowy holiday!

  • By Ron, June 3, 2011 @ 7:30 pm

    Better late than never. I’ve got a new website (http://www.frenchiflyable.com) and my old blog has been transferred there. I’m going to make a point of writing more. Happy Ascension weekend. Ron (Master T)

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