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limousin  Frog Blog   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThe Frog Blog is maintained by Frankofyle who can be best summed up by this extract from this blog post (Tough Cookie)….

For a bohemian hermit recluse comme moi, the thought of having guests is absolutely terrifying. So when old college chumette and fellow blogger ‘countrybumpkin’ confirmed last week that she’d be visiting for a few days, I immediately flew into a blind panic. So much to do! – clear flies and cobwebs out of the big loft room, make up bed, clean kitchen (an impossible task), scrub loo with disinfectant, make washbasin area fit for human useage (or as close as possible), sweep stairs, sling out dog beds and blankets for an airing, open all windows and attempt to get rid of overpowering dog smells, get some grub and vino in, shake tobacco, breadcrumbs and dog hairs off settee blankets…, the list is endless.

I like that.  I seem to have much in common with Frankofyle (or he with me).  Perhaps that’s why I find this blog such a joy to read.

Then again, it could be Frank’s habit of ending his posts with a YouTube music video?

Or it could just be an attraction to anyone who admits to having a name like… Francis Archibald O,Fyle?

Getting down to it, I think that I was bound to be interested in any blog subtitled… Bloke moves to France with confused partner and two barking-mad terriers – such economy of words, such precision – classy or what?

The blog has been going since June 2007 and has followed pretty much the same format from day one.  And why not, it’s a format that works.

But, don’t just take it from me, take a look for yourself… Frog Blog

All the best

limousin  Frog Blog   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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