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1deringminstrel’s blog – I am a 57 year old Scot, married to a wonderful Englishwoman called Jackie. We have been married 28 years and have three grown up boys: Calum, Ewan and Lachlan. I also have a daughter called Kirsty. I was in the Royal Navy for 23 years, where I first met Jackie; and have been a Critical Care Nurse for 12 years, though I am now retired. It has long been our dream to retire to France, and though Jackie, who is younger, still needs to work in Scotland, we have purchased a cottage in France. I now live in the North East Creuse, hard against the border with the Auvergne, and immediately below the Loire region. We live in the Combrailles mountains, above the charming town of Chambon sur Voueize.

23500 raisons pourquoi we love La Creuse – La Creuse, Limousin, France – a beautiful unspoilt area in Central France.

Ausommet – If you’ve reached this far you probably know that I live in the Limousin region of France, having moved out here in 2004. I live in the Haute Vienne departement, just inside the Limousin National Park. It’s a land of rolling hills, lakes and forests, known throughout France for its tranquillity and regional specialities – cows, apples, chestnuts, mushrooms and porcelaine. Le Pays des Feuillardiers – literally, the land of the “leaf men”!

Blog in France

Reviewed – February 14, 2010

I’m not sure how I came across Blog in France but I’m glad I did.

The blog is sub-titled life, love and llamas in Limousin but it is so, so much more than that. It is the tale of a family who have alpacas called Seamus and Brendan (there are plenty of others as well), and also a guinea-pig called Archer.

Now we also have a guinea-pig but ours is called Soon to be roasted and served with a chestnut brandy sauce!

And before all you animal rights people start getting worried; I was only joking! I do know that an Apricot and White Wine reduction is how it should be done!

Breezy – I’ve run away to France and I’m not going back not EVER. Just so long as you know. Except sometimes I have to for a while to get money but we’ll just pretend it never happens OK?

Building a bungalow in France – Mike & Marilyn Peberdys Trials And Tribulations Building A Bungalow In France. – KME – Last updated 13th May 2010

Creuse News – Creuse News brings news in English to British and English speaking residents of the Creuse area .

Dirty Feet and Rubble in my Hair

Reviewed – February 22, 2010

Dirty Feet and Rubble in my Hair is Roz’s blog which follows on from her Old Blog With The Same Name.

Roz mainly writes about her main interests, her animals, her husband and her home.

And, amongst the more sensible stuff, you can find posts about Bathtub Sledging (surely a sport for the next Winter Olympics?) and we say Goodbye to Crispy and Bombay (the ducks).

And then, in Roast Duck, we eat them.

France, The Rotary and Me

Reviewed – March 3, 2011

France, The Rotary, and Me! is Olivia’s blog.

Olivia is in France for a year and, ad she says… “I am SO excited, and do you know why? Because I am living in France for the ENTIRE year! I arrived here in Tulle, France on the 26th of August, and I will return sometime in July of 2011. I have three families that I will be living with, each for three months. I am attending a lycee or a high school here for my junior year classes. I hope that you will check this blog for updates on my life in France.”

Being a very new blog there are only four posts but…

There are rather long and detailed posts!

Frog Blog

Reviewed – December 11, 2009

The Frog Blog is maintained by Frankofyle who can be best summed up by this extract from this blog post (Tough Cookie)….

For a bohemian hermit recluse comme moi, the thought of having guests is absolutely terrifying. So when old college chumette and fellow blogger ‘countrybumpkin’ confirmed last week that she’d be visiting for a few days, I immediately flew into a blind panic. So much to do! – clear flies and cobwebs out of the big loft room, make up bed, clean kitchen (an impossible task), scrub loo with disinfectant, make washbasin area fit for human useage (or as close as possible), sweep stairs, sling out dog beds and blankets for an airing, open all windows and attempt to get rid of overpowering dog smells, get some grub and vino in, shake tobacco, breadcrumbs and dog hairs off settee blankets…, the list is endless.

I like that. I seem to have much in common with Frankofyle (or he with me). Perhaps that’s why I find this blog such a joy to read.

From Here to Eternity – I’m starting out again in life. I moved to Southwest France with the aim of becoming reasonably self-sufficient. As there is only one of me I felt becoming fully self-sufficient would be too great a challenge. I hope this blog will enable me to chart my successes and failures. My farm is a little over 11 hectares (27 acres) and has been a little neglected over the last few years. It has no mains water and no mains sewage but lots of possibilities. The earlier highs and lows are on my other blog, Current Cast List: Me! The four cats, Patches, Cid, Hazel and Jewel, the alpacas, Silver, Noisette Chestnut, Dior, Dartagnan, Bourneville, Bonita and Bijoux and not forgetting the chickens along with my children when they visit, various friends and the diverse wildlife that passes the door.

Gilpj’s Blog – Gardening and photography go hand in hand for me, though it can make the camera a little dirty. The added bonus is coming across strange insects at the same time. Living in the centre of France means I’m surrounded by agriculture, wildlife and landscapes, so along with my plants, these are my main subjects. For those interested in the technical stuff, my (new) camera is a Nikon D5000 with the kit lens (18-55 VR) and a recently bought old Tamron 90mm SP macro which means manual focus, no automatic metering, and no infinity focus. My earlier photos were taken with a Fuji S5000, which is a great little camera with a good zoom capability, but not really good quality for larger size images. I class myself as an enthusiastic amateur, constantly learning and hopefully improving. – KME – last updated 8th September 2010

Gites de Laprade – Blog – We are, Brian and Taunya Smith, a couple from the North of England, now living permanently in France, and we would like to invite you to share our beautiful lake-side location in the wonderful Haute Vienne region of Limousin. We will do our very best to make sure that you have a superb holiday.

Hazy Lazy Days

Reviewed – March 9, 2011

hazy lazy days is Rustic’s blog about his life as a Karate instructor in the Limousin.

Actually, there’s precious little in this blog about Karate (or, indeed, any of the other martial arts) but there is plenty of exciting stuff about walking and about the vegetable plot for us to feed upon instead!

The blog starts in November 2009 with the post… This is the first entry in which Rustic talks about the colours in the garden and the health benefits of digging the land.

La Petite Maison Limousin – Chris & Joanne emigrated to France in April 2009 to open their Chambres et Table d’hotes ‘La Petite Maison’. We have a one and a half acre smallholding with chickens, turkeys, quail, rabbits and bees. We grow and harvest all our own veg and fruit as well as eat our livestock, we forage, fish and hunt, life is wonderful in our own part of paradise called ‘Chassain Cheval’.

Living the Dream – I am 50 “something” born in the UK but now living in France. Semi retired, I run a small holiday gite (French for small accommodation) during the summer months only. I have been married for 38 years, we have no children unless you count my two dogs! One is a cross spaniel now 17.1/2 and the other is a jack russell about 9 years old. I only started quilting in 2010 so am a late starter, but I am learning and I am loving every minute of it, well apart from the ripping out!

Living with Donkeys – I am living in rural France with my husband, one dog and numerous cats. We keep some Sussex chickens and a cockeral and I’m trying to created a cottage style garden where we grow our own veg and have some flowers; what the French term a ‘Potager’. I have three donkeys, each of which have their own character. My ambition is to get them out driving as standing in a field all day must get very boring for such an intelligent animal. – KME – last updated 21st July 2010.

Lydia’s France

Reviewed – March 19, 2010

Lydia’s France is still quite a young blog.

However, there is enough substance there for me to be able to review it and certainly enough for it to be worth a visit or two.

Lydia writes very thoughtfully (as befits someone who is working on her first novel) about old France, food and her daily life. Take a look at A Gentle Giant to see what I mean.

In the same genre, I also liked A Mother’s Lot. That’s a post that everyone should read, the next time they think they are hard done by!

Me, one little girl and Crohn’s disease – I am a 35 year old mother of 4 which is my whole life and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 I am currently training in reflexology, Indian head massage and hot stone massage with the plan on setting up my very own little business from home. I want the world to be a better place and everyone I know to feel they have someone they can trust and feel confident with, in all situations.

My French Forest – I have been interested in trees for as long as I can remember, even in primary school I new all the species that were growing around the school and the sports fields. It was always my ambition to have woodland and moving to France made that possible. After taking my A levels I started my own forestry tree nursery in north of England. It took me 13 years to realise that I was not really making any money doing that and that it was time for a change. So we decided to move to France and have a change of life. I love it here, however my 3 teenage boys tell me it’s boring and that there is nothing to do. I try to do my best to relieve thier bordom by getting them to help with the wood- a task which gets harder as each year passes. Sadly it dosn’t look like any of them are going to be woodmen unless they can do it on the computer or X Box live! I also had a 4 year stint of growing raspberries commercially but got fed up with the 4 AM starts to deliver to the wholesalers. I then spent 2 years working for a local company making loghouses. Everything that I do at present is either in the blog or will appear in the future. Thanks for looking.

My Pants in France – Starting in October, I will be living in Limoges, France for 8 months working as a teaching assistant. I went to Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC and graduated with a BA in Political Science and French. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, so I am taking a year to teach abroad to figure something out.

Never forget my little pea

Reviewed – March 2, 2011

n’oubliez pas mon petit pois! is the new blog of Jamie Buckley who says of himself…

“I live in a rural part of France. I grow my own fruit and vegetables in a little part of the garden and in lots of various containers. I like nothing more than creating mouthwatering dishes with my produce. I would like to share some of my yummy recipes and a little bit of my life with you. I have written a book, titled “Yummy. My Garden, My Food and My France based on my experiences, vegetable garden and food creations. Please have a look around and come with me into my world of yummy”

Now, even though it only has four posts so far I am doing a mini review of it anyway as I am (electronically speaking) in the Limousin this week, trying to dig up all the Life in France blogs I can.

Older Folder Year – I ran away from home when I was quite old! I was born & grew up in England, and I’ve lived most of my life in Gloucestershire, but I have worked & travelled in Europe quite extensively, especially France, which I love, so it seemed a natural place to run away to, when I had the chance of early retirement. I have taken photographs all my adult life, and although other pressures and passions have sometimes come to the fore, it’s always been there, often just rumbling along in the background, but always there. I love old cameras, they do surprise me with what they can achieve, so most of my stuff now is with vintage kit, and my discovery of the wonderful work that has been done with Caffenol, has been a big stimulus. I’m certainly not an artist, in fact, I’m not even an especially good photographer, but living where I do, in the rolling Limousin countryside of Central France, and often re-visiting the lovely County of Gloucestershire, in England, I don’t have to be. The photos almost take themselves, you just open the shutter, and let the beauty flood in!

Our Stray Dog Blog – Hello. There Is A Dog That Lives In Our Village. He Is A Stray Dog. Or More Precisely He Is A Vagabond Dog. He Gets Food From Everyone And No-One. He Lives Everywhere And Nowhere (Baby). His Name Is Taillaut (Pron. Tie-Ooh!). He Was Named By His Owner Who Beat Him And Is Now Dead. He Is About 6 Years Old. This Is His Blog.

Paint in Limousin – Artist and landscape architect running Les Trois Chenes Bed & Breakfast painting courses and self-catering holiday cottage in the tiny hamlet of Videix, Limousin, France.

Softinthehead – Moved to France where we have been renovating an old cottage for the last three years. It is just about habitable – so now the fun of actually being there begins, however that does mean leaving behind, son, daughter and, biggest wrench, one year old granddaughter. Wish me luck!

The Road is Life – Lacey – Trained in Nutrition & natural medicine. Been on the road, traveling the world learning from other cultures for 7 years (30 countries). Some beautiful experiences include working at a B& B/farm in Limousin, France, living the remote life in Alaska, working the wine harvest in Napa Valley and walking 1000k on an ancient pilgrimage in Spain. Whether cooking regional dishes in France to hunting the world’s largest rodent in Paraguay to studying Acupuncture in China – I always have stories to share of eating, living and loving well…

The View From Voutezac – Dave and Judy have moved from the Cotswolds to the depths of rural France – and this is what happens next…….

Us in France – I live with my husband, 4 cats, 10 chickens and 3 geese in an old house with a huge garden. I have been a hairdresser for over 20 years. In my time I have hung out with rock bands in London, lived in the USA, had great holidays to India, Sri Lanka and Egypt, married a wonderful guy (whom I don’t really deserve ‘cos I’m a moody mare) and have now escaped from the Island of England to settle in rural France and the life of my dreams – KME – last updated 8th September 2009.

Vegetarian and Vegan France – We love France, but find it difficult to find vegetarian or vegan food. The Limousin region, “the French Lake District”, is a beautiful and peaceful area. We moved to the charming town of Felletin, La Creuse, in 2007 and opened a vegetarian bed and breakfast in a former presbytery house. We believe it is important to support local organic farmers, who sell their produce at the weekly town market, including flour that Andrea uses to bake her scrumptious bread. We adapt regional recipes as well as offering delicious dishes from around the world, using local seasonal ingredients wherever possible. Sourcing vegetarian wines and cheeses is more difficult than in the UK, due to inadequate labelling. Extensive research (and of course tasting!) means we have done the hard work, so you can sit back and enjoy the results at Le Vieux Presbytère de Felletin. www.3placedesarbres.com

When a Drama Queen Cooks – My name is Georgia, and I am super passionate about all aspects of food. Basically. I’m also an exchange student living in rural France until November. I’ve started this blog because I love to share, whether it be through food, or writing, or photos, or even my lame attempts at humour.. So please enjoy, leave heaps of comments and check back reguarly for new posts! Love G xoxo – KME – last updated 2nd October 2010.

Why I Love Limousin
Blog of Barbara Walton, Owner of Les Trois Chênes, B&B Near Limoges.


If you know of any other blogs from English speaking expats living in the Limousin, please let me know and I’ll add them to this page.

And if you decide to visit any of the blogs shown on this page, why not leave a comment and say hello? It can sometimes be a lonely business (or, rather, hobby) being a blogger and an unexpected comment or email can really put a sparkle on the day!

All the best

 Limousin   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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