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languedoc roussillon  The Evening Hérault   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI knew that I had to review The Evening Hérault as soon as I saw this post about Club Bastard (I think I may be a member of that club.)

If I had any second doubts (about reviewing the site, not about being a member of that rather auspicious club), these were washed away when I saw this post about Our Top 10 French Swear Words!

This, I thought to myself, is my kind of site!

Rather cleverly, The Evening Hérault has an A-Z index of articles (as does A Taste of Garlic), which made perusing the blog rather more easy than normal.

This blog contains some vitally important posts, all required reading for anyone living in France or even just considering doing so;  take a look at this trio… How to play Pétanque in the NudeHow to win at Pétanque and Pétanque and Drugs.

All vital stuff and exactly what you probably won’t learn from a Peter Mayle book or a Michel Thomas CD.

And, speaking of Michel Thomas….

There are a couple of posts about him.  Now repeat after me… My teacher was a war hero and Extraordinary Life and Times of Michel Thomas.

More importantly, there is an essential post about Ordering Drinks in French.

There are plenty of posts about local affairs.  These stand out for me…. Facebook campaign to save Béziers Phalluses and Perpigan’s Smelly Socks Scandal.

No right-thinking person should move to France without learning La Langue de l’Amour and the guide to Buying, Preparing, Cooking and Eating Mussels should not be missed.

The truly important issues of the day are covered in Taking the Piss(oir) and, what history might regard as the most important event of this century ,is discussed in Thierry Henry’s reputation goes down the toilet.

And, speaking of French failures… how about this for a truly horrendous joke (there are other jokes on The Evening Hérault but they were a bit ruder)….

Q: What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals?

A: Philippe Philoppe.

If you are feeling hungry, there are plenty of good recipes here.  I’m going to have to try Roast Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic, Mustard Rabbit and Moules Marinières à la Scrumpy Jack (although possibly not all at the same time!)

You can tell that the author of this blog is Irish.

Somehow it seeps out of the articles and I found myself reading the posts with a slight Irish brogue (and a French Accent as well – which is actually quite an interesting combination!)

Whilst there is an element of fun that infuses this blog, there are plenty of serious items as well.

I’m going to leave you with the 10 rules for vegetarians at Christmas – I hope that you have a laugh (as well as learning something) during your trip to The Evening Hérault

But, please do take my advice (you’ll only regret it otherwise), stay away from those terrible jokes!

And me?  Well, I am going to hunt down some of the Wild Boar of the Languedoc!

All the best

languedoc roussillon  The Evening Hérault   because we all love reading blogs about life in France


  • By Evening Hérault, May 7, 2010 @ 8:54 am

    Hi Keith
    Thanks very very much for the kind words and the most detailed review our blog has ever had!
    – the Evening Hérault

  • By Keith Eckstein, May 7, 2010 @ 4:25 pm

    Hi Everyone at the Evening Hérault

    It was an absolute joy to review you blog! None of those tedious Lingerie, 2CV and Mushrooming posts that seem to pop up everywhere these days!

    Hope the jokes improve

    All the best


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