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Life in the France Lane, Languedoc - Languedoc-Roussillon

languedoc roussillon  Life in the France Lane, Languedoc   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceLife in the France Lane, Languedoc is Brian’s blog.

Brian lives in Castelnaudary, Issel in the Aude and says of himself… “After 33 years working in engineering and technology industries I decided it was time for a change. My wife and I moved to France in March 2008 to run our gite and develop our soft furnishing business andwebsite development business.”

Some Sightseeing in France…

Down in the Languedoc there are plenty of places to visit.

The Languedoc is the land of the Cathars and their history is one of the most interesting of all the many histories of France.

The History of Carcasonne and the Cathars is well worth a read if you are the slightest bit interested in this subject.

And then there’s Le Pay Lauragais – A Part of France Not To Be Missed where you can try out some delicious Cassoulet before visiting Soreze… “best known for its ‘Parc de l’Abbaye-Ecole.'”

For the more adventurous there’s always Skiiing in the Pyrennes.

That doesn’t do much for me (I’d rather sit in a nice warm restaurant pigging out on Cassoulet than trudge up a bluddy great big mountain just to hurl myself down it on a couple of wooden planks but, as they say, it takes all sorts!

And after all that cassoulet, what better than to check out Sete France- Some Tourist Information for a nice relaxing stroll on the beach?

Lots of “How To” Advice about Living in France….

This blog really is a wealth of information for anyone living in the Languedoc or thinking about doing so.

There’s a great article about Self Employment in France – Auto Entrepreneur which explains the whole process.

And then there’s useful advice on Online Foreign Currency Trading for Individuals.

I’d take a look at that myself if only I had some currency to trade (foreign or otherwise!)

There’s even some wise words about Registering a car in France.

In fact, any of that advice could be useful to anyone living in any part of France.

Four Seasons in the Languedoc….

So, lets take a look at day to day life in the Languedoc by following the seasons.

Starting in the spring with Printemps en France.

Here we can… “see the first signs of our resident tit family starting to move into the water urn that sits above our little water lily pond.”

I don’t think we’ve got a resident tit family up here at A Taste of Garlic Towers up here in rural Brittany.

Perhaps the cats ate them?

But spring is not without its problems; what with the stream bursting its banks and flooding the cellar before… “the floods subsided and the stream went back to normal just in time for the hurricane to arrive!”

But eventually The Calm after the Storm arrives and we find Brian pondering putting in another wood burning stove.

A great idea, I think; just the thing for heating up some of that lovely cassoulet!

Before we know it, Spring is nearly over and here comes the summer and Brian lets us know that… “I am one of those British stereotypes that is always talking about the weather.”

Brian, I got to tell you, you’re  a Brit living in France.  What else would you talk about?

Actually, Brian does find time to mention his sunflower planting local farmer neighbour.

And I have to agree with him when he says… “It has to be said with acre after acre filled with thousands of miniature golden suns it is hard to imagine a nicer place to be in the world than right here.”

And then it’s the summer!

And we get to learn all about French Life Summer Highlights.

Brian shares 5 highlights, of which my favourite is number 3 – The Sunflowers.

I suppose that it’s handy that Brian can say… I’ve got a brand new combine harvester, handy for a Sunflower harvest!

I’m so jealous that Jacques (the farmer) spotted him taking some photographs and… “the next thing I knew was that I got invited to take a ride in his brand new combine harvester which is a pretty impressive piece of machinery I have to say.”

That sort of thing doesn’t happen to me!

A bit like the train driver offering a spell in the cab of an old steam train!

Boys, you know, NEVER REALLY GROW UP!

And then it’s winter and Le Moulin is looking ready for Christmas in France.

And… “Collecting wood for the fire has become a bit of a priority all of a sudden but it is very gratifying when a few hours labour turns into a roaring fire and the source of some traditional entertainment.”

On  Boxing Day it snows and it’s A Nearly White Christmas.

And Brian tells us all about his Christmas Dinner!

Oh, those Roast potatoes cooked in goose fat!

Those Parsnips cooked in goose fat and drizzled with honey!

Those Carrots sweated in a pan with butter and garlic!

I’m coming over all funny!

I think I need to hunt out something to eat!

So, summing up…..

You know, once I started reviewing this blog I discovered that there’s far more to it than I first thought.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Brian likes his food as much as I do.

I know that we both enjoy fields of sunflowers!

Why not pay a visit to Life in the France Lane, Languedoc to see if you agree?

If you’ve got the time you could even check out some French Food Markets in and around Languedoc Rousillion!

Sounds a winner to me!

And me? Well, as Autumn Leaves are here in France I going for A Woodland Walk in Languedoc Rousillion.

Care to join me?

Who knows, I may even end up in Castelnaudary-France, Home of Cassoulet!

All that talk of food is making me a trifle peckish!

All the best

languedoc roussillon  Life in the France Lane, Languedoc   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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