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Life in France - Languedoc-Roussillon

languedoc roussillon  Life in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceLife in France has been going, as far as this blog is concerned, since April 2005.

The blog covers the family life of Mary and Mike and their two children Celia and Nathan in the Hérault.

There is a nice comfortable rhythm to this blog:  The children start school in September, there are Autumn walks and bicycle rides to be enjoyed, then it’s Nathan’s birthday and then Christmas.

Holidays are taken, places are visited and somehow, along the way, a bathroom gets renovated (perhaps twice?)  And, in the summer, there is the swimming pool.

Sounds boring?  Well actually it is far from that!

Being a family blog, I neither expected nor found any Lingerie posts.

Sadly, there are no posts about Citroen 2CVs either but…. that doesn’t matter as a 1CV (What’s Old is New Again!) post makes up for it.

Come to think of it, Quiglon looks like he could outrun most 2CVs that I know of (apart from the blue ones, of course. Everyone knows that blue 2CVs go faster than the other colours!)

Anyway, you know that you are on to a good thing when Mary admits to having a “favourite” Men’s Peeing Observation in Uh Oh Soapbox Time!

This blog isn’t overly wordy – take a look at Friday Evening Walk to see what I mean.  Or, better still, the Sunset on my commute home.  Now, that sort of commuting I could handle – it certainly beats being squeezed 100 into a carriage on the Docklands Light Railway in rainy London!

And, talking of London (were we?  Oh dear, what a shame!), on a visit to England, the family went on a Southbank Bike Tour.  And that brought back many many memories for me.   On the ninth photo down, the Tower Hilton just obscures the view of my old office; the times I’ve trudged across Tower Bridge – going from one crisis to another, the stolen hours I spent in Borough Market every Friday, buying my Moules from Cancale, my Breton Cidre and my Garlic from the Languedoc.

And, talking of markets (as is only polite and civilised), why not visit the Marche aux Terroirs in Castries?  Four different types of chestnut and… click on the last but one photo to enlarge it.  Does that not just sum up France for you?

And being the sort of Greedy Little Piggie that I am, this posts is just about perfect for me.  A visit to A Pottery Fair and Lunch in Quissac and four of the five photos are food related (and doesn’t that mushroom bisque look yummy?) – these sort of statistics are important you know!  This is serious stuff!

And, talking of mushrooms (were we?  What a sensible thing to be talking about!), take a look at The Truffle Fair in Uzes and some Pictures from the Truffle Fair.  Just look at the size of that Piggie.

A visit to Lyon abounds with some lovely photos. What about those painted houses then?

And, talking of houses (I’m not going to be able to keep this up, you know!), take a look at the Faigle Family’s house at 8 Rue de l’Aspic.  Look at the kitchen!  Look at the Swimming Pool!

And, I think that is a good place for me to leave you.

I’m sure that Mary (and family) won’t mind if you wander around a bit and explore the rest of Life in France on your own.

And me?  Well, I’m off to a Football Weekend.  Take a look at Célia in the last photo.  Wouldn’t you say she had a touch of the Danny Blanchflower about her?

All the best

languedoc roussillon  Life in France   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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