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languedoc roussillon  Lantipodeuse   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI’m not really sure how I stumbled upon l’antipodeuse.

I’ve certainly not been following it but, one day there it was on the browser (I may have clicked on another blog’s blogroll) and I was immediately hooked!

I am a fan of photoblogs anyway but, for some reason, l’antipodeuse stands out from the others.  Perhaps it’s the clean simplicity of the site?  Maybe the range of the subjects?

Or maybe the pure quality of the photographs?

To try and explain what I mean I’ll use La Poisonnerie de Carfour as an example.  Looking at that photo, I get an incredible urge to cook a mackerel (or three), stuffed with herbs and a slice of Lemon.

l’antipodeuse is Mary’s blog and, as you may have guessed, Mary is a Kiwi and, unsurprisingly, comes from New Zealand. But then, all the best Kiwis do!

She lives in Montpellier in the Languedoc.

As she herself says of her blog…. “This is where I write mostly about design & architecture, with some travel musings and a bit of life as a kiwi living in France. Please contact me before using one of my photos. Many thanks. Contact : mail@marygaudin.com”

Which is amazing as the only Kiwi girlies that I have ever spoken to (please bear in mind that I’ve led a sheltered life) have only ever said to me… “Another pint of the rough stuff please – and a packet of crisps.”

Perhaps I’ve been mixing in the wrong circles?  I do have to admit that Earls Court and The Church at Kings Cross do figure somewhere in my distant, drunken, disreputable  and entirely forgettable past!

Moving (for the sake of common decency and expediency), swiftly on….

Like all the best bloggers, Mary makes a trip to Brittany and takes some lovely photos of Finisterre.

So, what’s all this architecture stuff……

Well, Mary does admit to having an interest in Architecture.

Nothing wrong with that!

I used to collect stamps and stick ferrets down my trousers.

So, you see, we all have our own strange little peccadilloes!

At least Mary shares her own little interest with Prince Charles!

Although I doubt if Charlie boy has ever visited Le Corbuiser’s beautiful Cabanon at Roquebrune Cap Martin.  But, thinking about it,  I suspect that he may have, on occasion, done the ferret thing!

I could live there (at Le Corbuiser’s Cabanon, not down Prince Charles’ trousers!!! That doesn’t bear thinking about!!!) – it’s wonderful, isn’t it?

If I lived at Le Corbuiser’s Cabanon I’m sure that I’d be a great artist.  I just know that I would.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more sure I am that the only thing holding me back from being a great artist (admired by clever people the world over) is because I live in a cow shed in rural Brittany rather than at Le Cabanon!

Mind you, I could probably paint a bit if I lived at Le Museé Picasso at Antibes.  Fate is a cruel thing, isn’t it?

By the way, I was lying about the sticking ferrets down my trousers bit!

Any room at the bar…..

I’m always up for a glass of something soothing with a Kiwi lass so lets hike off to La Caravelle for a wee drop or three?

And don’t those photos make you feel that you are actually there.

As Mary says… “Fading, nautical French chic – it’s extremely charming.” It certainly is but, umm…. I seem to have left my wallet at home.  You wouldn’t mind? Would you……..

Or perhaps a breakfast drinkie-poos at Sète (Before the Snow) –  Espadrilles and marine striped shirts.  They never had that in Balham!

Out and about…..

Trying desperately to be serious for  a bit…..

Mary manages to do that rarest of things.  She posts about La Poste and completely forgets to complain about the queues, bureaucracy and the strange smell coming from the person in front.

Now, that takes a special kind of skill, that does!

She also takes a little walk and cleverly manages to insert a picture of a wild mushroom into the post.

 Now, you see what I was saying about skill?

And, for me, the best post of the lot… Les Poissons Frais just make me want to pop down to Marseilles and make myself a bouillabaisse!

Now, although Mary has totally (and, in my opinion, unforgivably), completely failed to take any photos of that icon of French style, the Citroen 2CV – she has managed to partially make up for that calamity by sneaking a picture of a Fiat 500 into a post.

All I can say is Merci for that!  It’s a red one too and, unlike 2CVs, with Fiats and Ferraris, it’s the red ones that go fastest!

Anyway, she’s also made my day with her post about the Nöel Market.  Doesn’t it make you hungry?

Well, it does, me!

London stuff in a Life in France blog?  What’s that all about then?

Before seeing the light and moving to France, I used to live in London.  It appears that Mary has visited London too!  This doesn’t actually surprise me as London is full of Kiwis (and Aussies too!)

In fact (and not a lot of people know this), there are more Kiwis in London than there are in New Zealand (another amazing fact from A Taste of Garlic!) and… I do have to say that….  London is a better place for it!

The London pictures that stand out for me are the ones of Bankside (I used to work near there and, apart from the lovely Kiwi girls going round taking photographs, I can’t think of a more desolate place in the whole wide world – apart from Balham, that is – Balham is pretty desolate too!)

I also liked the ones about The National Film Theatre.   I used to sometime go there to look cool (and try unsuccessfully try to attract the Kiwi girls taking photographs.)  In my day (sometime between the Russian Revolution and the liberation of Iraq), it was a trendy place to meet up before a night out on the town.  Of course, it only worked if you were planning a night out in London;  it was a dammed silly place to meet up if you were planning a night out in Basingstoke!

And Hyde Park was always a good place to walk off a hangover – not that I ever allowed a drop of alcohol to pass my lips in those days (believe that and you’ll believe that England will win the World Cup!)

Actually, I do have to admit that I made up that bit about there being more Kiwis in London than in New Zealand! But there are quite a lot living there and it must be a close run thing!

So, Summing up……

I’ve got to admit that I love this little blog and I truly believe that my stumbling upon it is proof positive that God does, in fact, exist and that all is right with the world (England’s World Cup performance apart!)

I would like try to convince you that prolonged and regular visits to l’antipodeuse will enhance your manhood (or, should you be of the female persuasion, enhance your man’s manhood), bring you health, happiness and success, improve your sex life (I think that ties in with the manhood bit) and… make the sun shine for you every day.

But, if you don’t believe me, why not take a trip to l’antipodeuse yourself and let me know how you get on.

And me?  Well, I’m rather hungry (now that’s a strange thing isn’t it?  Normally not too bothered about food; can take it or leave it… NOT!) so I thought I’d take a quick trip to Les Halles de Béziers and maybe even treat myself to a Croque Monsieur!

All the best

languedoc roussillon  Lantipodeuse   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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