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La Vie Cevenole - Languedoc-Roussillon

languedoc roussillon  La Vie Cevenole   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceLa Vie Cevenole belongs to Tammy and is her blog about (to use her own words), life in the Cevennes mountains, as a confirmed city-dweller with an abiding if naive affection for the great outdoors – or at least for a terrace with a panoramic view.

It is stuffed to the gills with gorgeous, sumptuous yummy recipes such as…. Rosemary and Garlic Marinade, Wild Boar Stew with Chocolate and Pinenuts and Scrambled Eggs with Black Truffles so I don’t think any visitor to this blog will go too hungry.

There are also some well considered and thought provoking posts (almost rants) about How I know I’m not French and The Scent of Dirty Hands (the latter post being about Thierry Henry’s handball – personally I think he should have the offending hand lopped off and auctioned on e-bay – people will buy just about anything, these days!)

Tales of village life (Passing in a small village) are intermingled in La Vie Cevenole, just as they should be , with a Hot and Bothered recipe and another one for a Luscious and Ugly tart!   What more you anyone want (and whoever it was who suggested trying to find a hot, bothered, luscious and ugly tart, please remember that this is a family blog………….. and, anyway, Friendly Freda retired last year!  So I’m told!)

But, back to the subject in hand (as Friendly Freda used to say, in her working days),  there is much to savour in this blog.  Suave and the Pitchfork stands out, for me, as a typically excellent example of the quality of writing to be found here; the same post also shows the diversity of posts to be found on this blog.

Treat yourself to a visit to Market Day or just dive, head first, into La Vie Cevenole.

All the best

languedoc roussillon  La Vie Cevenole   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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