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The Carol Drinkwater interview - Interview (Writer)

interview writer  The Carol Drinkwater interview   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceCarol Drinkwater is the  actress who, for many, is best known for her award winning role as Helen Herriot in the television series… All Creatures Great and Small.

Carol is, however, also a successful author who had written many books including the wonderfully interesting Olive Farm series.

All of these are available from all good bookshops or from the Amazon widget below.

Carol has her own website at http://www.caroldrinkwater.com where you can keep up with the latest news, browse the galleries of gorgeous photos and try out some of Carol’s recipes.

As soon as Carol agreed to the interview, I didn’t waste a moment. Bearing in mind the weather report I harnessed the huskies to my sleigh, borrowed an extra thick vest from a local author and put on a pair of my thickest woolie undies.

And, suitably prepared, I set off for Provence.

Unfortunately, the snow didn’t arrive and so I had to resort to sending the interview off by email.


1). If anyone made a film of The Olive Farm, who would you like to star as yourself in it (In my opinion Emma Watson would be an ideal choice but don’t let me try to influence you, even though she was born in France and lived here until she was five years old. It’s your choice entirely.) So, who do you think?

Carol Drinkwater – Whitney Houston or Tina Turner. Or if neither of these are available, perhaps Kate Winslet though Emma Watson is a good suggestion. She is a fine actress.

2).  As well as acting on the Sweeney and Tales of the Unexpected you also auditioned for the role of Leela, companion to Tom Baker, in “Doctor Who”.  The rebellious Leela was a member of the warrior Sevateem tribe who had just been exiled for heresy when she met the Doctor, who closely resembled the tribe’s god, Xoanon.  Did you audition for the part because you felt that you had a common bond with Leela?

Carol Drinkwater – I never auditioned for that part. This is an example of an internet inaccuracy that has grown into a truth. I never auditioned for any role in Doctor Who.

3). Life on your olive farm sounds idyllic but I bet it is hard work. Would you care to comment?

Carol Drinkwater – It is hard work but so is writing. One indoors hunched over a desk, the other outside breathing the fresh air. I am very fortunate.

4). Taking myself, George East and Johnny Hallyday out of the equation;  who is the sexiest man in France?

Carol Drinkwater – Silly question. My husband.

5). You grew up in Ireland.  Did this in any way prepare you for life in France?

Carol Drinkwater – Not at all except that I learned to love nature and in particular trees. My mother was always drawing my attention to them, to their size, shape, personality and that has certainly left a lasting impression with me.

6). I’m sorry but I do have one more acting related question for you (and I promise it will be the last.)

You starred as Irma Goodbody in what is generally considered to be the worst film ever made. Queen Kong.

Do you lie awake at night worrying about this and can you comment on the name of the character you played?

Carol Drinkwater – I have no idea what the name of my character was in that film. I have never seen it.

I was Rula Lenska’s agent and she and I have been friends ever since. I thought I had been cut out of the final edit of the film. It has a huge cult following so there must be something to it.

7). Ricard or Pernod?

Carol Drinkwater – Neither. Michel, my husband, enjoys a glass of rosé as an apéritif while I prefer a glass of champagne.

8). What do you say to the people who believe that Elvis isn’t dead but has become a new age traveler and is now living in a converted bus not far from Cannes whilst patiently trying to grow a beard?

Carol Drinkwater – Yes, I’ve seen that bus.

9). Olive oil – people in the UK often see it as a luxury and, as a result, don’t use enough of it.  Your thoughts on this?

Carol Drinkwater – It deserves to be regarded for what it is, a cornerstone of fine cuisine and filled with vital health properties. Spend as much as you can afford on top-quality olive oil, it is worth every penny.

10). What advice would you give to anyone thinking about jacking in a perfectly good job, selling all their possessions, packing their kids into the back of a Renault Espace and moving to the South of France to renovate an Olive Farm?

Carol Drinkwater – Absolutely, go for it though it’s less easy to find an olive farm these days…. The best move I ever made.

11). Will we ever be able to go into a supermarket and buy a bottle of Carol Drinkwater olive oil?

Carol Drinkwater – Supermarket? I doubt it. We don’t bulk produce. Quite the contrary. Our philosophy is not about bigger bumper crops but quality, organic oil. I hope that we will find one or two exclusive outlets for the oil and our other Mediterranean products. I would find that very pleasing.

12).  Your writing has made many people very happy.  What are you working on at the moment?

Carol Drinkwater -‘Right now, we are in pre-production for a ten-hour documentary TV series, shot in high-definition, based on my two travel books, The OLIVE ROUTE  and The OLIVE TREE. ARTE is one of the European channels that have put up finance. I will co-script along with another writer and I will script edit the series. Michel will exec produce it. It is extremely exciting. Aside from that, I am writing a three fiction books, an epic fiction trilogy, and I am having great fun creating it.’

13).  Do you want to answer any more questions or would you prefer to pop off down the bar for a nice glass of white wine and let me make up the rest of the answers?

Carol Drinkwater – I’ve just uncorked a bottle of red. May I offer you a glass?

Thanks Carol, but I’ve got to brave the snow and feed the huskies!

All the best

interview writer  The Carol Drinkwater interview   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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