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La Belle Saison - Île-de-France

ile de france  La Belle Saison   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceLa Belle Saison (by Princesse Ecossaise) is the blog of a 20-something Scottish girl who now finds herself living in Versailles with her French fiancé (French Prince, AKA FP) and Scottish pussy chat.

She freely admits that no matter how hard she tries to avoid embarrassing moments, providence always manages to place a banana skin beneath her foot.

Now I’ve always found (and I’m sure there’s a law against making statements like the one I think I’m about to make…), people from Scotland rather hard to understand.

Why, for example, would anyone choose to be born so far from a decent football team?

And how difficult must it be to pop over to France for a day trip if you live in Aberdeen?

And men wearing skirts (and nothing on underneath!) What’s all that about, then?  Whenever I dress up in a skirt, I always (but always) make sure that I have a nice pair of Caks on!

Still, on with the blog.

One thing that Princesse Ecossaise and I agree with entirely is the subject of teenagers!  The post, Teenage Dirtbag contains the line…. “Teenagers. I hate them. I utterly, honestly, with a passion, downright hate them.”

And Princesse Ecossaise was all of 21 years old when she wrote that!

In common with most bloggers of the female persuasion, Princess Ecossaise has a little rant about French men peeing in House of Card(s)board and in That’s What Friends Are For explains all about female/female nipple hair pulling.

Two staple subjects that enhance any Life in France blog, I’ve always found!

I do so wish that I wasn’t about to say… “it gets worse” but…. it gets worse!

Big Pants is all about sharing her mother’s pants (with a  dermatologist mixed in somewhere as well) and De-socking is all about the exotic pleasures of taking your socks off in bed.

I loved the post about the Trou de Cul – I often call my cats that (and far worse) – they haven’t been awarded medals yet but, that can’t be far off!

And I felt so sorry for Princesse when she suffered from what many expats do, I’ll repeat Out of Sight, Out of Mind to explain…

“I don’t want to be a baby about this but..
it’s my birthday
And no one
From home
Only my Facebook Friends did.
And that’s because Facebook reminds them automatically.
What has my life come to?”

Isn’t that sad? Well, you could always cheer yourself up be reading A Few Things About Princesse Ecossaise or just dive in a take a look at The Best of La Belle Saison

Personally, they’re all my favourites but you really ought to take a look at La Belle Saison and decide on which one you like the best!

All the best

ile de france  La Belle Saison   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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