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ile de france  A Pretty How Town   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceA Pretty How Town tells the tales of MissChris who lives in the Val d’Oise a region (about thirty minutes outside of Paris); who moves a lot for her husband’s job.

A man she met in over a plate of spaghetti and a spilled water pitcher.

Now, I have scoured this blog and have to say that I can’t find any posts about 2CVs or Lingerie.  Never mind though, because I did find the Dog Poop post!…. Escaping the doo-doo.

MissChris seems to have a great sense of humour.  This can be seen here in The Fun Stuff.  My favourite is the bottom picture which shows the Impromptu mass exodous or what happens when the baby projectile vomits in the car. Mind you, I liked the bit about not mounting the lions, as well!

And with the humour there is sympathy and compassion – as we can see from this lengthy (as is quite right) post about Marcel.  I wish I had a friend like Marcel; I’m glad Marcel had a friend like MissChris.

Now, this blog skips around a bit; from Lyon to Mexico to Val d’Oise (maybe I’ve got the order slightly wrong – I don’t suppose it matters much?) but it’s the French bit that I’m going to concentrate on.

Posts like this lovely one about French Village Life (so lovely that I’d like to appropriate it myself!) or this one about

Mind you, there are the occasional rants as well.  Such as Carrefour is managed by the devil (which is probably why I shop at Super-U.)

The photo essays are well done; my favourite has got to be… Goodbye Summer but they are all pretty good.  As usual, you should take the time to click on the photos to see them in their full glory.

Now, as I warned earlier, there are no posts about 2CVs.  Whilst it is considered, in some quarters, almost criminal to have a Life in France blog and not mention that wonderful car, MissChris has done the decent thing and published 7 posts about VW Beetles which, as anyone knows, are the German version of the 2CV…. just with an extra couple of cylinders bolted on and a spare engine in the boot!

I believe that MissChris even went as far as moving to Mexico in order to be able to post these VW Beetle articles (of which this is an example.)  Now, there’s dedication for you!

Of course, MissChris asks the question we all ask sooner or later… Holy Merde! Do you curse in French? Well, in my case the answer is a qualified yes, but I put that down to the six years I spent working in an abattoir when I first moved over; those piggies could get pretty lippy, you know – especially when they realised that I didn’t personally know Prince William!

I certainly don’t, however, say… “I fick you!” But, then again, I never say… “taissez vous sil vous plait!”

And there might be some swearing going on when MissChris realises that I’ve highlighted the photos of her stringy, scary witch hair (her own words) – at least she can console herself that she has an interesting fridge!

To get some idea of the scope of this blog you may want to look at the posts categorised under seasons.  Especially Groovy Offerings which  starts with the words…. “To celebrate solstice yesterday we bleached the poop stains out of one of Charlotte’s diapers!!”

Now that, in my opinion is right up there with the greats!  Roll over Sylvia, “It was a queer, sultry summer, the summer they electrocuted the Rosenbergs, and I didn’t know what I was doing in New York…” just doesn’t cut it any more!

Of course, life can’t be easy, with someone called The Dragon Lady as a neighbour (now her parents must have really hated her to call her that!)

But, jumping from posts to post, trying to get a feel of this blog, I think that in A Pretty How Town, life must be pretty good.  Why don’t you take a look and see if you agree?

And me?  Well, I going to take a look at Gateau Boy.  I’m not sure if he’s frightening or am I just jealous?  Am about 99.9999% sure that it’s the latter!

All the best

ile de france  A Pretty How Town   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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