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My French Country Home - Haute-Normandie

haute normandie  My French Country Home   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceI’ve been planning to review My French Country Home for a long while now but it was only today when I was up to my shoulders in dog poo (yes I was reviewing another Paris blog), that I thought… “Bugger this for a game of soldiers” and decided to  decamp to the open spaces and fresh air of Normandy.

So, what can we expect to find here?

My French Country Home is Sharon’s blog and Sharon says of herself…

“British born, I adopted France as my home place a long time ago . My husband is French, our four wonderful children, three horses and lovely dog don’t really mind being French or English . Our friends are from all over, but we all share the love of good food, good company and beautiful surroundings. As my children grow older, I have more time for things beyond the family routine; interior design, writing and painting. I love living where I do, the way I do . I hope you enjoy visiting my french country home.”

I would describe this as a Photoblog with that little bit extra, if you know what I mean.

And, if you don’t well come with me and I’ll try to explain….

The house and its surroundings…

We’ll start at the beginning with How we came to live here and then we’ll move on to take a peek at the garden – aren’t those poppies nice?

And perhaps we should let Sharon show us the valley?

Isn’t it beautiful?  No wonder she has New friends for lunch chez elle.

Allez les Bleus….

I know that there are probably too many people yelling the self same thing now (in deepest World Cup season) but, I do agree with Sharon that Blue must be the colour of France.

You take a look at her lovely photos and see if you agree.

And there are more lovely photos to be found, such as these two here at Waiting for Spring.

I’m a sucker for poetry so I was glad to see some Wordsworth to go with this Host of Golden Daffodils.

Anything to eat, per chance?

Well, it wouldn’t be a Life in France blog unless there was something pretty tasty on the menu, would it?

There is a recipe for Pissaladière which is something I’ve never heard of but is a sort of caramelised onion tart  that sounds delicious and, with a beautifully friendly kitchen like this, who couldn’t cook a masterpiece?

I know I could!

I’d even try the Jamie Oliver recipe for Fish, Fennel and Tomato salad!

I’m not sure that I’d agree that Jamie is a hero amongst men though?  Danny Blanchflower is more my man!

And what about art?

What indeed?  Would some Turner for Breakfast satisfy your hunger?

Or perhaps Lunch Chez Claude at Giverny?  Quite handy with the old paint brush, that Mr Monet is!

And do these photos (in Living by Water) count as art?  I think they do.

Or these ones, from Dinner Chez Amis!

Of course, you could always ask Our Friend Alberto to pop round and do some painting in the garden.  I like his style!

Favourite posts that don’t seem to fit in anywhere else….

OK, these are some of my favourite things (don’t worry, I’m not about to start singing), about this blog….

1).   Enter the Magnolia

2).  Snowdrops in my Garden

3).  Winter Walks and

4).  A Sure Sign of Spring!

So, summing up….

How could you not love a blog that has posts like French Village Life?

How could you not keep coming back to My French Country Home to check out how Sharon and family are getting on?

And me?  Well,  I’m hoping to be invited round for Un Weekend Chaud – just look at those photos and tell me that you aren’t too!

All the best

haute normandie  My French Country Home   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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  • By aneyefordetail, June 20, 2010 @ 2:56 am

    Keith: Oh yes, My French Country Home is one of my favorite blogs! thanks for reviewing here..

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