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franche comte  Nouvelle Vie   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceNouvelle Vie: My New Life in France is another teacher’s blog (yesterday we did Emma, although not in the biblical sense, I hasten to add!)

Katie is, to use her words (far better her’s than mine…) …an American Expat living in Eastern France with my Frenchman. I’m starting my third year in France. I’m a former Assistant, now teaching for a language company. I write about my life in France and my crazy experiences in this wacky country!

As well as the obligatory post along the lines of…. I hate French Bureaucracy! Katie entertains us with details of her Driving License and her new car.

And I really am going to be on my best behaviour and refrain from making any comments about young women and new cars…..

As a teacher (and thus responsible for young impressionable minds), I’m not too sure that Katie should admit to knowing phrases such as… Rentres chez ta mere! –   T’es nul! –   Va te faire foutre! but as she claims to have learned them at a Football Match! I suppose that I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt (mind you, what with Katie being both of the female persuasion and American, I’ll not trouble her too much with the offside rule!)

Along the way, Katie takes us through being Officially Unemployed, Getting PACsed and A Manifestation with some Peanut Butter Cookies! I’m not to sure if the order of events really matters too much, this blog works well if you just select a subject from one of the many on the article category list on the sidebar but…..

Katie starts out in September 2008 promising to, amongst other things, recount the ups and downs of French life, relay interesting yet insightful thoughts on her job and her university in France and talk about the things she likes, for example: music, travel, reading, writing, photography, animals etc.

Well, she certainly succeeds there.  And, she even ends up in January 2010 talking about the New Member of the Family who has a blog all of his own!

I could go on at length but that would spoil your enjoyment.  So, have a wander over to Nouvelle Vie: My New Life in France and you can find out about Ethan all by yourself.

All the best

franche comte  Nouvelle Vie   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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