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Reims: The Adventures Continue - Champagne-Ardenne

champagne ardenne  Reims: The Adventures Continue   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceThe first time I ever worked in France, many years before I moved over here,  it was in an English Bookshop in Reims.

I had to go over and install a computer system.

It was a great adventure for me. My client took me out for dinner and we shared a bottle of champagne.  I stayed in a hotel overlooking the main square and sat on the balcony until midnight, people watching and drinking beer.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Reims and thats why today, I’m happy to review the first Champagne -Ardenne blog on A Taste of Garlic!

Reims: The Adventures Continue is Rebecca’s blog about her time in France.

As she says… “My two years as an assistant (ed. in France) have come and gone, and now I’m on to being a lectrice! I’ve now spent more time in Reims than in Thousand Oaks, and…well, this should be interesting.”

I certainly hope so!

So, like all good stories, let’s start at the beginning…..

In the beginning there was a girl called Rebecca…

Rebecca comes from, I think, a place called San Jose which is, if rumours are to be believed, the tenth most populated city in the USA.

Rebecca, like anyone with any sense, hightailed it to France to work as a language assistant.

Reims: The Adventures Continue tells her story after her two years of teaching as an assistant are up and she is about to start a new life as a lectrice!

I’m not too sure what a lectrice is but I’m  more than willing to spend a few hours of my life finding out!

The blog starts properly with Rebecca Back in Reims.

She’s living in a nice house and she’s got a working hairdryer;  what a great start!

Things get better in La vie quotidienne where Rebecca tries to work out how the doors work, discovers the night bus to Amsterdam and has a great OJ at MacDos.

I don’t know what an OJ is?  Perhaps it’s like a BJ – but then, I’ve never had one of those at MacDonalds?

Moving swiftly on…

International gatherings and snowball fights….

In My French Friends Visit California…and I Continue to Critique Reims Living Rebecca gets confused about pizza, comes to a conclusion about nylons and has a medical visit to look forward to.

All par for the course.

Obviously, there is a careful comparison between California and Northern France thrown in for good luck.

It’s Simply Wonderful that a night out see Rebecca getting accused of chatting up one of her students and turning the tables on a French boy pretending to be a waiter.

We must be behind the times here in rural Brittany as my nights out never end up like that (well, not often, anyway!)

Culinary delights and other rants….

Finally, we get to the really meaty bit of the blog (actually, there are other meaty bits to come but I haven’t worked out where to put them yet?)

In Just Another Day we hear that whilst Culinary Success means making Naan we also learn that Rebecca doesn’t like wine.

Strange girl?

And strange that she should find herself living in the heart of champagne country?

Still, we do get to listen to A Rant on the Supposed Greatness of the Freshness of Food to the Strangeness of Normalcy and Nifty Lessons Learned which is more to do with schools running out of paper than food but it sure is a great title for a blog post anyway!

Which leads nicely onto….

The REAL Reason Why French Women Are So Skinny.

Yes, Rebecca has worked it out!

It all comes down to being…. “too lazy to MAKE interesting food…they’re just not going to eat much! And they won’t eat out as often as we would at home because 1) they’re too snobby to get fast food, 2) the fast food here is really bad and not worth eating, and 3) they don’t make as much money, so regular restaurants would probably be too expensive for a multi-times a week type of deal.”

“And that, folks, is why the French are skinny!”

I wonder if Rebecca has to wear a disguise when she goes out in public?

To avoid being lynched?

The holiday bits…..

Rebecca certainly makes the most of her vacation time!

In Les Vacances de Fevrier and more she goes to Berlin where she… “Got to play in pilot’s seat after we landed. Very cool way to start off! Of course then I had to leave because we realized that an entire bus was waiting for me. Oops..” and Paris where she… “Saw Indiana Jones and Star Wars on TV!”

Exciting stuff!

And that’s without Munich and Parc Disney where Rebecca… “met some guys, played some cards, and went out!”

And May 2010 seemed to largely consist of a trip to Greece and Turkey.

I had to read that post three times to cram it all in; it really is a rollercoaster of a post.

All I can say is… “You young ladies; you certainly know how to live!”

The bits about flirting and other things that don’t fit in anywhere else….

The French seem to think that Phone Numbers Expire, apparently!

It appears that late night texting is not Rebecca’s cup of tea.

In The Way A Thursday Should Be we discover that “parler anglais comme une vache espagnole” is a handy phrase to know!

Largely being about the frequency of showing (and the geo-socialogical breakdown of that act), Lovely Grey Day! contains the immortal phrase by Rebecca… “my students are awesome. They’re a little strange, but that’s why I enjoy them so much!”

Rebecca, that’s not just your students;  that’s all of the French!

All 60 million of them!

They’re all a little strange and that’s why we all like them so much!

And, finishing off, The Way A Weekend Should Be informs us that is… “you have a little luck the weekend involves un peu de champagne, and a kebab is nearly mandatory. Conversation is interesting, though there’s a triple bonus if any conversation goes as such:”

“Tu est aussi allemande?”
“Non. Je suis americaine.”
“So we can speak English then!”

Not so sure that many of my weekends end up like that but I am willing to try harder and make a real attempt!

So, summing up….

A slightly off-beat blog by someone from California who ends up in Reims.

If you want to find out what sort of blog would be written by a girl who manages to get herself locked in a toilet at CDG airport then Reims: The Adventures Continue is the blog for you!

Actually, and I probably shouldn’t mention it, Rebecca gets locked in another toilet.

Some people really do have the strangest hobbies!

And me?  Well, I’m going to listen to some Ramblings.

Because, when Rebecca thinks about taking a night bus to Amsterdam and wonders… “I’m wondering, if I dress like I’m a little off my rocker, will I be left alone?”

All I can say it that I’ve been dressing like I’m off my rocker for the last 40 years and whilst complete strangers generally give me a rather wide berth, those people who actually are off their rockers seem drawn to me like moths to a candle!

All the best

champagne ardenne  Reims: The Adventures Continue   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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champagne ardenne  Reims: The Adventures Continue   because we all love reading blogs about life in France Brittany Today

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