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centre  WCS   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceWCS is Walt’s blog which contains pictures and descriptions of life in rural France, some travels, and other stuff about him, his partner Ken, and their dog Callie.

WCS is a blog that was always going to find its way top my heart (or maybe that should read… my belly) as, out of the 1747 posts (yes, you did read that right!  Walt defines the term, prolific blogger!) 174 of them are about Food and Cooking.

A yummy example is Côtes De Porc Au Fenouil.  Mind you, if I was in a restaurant and had to choose between that and Tarte Tatin de Poireaux, I’d find it very had to choose which one to have.

In fact, to be honest, I’d probably be a pig and order them both!

Walt shows his kitchen skills in The Four Stages of Sprouts where he makes the humble Brussels Sprout take on a gourmet sheen.  I think it was the final sautéing in goose fat that makes them special.

There is the obligatory post about The Most Famous of French Cars – a Life in France blog really isn’t a Life in France blog unless it has a post about the 2CV!

Obviously Walt likes little bunny rabbits as much as I do.  Take a look at A Rabbit Dinner and Stir Fried Easter Bunny to find out why.

And he’s even found time to break away from all the cooking and blogging to visit Brittany; this is what he saw…  Saint-Malo, Pont Aven, Carnac and Vannes.

Obviously, he’s been to other places as well.  Like Provence and Normandy.

And yes!  I knew it’d be in there somewhere!  Another post about a 2CV!  And another one as well!

Surprisingly, Walt doesn’t rant and rave about La Poste.

Best to leave that to all the other Life in France blogs, I guess!

I should mention here that I am full of admiration for La Poste (and bank with them, myself) and have totally forgiven them for once having to queue for three and a half weeks to cash a cheque on Saturday morning in August 2005.  Well, it was the height of the tourist season!

I could go waffling on forever about WCS and still only scratch the surface – after all, 1747 posts is rather a lot of posts.

Better that you take a look for yourself.

I guess you might want to start off by investigating The Baguette Dilemma and then admire the Tournesols.

You may even want to peruse Walt’s study of Signs.

But, wherever you choose to look, I can guarantee that you won’t go hungry!

Oops!  I almost forgot to mention Callie!  Naughty me!

All the best

centre  WCS   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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