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centre  A Very Grand Pressigny   because we all love reading blogs about life in FranceA blog that I’ve been meaning to review for a long time is Jean and Nick’s blog, A Very Grand Pressigny.

This blog tells the story of how, as Jean says, two people, having spent years exploring France by motorcycle, eventually decided to buy a holiday home there. The story now continues beyond the point where we bought the little house in Le Grand-Pressigny. It tells the tale of the doing-up and our holidays there.

Jean goes on to explain that she is at the age where most people are looking after their grandchildren – but she is still riding her Harley and wondering what to do with her life.

So, what can Jean and Nick tell us about the Loire (or Harley’s even?)

Well, it appears, quite a lot.

Let’s start with Les Pauvres.  Why?  Well it does have a nice photo of a 2CV with go faster stripes (which has to be a triumph of optimism over realism ?) and leads nicely on to this post which has a photo of six 2CVs!

And, just to prove that it’s not all about 2CVs, the blog also has this post about a Holiday Snap with a photo of a Renault 4 (a sort of 2CV for posh people!)

It seems that both Nick and Jean have A Passion for old Vehicles.

Perhaps that’s why they like Harleys so much?  And their love for those 2 cylinder beasts of the highway is clear from the 6 posts about them that can be found here.

The house buying process is documented in a series of posts from The Offer to Signing on the dotted line (which, cunningly, contains a photo of a 2CV sat next to a Renault 4) to At last it was ours!

There are, quite rightly for a Life in France blog, 14 posts about food.

My favourite is…. Cheers! Partly for the Cheesy Mushrooms, partly because you just can’t beat a nice beef stew but mainly for the Blackberry and Apple crumble – now what could be better than that?

You get a feel of Le Grand Pressigny from posts like How Long Till Summer? and this feeling of a gentle, quiet and really rather pretty village is amplified by the photos in the Holiday Snap series of posts of which this and this are good examples.

Or, if you need convincing, there is the Photo de Jour series of posts of which this is a sample.

Now, doesn’t that just give you a sense of the place?

And that really sums up this whole blog; a gentle village in the shadow of a Chateau.  Nobody rushing (I’m not going to make the obvious comment about Harley Davidsons and Rushing not being words that should be mentioned in the same sentence), just the occasional bit of Retail Therapy and the occasional Lesson in French.

To be honest, what more could you ask for?

Whilst other bloggers are busy dropping their iPhones down the toilet, searching the streets of Paris for a little bit of Sax or searching the streets of Paris  for dog poo (they probably won’t have to search too far for the latter) – all of which, I have to say, I do really find rather interesting, there is something nice about a blog like A Grand Pressigny which, I imagine, has nothing to do with any of those aforementioned words.

And wasn’t that a long sentence?

I bet Hemingway is spinning in his grave; although I doubt that Hemingway reads A Taste of Garlic.  Which, I feel, is a bit of a shame?

And wouldn’t Hemingway have made a great blogger?

But….. I digress.

So, back to A Grand Pressigny for a little round up of what you might find there, should you ever decide to visit.

There’s the occasional Brush with the neighbours but don’t worry, before long we’re Eating with friends again.

Take my advice, have a gentle stroll about a gentle place; a really Very Grand Pressigny.

Now, I’d love to join you but, as we all know, Happiness is food shaped and I’m really rather hungry.  See you tomorrow, same time, same place, different blog.

By the way, can anyone explain this man?  Or did he just grow up eating four shredded wheats for breakfast every day?

All the best

centre  A Very Grand Pressigny   because we all love reading blogs about life in France

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